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110 min ago Jason StephensonForward port 3.1.5-3.2.0-upgrade-db.sql. master
4 hours ago Kathy LussierLP#1746536: Remove input-group-addon class from Add...
4 hours ago Mike RylanderLP#1746536: Restrict CN addition but allow CN edits...
4 hours ago Mike RylanderLP#1746536: Allow batch-apply to volume fields in multi...
4 hours ago Cesar VelezLP#1746536 - enable volcopy editor for multi-bib but...
4 hours ago a. bellenirLP1746536: cannot edit vol/call number in item status
7 days ago Dan WellsLP#1796978 Realign working copy refresh with proper...
7 days ago Dan WellsLP#1796971 Wait for call number and copy before loading...
12 days ago Jane SandbergDocs: correcting inaccurate statement in action trigger...
2018-10-09 Remington SteedDocs: Update release notes version in consolidated...
2018-10-08 Jane SandbergDocs: adding info about testing action triggers
2018-10-08 Jane SandbergDocs: adding action/triggers to staff client admin...
2018-10-08 Jane SandbergDocs: re-adding missing anchor to install instructions
2018-10-05 Bill EricksonLP#1792658 Angular Evergreen favicon
2018-10-05 Bill EricksonLP#1785681 Patron address copy to clipboard
2018-10-05 Galen CharltonLP#1721139: apply proper date format in certain places
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