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4 days ago Dan WellsForward-port 3.0.1 upgrade script
5 days ago Dan WellsFix stray beta1 in 3.0.0 upgrade script
5 days ago Kathy LussierDocs: 3.0.1 Release notes
5 days ago Kathy LussierDocs: 2.12.7 release notes
5 days ago Kyle HuckinsLP#1659181 Mark Items Damaged Prompt
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5 days ago Jeanette LundgrenDOCS: added tip for patron insensitive search (ignores...
6 days ago Cesar VelezLP#1712686 - display completed barcode on copy grids...
6 days ago Cesar VelezLP#1714566 - enable hold notes to display on dialogs
6 days ago Cesar VelezLP#1714566 - enable hold notes set to print on slip...
6 days ago Cesar VelezLP#1714060 - fixes thinko when obeying patron.password...
6 days ago Cesar VelezLP#1715423 - fix issues with the display of IDs in...
6 days ago Cesar VelezLP#1714056 - fix for webstaff patron registration not...
6 days ago Cesar VelezLP#1721145 - fix Patron Message tab grids missing persi...
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