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6 min ago Kathy LussierDocs: Release notes for 2.12.5 maintenance release master
7 min ago Kathy LussierDocs: Release notes for the 2.11.8 point release
52 min ago Michele MorganLP 1708728 - Fix Stripe penny errors introduced by...
77 min ago Galen CharltonLP#1708485: (follow-up) improve dest_courier_code support
77 min ago Chris SharpLP#1708485 - Add courier code variable to transit slips.
105 min ago Jeff DavisLP#1699566: item barcode completion in web client
3 hours ago Jason Etheridgelp1709966 webstaff: Hold Verify prompt
4 hours ago Dan ScottLP#1710747: Absolute URL for media_prefix in templates
5 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1694577: exclude empheral search results folder...
5 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1694577: tweak searching for words in report templates
5 hours ago Bill EricksonLP#1694577 Release notes for report template search
5 hours ago Bill EricksonLP#1694577 Reports template searching and paging
5 hours ago Bill EricksonLP#1694577 Report templates search API & paging
30 hours ago Dan ScottLP#1712362 Display single conjoined items
30 hours ago Dan ScottLP#1703678 Display foreign item location and status
30 hours ago Dan WellsLP#1703678 Show foreign copies even if only one
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