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31 hours ago Jeanette LundgrenDocs: LP#1578719 Update DIG Attributions page
31 hours ago Dan ScottLP1490616: Adjust "Penalties & Messages" label (webby)
32 hours ago Ben ShumLP#1091885: Stamping upgrade script
32 hours ago Rogan HambyLP#1091885: make sure bibs get reingested on undelete
37 hours ago Ben ShumLP#1757455: followup to fix installing i18n
43 hours ago Bill EricksonLP#1797007 Grid cell tooltips apply to all cells (Ang)
43 hours ago Bill EricksonLP#1797007 Grid cell tooltips apply to all cells
3 days ago Ben ShumLP#1757455: Deprecate i18n building for XUL client
3 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1783440: add release notes entry
3 days ago Rogan HambyLP#1783440: adding UPC to numeric search types in advan...
3 days ago Cesar VelezLP#1684202 - fix holdings grid refresh... bre_id array...
3 days ago Cesar VelezLP#1684202 - fix bug the prevented automatic refresh
3 days ago Mike RylanderLP#1684202: Protect against missing features; Make...
4 days ago Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script
4 days ago Dan WellsLP#1773479 Show Located URIs in browse
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