Get NCIP configuration directory from the environment.
[working/NCIPServer.git] / lib / NCIP / ILS /
2014-10-25 Jason StephensonFix typo in previous commit.
2014-10-25 Jason StephensonAdd output of phone numbers in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen...
2014-10-24 Jason StephensonAdd NCIP::PhysicalAddress object.
2014-10-24 Jason StephensonFixup a lot of stuff based on a first round of real...
2014-10-14 Jason StephensonFix a problem with acceptitem in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonDo for renewitem what was done for checkoutitem in...
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonFix checkoutitem in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonFix another typo in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonFix something found by perl -c from the previous commit.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonAdd find_copy_details_by_item to NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonMore Doh! type things in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonGet the pcrud method name correct.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonFix NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->place_hold.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonFix some warnings in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonFix typo on line 2748 of NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonFix some more stuff in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonFix some things caught by perl -c in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-11 Jason StephensonAdd handling of ItemElementType in NIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-05 Jason StephensonFix typo on line 2380 of NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-05 Jason StephensonLast fix just gave us a different warning.
2014-10-05 Jason StephensonTry to fix a warning when checking penalties.
2014-10-05 Jason StephensonFix typo in function name in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-10-05 Jason StephensonFix copy and paste problem with previous commit.
2014-10-05 Jason StephensonAdd UserOptionalFields to more templates.
2014-10-05 Jason StephensonAdd NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->handle_user_elements for...
2014-10-05 Jason StephensonAdd handling of NeedBeforeDate to NCIP::ILS::Evergreen...
2014-10-02 Jason StephensonFix problems with _problem_from_event in NCIP::ILS...
2014-10-02 Jason StephensonFix mistake in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen on line 924.
2014-09-28 Jason StephensonAlter NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->_hold_search() to do just...
2014-09-28 Jason StephensonFix typos in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen caught by perl -c.
2014-09-28 Jason StephensonAdd cancelrequestitem handler to NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-27 Jason StephensonMore NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->requestitem() improvements.
2014-09-27 Jason StephensonFix a comment typo in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-27 Jason StephensonModify NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->requestitem to try a littl...
2014-09-27 Jason StephensonSimplify NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->retrieve_org_unit_by_sho...
2014-09-23 Jason StephensonAdd duplicate request check to NCIP::ILS::Evergreen...
2014-09-22 Jason StephensonFix a typo in previous commit.
2014-09-22 Jason StephensonAdd RequestItem support to NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-22 Jason StephensonFix typo in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-21 Jason StephensonAdd checkoutitem to NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-19 Jason StephensonSimplify delete_copy in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-14 Jason StephensonBump _problem_from_event's IQ by a couple of points.
2014-09-14 Jason StephensonAdd some "smarts" to _problem_from_event in NCIP::ILS...
2014-09-14 Jason StephensonFix text_code for textcode typo in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-14 Jason StephensonFix set_timezone to set_time_zone in NCIP::ILS::Evergre...
2014-09-14 Jason StephensonAdd error checking to NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->checkinitem().
2014-09-14 Jason StephensonAdd RenewItem support for NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-14 Jason StephensonFix typo in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->checkinitem().
2014-09-14 Jason StephensonFix some things in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen picked up by...
2014-09-14 Jason StephensonMove circulation, copy and user checks to check_circ_de...
2014-09-14 Jason StephensonAdd check for more copies in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen-...
2014-09-13 Jason StephensonDeflesh copy->call_number in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen-...
2014-09-13 Jason StephensonAdd check for other volumes before delete a bib.
2014-09-13 Jason StephensonAdd use_force_holds config option for NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-13 Jason StephensonFix a problem detected by perl -c....
2014-09-13 Jason StephensonAdd NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->delete_copy().
2014-09-12 Jason StephensonAdd the UserId check in checkinitem in NCIP::ILS::Everg...
2014-09-12 Jason StephensonAdd additional ownership check in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen...
2014-09-12 Jason StephensonAdd CheckInItem support to NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-10 Jason StephensonFix ProblemDescription for ProblemDetail in NCIP::ILS...
2014-09-08 Jason StephensonFix a logic error in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->acceptitem.
2014-09-08 Jason StephensonFix another mistake in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-08 Jason StephensonMore syntax errors and thinkos/typos in NCIP::ILS:...
2014-09-08 Jason StephensonFix syntax and variable errors in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-07 Jason StephensonAdd AcceptItem processing to NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-08-30 Jason StephensonFix a mistake with previous commit.
2014-08-30 Jason StephensonAvoid the direct use of cstore in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-08-28 Jason StephensonFix some issues with pcrud and cstore calls in NCIP...
2014-08-28 Jason StephensonEliminate CStoreEditor from ILS::Evergreen.
2014-08-28 Jason StephensonModify Evergreen->lookupuser so it doesn't need a CStor...
2014-08-27 Jason StephensonFlesh user's home_ou in Evergreen->lookupuser.
2014-08-24 Jason StephensonSet privilige ValidFromDate to user's account create...
2014-08-24 Jason StephensonSome logical fixup to ILS->find_user_barcode.
2014-08-24 Jason StephensonChange ILS->find_barcode to ILS->find_user_barcode.
2014-08-24 Jason StephensonFix lookupuser problem reporting in Evergreen driver.
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonFix a few issues with retrieving block or trap for...
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonFix an error in
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonFix a few things in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen turned up...
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonA few fixes for NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-08-18 Jason StephensonUpdate Evergreen code for the better_abstraction branch.
2014-08-17 Jason StephensonMerge branch 'masslnc' into better_abstraction
2014-08-17 Jason StephensonMerge branch 'master' into better_abstraction
2014-08-12 Chris CormackFixing a bug in the userenv for Koha
2014-08-06 Jason StephensonMerge branch 'master' into masslnc
2014-08-06 Jason StephensonMerge branch 'master' of
2014-07-31 Chris CormackRemoving debug statements, making the branch of the...
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonSwitch to XML::LibXML::Simple for the Evergreen driver... user/dyrcona/masslnc
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonFix a typo in the userdata method of the Evergreen...
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonRefinements to user data look up in the Evergreen driver.
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonImplement the userdata() method in the Evergreen driver.
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonFix a couple of typos in Evergreen driver.
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonSearch for asset stat cat entries by owner in Evergreen...
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonAdd setup and initialization code to the Evergreen...
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonAdd a stub Evergreen driver.
2014-07-16 Chris CormackSetting the correct branch on CheckOut
2014-04-08 Chris CormackContinuing on with the changes
2014-04-08 Chris CormackContinuing with the work for RequestHandler
2014-04-08 Chris CormackContinuing work on RequestItem handler
2014-04-08 Chris CormackFixing a typo in the module
2014-04-01 Chris CormackTemplate for RequestItemResponse