2014-08-17 Jason StephensonAdd output of Scheme in template if it...
2014-08-17 Jason StephensonMerge branch 'master' into better_abstraction
2014-08-17 Jason StephensonAdd some more POD to the new user-related classes.
2014-08-17 Jason StephensonFill out NCIP::User and friends.
2014-08-12 Chris CormackFixing a bug in the userenv for Koha
2014-08-10 Jason StephensonAdd POD to NCIP::ILS.
2014-08-08 Jason StephensonAdd xml filter on the new template include files.
2014-08-08 Jason StephensonPrepare and NCIP/ for removal of Handler...
2014-08-08 Jason StephensonMake sample config & aware of NCIP::ILS.
2014-08-08 Jason StephensonUpdate templates for new abstraction method.
2014-08-08 Jason StephensonAdd unsupportedservice method to NCIP::ILS.
2014-08-07 Jason StephensonFixes for ILS::make_header.
2014-08-07 Jason StephensonAdd lookupversion implemenation to NCIP::ILS.
2014-08-07 Jason StephensonFixup NCIP::ILS::make_header.
2014-08-07 Jason StephensonAdd some the Header and Response objects.
2014-08-06 Jason StephensonRemove version 2.0 as supported version from NCIP:...
2014-08-06 Jason StephensonMerge branch 'master' of
2014-07-31 Chris CormackRemoving debug statements, making the branch of the...
2014-07-26 Jason StephensonAdd the work achieved so far today.
2014-07-19 Jason StephensonAdd NCIP v2.0 to supported versions.
2014-07-19 Jason StephensonAdd a LookupVersion handler.
2014-07-19 Jason StephensonUpdate a commented code section regarding DTD/Schema...
2014-07-19 Jason StephensonMake some template & config changes.
2014-07-19 Jason StephensonFilter template output with the xml filter where approp...
2014-07-19 Jason StephensonFix some licensing informaiton.
2014-07-16 Chris CormackSetting the correct branch on CheckOut
2014-07-13 Chris CormackStarting work on the CancelRequestItem handler
2014-07-13 Chris CormackWorking on the CheckOutIthem handler
2014-06-23 Jason StephensonRemove an unused file: lib/
2014-04-08 Chris CormackContinuing on with the changes
2014-04-08 Chris CormackGah, im having a nightmare today
2014-04-08 Chris CormackContinuing with the work for RequestHandler
2014-04-08 Chris CormackFixing the error handling to be consistent
2014-04-08 Chris CormackContinuing work on RequestItem handler
2014-04-08 Chris CormackFixing a typo in the module
2014-04-01 Chris CormackTemplate for RequestItemResponse
2014-03-30 Chris CormackWorking on the CancelRequest message
2014-03-19 Chris CormackCheckinItem handler
2014-03-13 Chris CormackWorking AcceptItem now
2014-03-06 Chris CormackContinuing work on the AcceptItem handler
2014-03-05 Chris CormackStarting work on better logging using Log::Log4perl
2014-03-05 Chris CormackDoh, typo
2014-03-05 Chris CormackKoha specific driver work
2014-03-05 Chris CormackContinuing with the CheckInItem handler
2014-03-05 Chris CormackWorking on the CheckInItem hander
2014-03-05 Chris CormackIt is now responding correctly
2014-03-05 Chris CormackGetting there, it seems to be doing what it should now
2014-03-05 Chris CormackContinuing on with the AcceptItem handler
2014-03-05 Chris CormackWorking on AcceptItem handler .. don't expect this...
2014-03-04 Chris CormackTidying up the templates, making sure is valid XML
2014-03-04 Chris CormackResponse headers behaving better
2014-03-03 Chris CormackTrying to get the headers set correctly
2014-03-03 Chris CormackMore work on the LookupUserResponse
2014-03-03 Chris CormackFleshing out the LookupUserResponse
2014-03-03 Chris CormackProper response header for a missing user when doing...
2014-03-03 Chris CormackTrying to handle posts with no parameters better in...
2014-03-02 Chris CormackAdding a bit better error handling when we get invalid XML
2014-02-25 Chris CormackContinuing work adding/fixing more handlers
2014-02-25 Chris CormackTypo fixes
2014-02-25 Chris CormackShifting the finding user elements in the XML to its...
2014-02-24 Chris CormackBug fixing LookupUser
2014-01-27 Chris CormackWorking on RenewItem handler
2014-01-27 Chris CormackGot CheckOutItem going
2014-01-27 Chris CormackFinishing? the CheckInItem handler
2014-01-13 Chris CormackStart of RequestItem handler
2014-01-13 Chris CormackTidying up dancer app
2014-01-12 Chris CormackExtending the handlers
2014-01-12 Chris CormackAdding error handling for CheckIn
2014-01-12 Chris CormackContinuing on with the work
2014-01-04 Chris CormackWorking on the Koha code
2014-01-02 Chris CormackCheckOut and CheckIn Handlers
2014-01-02 Chris CormackTidying up output, removing blank lines
2014-01-02 Chris CormackTidying up the LookUpUser handler
2013-12-30 Chris CormackContinuing with LookupItem
2013-12-30 Chris CormackContinuing work on the templates
2013-12-30 Chris CormackGot the dancer app working now
2013-12-30 Chris CormackResponding better now
2013-12-29 Chris CormackHandling errors a bit better
2013-12-29 Chris CormackWorking on error handling
2013-12-29 Chris CormackWorking on the dancer server for NCIP (for doing http...
2013-12-16 Chris CormackLooking up and finding user data, now just to send...
2013-12-15 Chris CormackTrying to get this working a bit more robustly
2013-12-15 Chris CormackSample XML for testing
2013-11-20 Chris CormackContinuing with work for the LookupUser method
2013-11-19 Chris CormackBeginning work on LookupUser
2013-11-18 Chris CormackContinuing work, If you hate the suroutine names now...
2013-11-18 Chris CormackRejigging the creation of a handler a bit, so we now...
2013-11-18 Chris CormackContinuing with the templates
2013-11-18 Chris CormackShifting the ILS call to from
2013-11-17 Chris CormackStarting work on the templates for output
2013-11-04 Chris CormackStarting work on ILS dependent code
2013-10-02 Chris CormackFixing a typo and getting the correct itemnumber now
2013-10-02 Chris CormackSimple Build.PL script, allows us to do
2013-10-02 Chris CormackMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2013-09-30 Chris CormackAnd the tests prove their worth, catching a change...
2013-09-30 Chris CormackSkeletal NCIP::Item
2013-09-30 Chris CormackAdding tests for NCIP::Item
2013-09-30 Chris CormackContinuing on working on the Item handlers
2013-09-19 Chris CormackMerge branch 'collab/dyrcona/PALS_integration' of git... collab/dyrcona/PALS_integration
2013-09-19 Chris CormackTidying up and starting to extend the handler