Tidying up and starting to extend the handler
[working/NCIPServer.git] / lib / NCIP.pm
2013-09-19 Chris CormackTidying up and starting to extend the handler
2013-09-19 Chris CormackMaking sure we validate our xml before trying to handle it
2013-09-18 Chris CormackStarting work on our first handler
2013-09-18 Chris CormackRefactoring NCIP.pm slightly, dealing with namespaces...
2013-09-18 Chris CormackContinuing work on NCIP.pm
2013-09-18 Chris CormackWorking on extending the functionality and test suite.
2013-09-17 Chris CormackWorking on extending NCIP.pm
2013-09-03 Alan RykhusMerge Alan's NCIP.pm and NCIPResponder.pm.