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last changeWed, 17 Jan 2018 23:02:00 +0000
8 hours ago Dan WellsForward port 2.12.9 upgrade script master
8 hours ago Dan WellsForward port 3.0.3 upgrade script
10 hours ago Jane SandbergAdding acknowledgements to release notes for 3.0.3
10 hours ago Kathy LussierDocs: Adding upgrade note to 3.03 release notes
10 hours ago Jane SandbergRelease notes for 3.0.3
11 hours ago Jane SandbergRelease notes for 2.12.9
13 hours ago Kathy LussierLP#1743650: Stamping upgrade script for special bib...
13 hours ago Mike RylanderLP#1743650: Bib vis testing needs different handling
13 hours ago Kathy LussierLP#1743639: Stamping upgrade script for copy location...
13 hours ago Mike RylanderLP#1743639: Test location as proxy for location group
13 hours ago Mike RylanderLP#1743639: opac_visible on acplg is not what it seems
5 days ago Kyle Huckinslp1742194 - Print Current Bills only printing circ...
6 days ago Dan WellsLP#1730470 Restore XUL serial receive compatibility
6 days ago Jane SandbergLP1719943: fixing typo in credential testing interface
6 days ago Jason BoyerLP1737052: Fix Typo in Permission Name
6 days ago Cesar VelezLP#1739786 - Webstaff MarcEditor BibSource Drop Down...
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