Fix a logic error in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->acceptitem.
[working/NCIPServer.git] / lib / NCIP / ILS /
2014-09-08 Jason StephensonFix a logic error in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen->acceptitem.
2014-09-08 Jason StephensonFix another mistake in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-08 Jason StephensonMore syntax errors and thinkos/typos in NCIP::ILS:...
2014-09-08 Jason StephensonFix syntax and variable errors in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-09-07 Jason StephensonAdd AcceptItem processing to NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-08-30 Jason StephensonFix a mistake with previous commit.
2014-08-30 Jason StephensonAvoid the direct use of cstore in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-08-28 Jason StephensonFix some issues with pcrud and cstore calls in NCIP...
2014-08-28 Jason StephensonEliminate CStoreEditor from ILS::Evergreen.
2014-08-28 Jason StephensonModify Evergreen->lookupuser so it doesn't need a CStor...
2014-08-27 Jason StephensonFlesh user's home_ou in Evergreen->lookupuser.
2014-08-24 Jason StephensonSet privilige ValidFromDate to user's account create...
2014-08-24 Jason StephensonSome logical fixup to ILS->find_user_barcode.
2014-08-24 Jason StephensonChange ILS->find_barcode to ILS->find_user_barcode.
2014-08-24 Jason StephensonFix lookupuser problem reporting in Evergreen driver.
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonFix a few issues with retrieving block or trap for...
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonFix an error in
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonFix a few things in NCIP::ILS::Evergreen turned up...
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonA few fixes for NCIP::ILS::Evergreen.
2014-08-18 Jason StephensonUpdate Evergreen code for the better_abstraction branch.
2014-08-17 Jason StephensonMerge branch 'masslnc' into better_abstraction
2014-08-06 Jason StephensonMerge branch 'master' into masslnc
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonSwitch to XML::LibXML::Simple for the Evergreen driver... user/dyrcona/masslnc
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonFix a typo in the userdata method of the Evergreen...
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonRefinements to user data look up in the Evergreen driver.
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonImplement the userdata() method in the Evergreen driver.
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonFix a couple of typos in Evergreen driver.
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonSearch for asset stat cat entries by owner in Evergreen...
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonAdd setup and initialization code to the Evergreen...
2014-07-21 Jason StephensonAdd a stub Evergreen driver.