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last changeFri, 21 Sep 2018 21:01:52 +0000
35 hours ago Mike RylanderLP#1791335: Retain stat cats on item transfer master
35 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1791340: expand on comment about backdated checkin...
35 hours ago Dan WellsLP#1791340 Webstaff: Don't backdate when we're not
40 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1745427: account for change in prediction patterns
41 hours ago Mike RylanderLP#1781480: Include group owner ancestor badges
41 hours ago Mike RylanderLP#1781480: Closures remeber values in subtle ways...
2 days ago Mike RylanderLP#1732761: Chain the promises to avoid races
2 days ago Mike RylanderLP#1732761: Fetch locations immediately for display
2 days ago Mike RylanderLP#1732761: Batch item edit and multiple values per...
2 days ago Jason BoyerLP1792371: Fix De-select Whole Page Action
2 days ago Kathy LussierLP#1783345: Make one more change in case
2 days ago Sam LinkBug #1783345 - Normalized add to bucket modal
4 days ago Bill EricksonLP#1792484 Patron preferred name in hold shelf dialog
4 days ago Library TechTranslation updates - newpot
4 days ago Kathy LussierLP#1538691: Release notes entry for consistent terminology
4 days ago Kathy LussierLP#1538691: More changes to terminology
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