2019-02-13 Jason Etheridgelist open qaproject bugs collab/phasefx/eg_live_tests
2019-01-28 Jason Etheridgesome debugging and cosmetics
2019-01-28 Jason Etheridgeqa01 throws this warning, though my local pristine...
2019-01-28 Jason Etheridgetroubleshooting apache
2019-01-28 Jason Etheridgeremove cruft
2019-01-28 Jason Etheridgeclose the last subpage if needed
2019-01-28 Jason Etheridgefix documentation build
2019-01-27 Jason Etheridgethe EG half
2019-01-03 Jason Etheridgewhitespace isn't syntax.. but sometimes it is
2019-01-03 Jason Etheridgelink back to main page from sub pages
2019-01-03 Jason Etheridgerobustify start/stop of some services
2019-01-03 Jason Etheridgesome refactoring and UI tweaking, just OpenSRF at the...
2018-12-13 Jason Etheridgereduce use of globals and pass more data to the rss...
2018-12-12 Jason Etheridgetweak RSS output
2018-12-12 Jason Etheridgeuse apache_24 for stretch
2018-12-12 Jason Etheridgetighten down error detection
2018-12-12 Jason Etheridgetypo
2018-12-12 Jason Etheridgeejabberd.yml vs ejabberd.cfg
2018-12-12 Jason Etheridgesome obvious fixes
2018-12-12 Jason Etheridgesome obvious fixes
2018-12-11 phasefxexpose the output sooner as part of cronoutput.txt
2018-12-11 phasefxtoward getting qa01 going again
2018-12-11 phasefxtoward getting qa01 going again
2018-09-11 Jason Etheridgemulti-host support for live tester collab/phasefx/wheezy_installer
2018-09-10 Jason Etheridgetrying to get node working with wheezy
2018-09-07 Jason Etheridgemore output for troubleshooting
2018-09-07 Jason Etheridgehandle ang6/eg2 client
2018-02-22 Jason Etheridgeremove grunt
2018-01-16 Jason Etheridgeimproved RSS feed
2018-01-16 Jason Etheridgesuppress these lovefield offline DB errors for now...
2018-01-10 Jason Etheridgeincrement error_count upon encountering ERROR LOG:
2018-01-09 Jason Etheridgesuppress these lovefield offline DB errors for now
2017-11-14 Remington SteedAdd docs-building to wheezy installer
2017-05-31 Jason Etheridgeadd the Security repo to /etc/apt/sources.list
2017-04-13 Dan Scottnodejs path should be BINDIR not TARBIN
2017-04-13 Dan ScottAncient version of npm installed with nodejs 0.10 was bad
2017-04-12 Dan ScottWe no longer install deps with bower
2017-03-25 Dan ScottUse current nodejs binaries
2017-03-08 Dan ScottUse "wget -N" for pgtap download
2017-03-06 Dan ScottStandardize database variables
2017-03-06 Dan ScottArgh neeed that trailing \
2017-03-05 Dan ScottDo the whole pgtap build and install as root
2017-03-05 Dan ScottChange into the correct pgtap directory
2017-03-05 Dan ScottInstall a stable version of pgtap
2017-03-02 Jason StephensonInstall lsb-release in build_essentials installer function.
2016-11-04 Jason EtheridgeRevert "temporarily test a working branch"
2016-11-04 Jason Etheridgetemporarily test a working branch
2016-11-03 Jason Etheridgemake it valid XML
2016-11-03 Jason Etheridgeswitch from RSS to Atom
2016-04-26 Jason EtheridgeAdd pubDate and update the RSS regardless of previous...
2015-12-08 Jason Etheridgeability to consider final Return Value
2015-09-11 Jason Etheridgeescape out since we're rendering and wrapping HTML...
2015-09-10 Jason Etheridgeremoving intermediate link to cronoutput.txt
2015-09-10 Jason Etheridgetweak path for referencing cronoutput.txt
2015-09-10 Jason EtheridgeThis seems to be needed to prevent some weird 404 error
2015-06-18 Josh StomproAdded Debian Jessie installer based on wheezy installer.
2015-02-26 Jason EtheridgeCatch "Please install" from
2015-01-22 Jason Etheridgebump node.js from 0.10.33 to 0.10.35
2014-12-03 Jason Etheridgebump NODEJS_VERSION to 0.10.33
2014-11-13 Jason Etheridgeminor tweak to visudo instructions
2014-11-13 Jason Etheridgequick instructions
2014-11-06 Jason Etheridgeactually 3 errors here, not 1
2014-11-05 Jason Etheridgeexpect the error in osrfsys.log produced by live_t...
2014-09-16 Bill Ericksononly perform live tests if LIVETEST is set
2014-09-12 Jason EtheridgeRevert "point to collab/phasefx/lp1350042-grid-print...
2014-09-12 Jason Etheridgepoint to collab/phasefx/lp1350042-grid-print-and-show...
2014-09-12 Bill EricksonEG browser client build + test
2014-05-14 Jason Etheridgeand a date for when we try to restart ejabberd
2014-05-14 Jason Etheridgelitter the output with more dates
2014-05-14 Jason Etheridgelarger sleep after restarting ejabberd
2014-03-05 Jason Etheridgeadjust expected errors for Evergreen pre-req fetching
2014-03-05 Jason Etheridgeexpecting errors
2014-03-05 Jason Etheridgeutf-8 charset in web output
2014-02-21 Jason Etheridgetreat ERROR: as an error
2013-12-27 Jason Etheridgedon't need sudo here, we're already running as root
2013-12-27 Jason Etheridgeconfigure the timezone
2013-12-27 Jason Etheridgelink to Gitweb
2013-12-27 Jason Etheridgemore organized archive folder
2013-12-27 Jason EtheridgeLet's expect cronoutput.txt to be web accessible while...
2013-12-27 Jason Etheridgedon't need to sort output of dpkg --list
2013-12-27 Jason EtheridgeLet's highlight [ERR's in osrfsys.log
2013-12-26 Jason Etheridgemake it easier to compare system information between...
2013-12-26 Jason Etheridgeexpose more surrounding output
2013-12-26 Jason Etheridgeactual log output
2013-12-26 Jason Etheridge2>&1 needs to be after > output.txt, but let us use...
2013-12-26 Mike Rylandersome tweaks by miker to the test launcher
2013-11-14 Jason Etheridgepoint to our dedicated vm
2013-10-17 Jason Etheridgelink to archive
2013-10-11 Jason Etheridgecopy/paste-o
2013-10-11 Jason Etheridgesome fixes
2013-10-10 Jason Etheridgepoor man method of making exceptions for errors
2013-10-10 Jason Etheridgedashes, not hyphens, and there is a restart-all
2013-10-10 Jason Etheridgemove getopts back to main scope
2013-10-10 Jason Etheridgeident error
2013-10-10 Jason Etheridgerefactored, untested
2013-10-10 Jason Etheridgeback to master
2013-10-09 Jason Etheridgeexperiment with a master-derived topic branch
2013-10-09 Jason Etheridgeexperiment with a master-derived topic branch
2013-10-09 Jason Etheridgemore separated output
2013-10-07 Jason Etheridgecopy/paste errors; cleaning this up