2005-07-14 ericksonrenewals, new exceptions, batch searches, etc.
2005-07-14 ericksonour little opac is growing up
2005-07-14 phasefxmozilla install still broken. I'd really like a chance...
2005-07-14 phasefxrefactor
2005-07-14 phasefxfilter console, refactor, and hideable page tree navbar
2005-07-14 phasefxput unregister window back in
2005-07-14 phasefxfilter console
2005-07-14 phasefxclear screen for shell
2005-07-14 phasefxwrong variable
2005-07-14 phasefxis it POEM if the end result is still slow? :)
2005-07-13 mikeradding better ranking
2005-07-13 mikeradding generate-fines and supporting functions
2005-07-13 mikerooops... segfault
2005-07-13 mikercachable query timeout now accepts an "interval"
2005-07-13 mikercache pages should start with "1"
2005-07-13 mikerusing ISO time format
2005-07-13 phasefxaggressive use of timeouts. The patron display is...
2005-07-13 phasefxtrying to improve performance
2005-07-13 phasefxbetter debugging
2005-07-13 ericksonchanged arg.array to arg.a to match the fieldmapper...
2005-07-13 ericksonremoved some extraneous characters to reduce the size
2005-07-13 phasefxtested using new_document = template_document.clone...
2005-07-13 phasefxbug with empty string search values
2005-07-13 phasefxhorrible buggy things happen when you forget these :)
2005-07-13 phasefxstrings used in the circ_tree
2005-07-12 mikeradding "clone"
2005-07-12 mikeradding "renewal" column and "stop_fines" type
2005-07-12 ericksonadded the core circ renewal code. it runs the permit_r...
2005-07-12 ericksonadded hold update and cancel code..
2005-07-12 phasefxcirc_tree
2005-07-12 phasefxtypo and testing
2005-07-12 phasefxcommand buttons
2005-07-12 phasefxmake columns draggable and resizable
2005-07-12 mikeradding filter info to the help
2005-07-12 mikeradding filtering and sorting to the introspection stubber
2005-07-12 mikermaking introspection filter regexy
2005-07-12 mikerupdating transit schema
2005-07-12 mikeradding action::hold_transit_copy
2005-07-12 ericksoncompleted update notify phone and notify email
2005-07-12 ericksonadded context menu for XUL on the record detail page
2005-07-12 phasefxrefactor
2005-07-12 phasefxsome all or nothing sdump options
2005-07-12 phasefxbetter handling of un-JSON-fiable objects
2005-07-12 phasefxformatting
2005-07-12 phasefxWarning for Mozilla users
2005-07-12 ericksonadded contenxt menu handling for the record detail...
2005-07-12 ericksonfixing some bugs, adding permission calls, adding some...
2005-07-12 ericksonadded title/author links for holds
2005-07-11 phasefxlibrary card and DOB
2005-07-11 phasefxrender src for images
2005-07-11 phasefxemail, photo, barcode, dob
2005-07-11 phasefxthere are some broken accounts right now (ie. with...
2005-07-11 phasefxlooks like au.card() can be fleshed now
2005-07-11 mikerhide completely unavailable copies from the opac
2005-07-11 phasefxfix refresh(). give button focus. In general, each...
2005-07-11 phasefxuse fieldmapper virtual fields
2005-07-11 phasefxsince objects are copied by reference, we effectively...
2005-07-11 mikeraliasing respond_complete to respond
2005-07-11 mikeradding checkouts and hold_requests to actor::user
2005-07-11 phasefxmisc dtd and css
2005-07-11 phasefxvarious patron display components
2005-07-11 phasefxcrud for patrons and other misc patron functions
2005-07-11 phasefxrefactor and patron selection feedback
2005-07-11 phasefxcontext menu
2005-07-11 phasefxfeedback on patron selection. context menu for spawnin...
2005-07-11 phasefxback to using an array for win_list. registration...
2005-07-11 phasefxchanged these widget utils to count arguments
2005-07-11 phasefxturns out this wasn't needed
2005-07-11 phasefxnew interfaces, and passing references to parent app_sh...
2005-07-11 phasefxOne of those evil things that scares Mike. Eval'ing...
2005-07-11 phasefxcurrent debug settings
2005-07-11 phasefxoption for blasting through (ignoring) auth errors...
2005-07-11 phasefxset up more components
2005-07-11 phasefxhits per page option and context menu
2005-07-11 phasefxmake the splitter hideable
2005-07-11 phasefxsome testing
2005-07-11 phasefxfor some reason trying to use a <box> and dynamically...
2005-07-08 ericksonmakefile for Open-ILS
2005-07-08 mikerminor bug fixes
2005-07-08 mikeruseful error detection...
2005-07-08 mikercopy_proximity method
2005-07-08 mikerabstract search method
2005-07-08 mikercapturing copies! yay!
2005-07-08 ericksonunlinking sock file
2005-07-08 ericksonadded some debugging, safety measures
2005-07-08 mikeruse the settings server to get the MODS xsl
2005-07-07 mikercalculating proximity for holds stuff
2005-07-07 ericksonanother error message that we'll hopefully never see
2005-07-07 ericksonadded logic for checking to see if a copy is allowed...
2005-07-07 ericksonadded script for permitting holds
2005-07-07 ericksonremoved extra ;'s
2005-07-07 ericksonchanging the login dialog over to use the popup box...
2005-07-07 mikerbeginings of a copy capturing script for hold fulfillment
2005-07-07 mikersomehow I forgot the holdable field.... oops
2005-07-07 ericksonmethod not found now returns the name of the method...
2005-07-07 mikersyncing cvs with the real world
2005-07-07 mikerusing last id for lead record, instead of first
2005-07-07 mikeradded "streaming" version of search methods
2005-07-06 ericksonmy my_opac stuff and more js files
2005-07-06 ericksonstyle for popup stuff