2005-12-08 phasefxgetting frame.contentWindow with remote xul, for the...
2005-12-08 phasefxwant to apply external callbacks to self-contained...
2005-12-08 phasefxremove literal
2005-12-08 phasefxsyntax
2005-12-08 phasefxfor the future
2005-12-08 ericksonChanged some log levels from INFO to DEBUG since they...
2005-12-08 ericksonadded a generic bucket retrievel method, handling NO_SE...
2005-12-08 ericksonReturning NULL on session not found for session.retrieve
2005-12-08 phasefxtypo
2005-12-08 phasefxtypo
2005-12-08 phasefxmissing comma
2005-12-08 phasefxpull in these constants
2005-12-08 phasefxconsolidated some url/api names into one location
2005-12-08 phasefxsome abstraction for interface URL's and api method...
2005-12-07 ericksonadded method to retrieve fleshed bucket by id
2005-12-07 phasefxoopsie
2005-12-07 phasefxa little checkout polish
2005-12-07 ericksonnow alerting when the user hits 'cancel' to the expire...
2005-12-07 phasefxchanged OpenILS.data. cleaner init, on_error
2005-12-07 ericksonadded login session timeout alerts for when the session...
2005-12-07 ericksonadded optional second param to session.retrieve which...
2005-12-07 phasefxneed session
2005-12-07 phasefxoops
2005-12-07 phasefxprobably want to detect the bad barcode sooner. Also...
2005-12-07 ericksonadded a NO_SESSION event for when a login session does...
2005-12-07 mikeradding bucket types to each bucket class; adding vfield...
2005-12-07 phasefxbug hunt
2005-12-07 phasefxoops
2005-12-07 phasefxutil.exec changed
2005-12-07 phasefxconverted util.exec from a function library to an objec...
2005-12-07 phasefxapi change
2005-12-07 phasefxdebugging the undefined param problem
2005-12-07 ericksonsetting orig location to location if unset
2005-12-07 ericksonadded an auth timeout url param (this may become a...
2005-12-07 ericksonsetting the logger app name for debugging
2005-12-07 ericksonauth code now returns { authtoken : <t> , authtime...
2005-12-07 phasefxon_failure
2005-12-07 phasefxoops
2005-12-07 ericksonadded auth timeouts to config file
2005-12-07 ericksonAuth now looks at orgid passed in, if it has no setting...
2005-12-07 ericksonadded some utility methods, namely one for grabbing...
2005-12-07 ericksonsrfsh now takes login commands like so:
2005-12-06 ericksoncopying events file to var/data/
2005-12-06 ericksonupdated to work with new auth code
2005-12-06 ericksonfixed typo
2005-12-06 ericksonadded a "restartforce" option to force the code to...
2005-12-06 ericksonadded some utility functions like permissions checking...
2005-12-06 ericksonremoving null's from search results
2005-12-06 phasefxapi chang
2005-12-06 ericksonAdded setting file example to config
2005-12-06 ericksonAdded new C event code for handling the auth login...
2005-12-06 phasefxopac
2005-12-06 phasefxui
2005-12-06 phasefxcheckout columns
2005-12-06 phasefxsometimes patron_display?session=undefined happens
2005-12-06 phasefxstaff. prefix
2005-12-06 phasefxconverting old .properties to entities
2005-12-06 phasefxoops
2005-12-05 ericksonadding new event code
2005-12-05 phasefxentities for checkout
2005-12-05 ericksonevents xml file
2005-12-05 phasefxOpenILS.data only needs session at startup
2005-12-05 phasefxnew auth, improved stash with entities
2005-12-05 ericksonmoved to new perm style { ilsevent => 5000, ilsperm...
2005-12-05 ericksonadded permission example
2005-12-05 phasefx.lang entities
2005-12-05 ericksonadded permission denied text
2005-12-05 ericksonadded permission error code
2005-12-05 ericksonadded ilsevents.xml file
2005-12-05 ericksonincorporated ilseents.xml file into opac
2005-12-05 phasefxlang.js
2005-12-05 phasefxfeed lang.dtd to this to get some js
2005-12-05 phasefxone physical line per entity
2005-12-05 phasefxtree splitter
2005-12-05 phasefxwrong identifier
2005-12-05 phasefxtypo
2005-12-05 phasefxcolumn drag
2005-12-05 phasefxmain.list expects a tree
2005-12-05 phasefxsyntax
2005-12-05 phasefxmain.list
2005-12-05 ericksonadded example event
2005-12-05 erickson"status" I think is too generic.
2005-12-05 ericksonlists all of the event return codes.
2005-12-05 phasefxcheckout. need main.tree
2005-12-05 phasefxrefactor
2005-12-05 phasefxmain.controller
2005-12-05 phasefxpatron deck
2005-12-05 phasefx'in' bad, '.length' good
2005-12-05 phasefxsyntax
2005-12-05 phasefxfix and refactor
2005-12-05 phasefxutil.deck
2005-12-05 phasefxpatron display
2005-12-05 phasefxbarcode
2005-12-05 phasefxholds available
2005-12-05 phasefxtoward patron display
2005-12-05 phasefxoops
2005-12-05 phasefxutil.date
2005-12-05 phasefxtoward patron display
2005-12-04 phasefxwrong app
2005-12-04 phasefxtoward patron display