Change ILS->find_barcode to ILS->find_user_barcode.
[working/NCIPServer.git] / lib / NCIP /
2014-08-24 Jason StephensonChange ILS->find_barcode to ILS->find_user_barcode.
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonFix a typo in POD in NCIP::ILS.
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonAdd lookup for UserId in NCIP::ILS->find_barcode.
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonMore LookupVersion fixes.
2014-08-23 Jason StephensonAdd required FromAgencyId and ToAgencyId to LookupVersi...
2014-08-18 Jason StephensonUpdate Evergreen code for the better_abstraction branch.
2014-08-17 Jason StephensonMerge branch 'masslnc' into better_abstraction
2014-08-17 Jason StephensonMerge branch 'master' into better_abstraction
2014-08-10 Jason StephensonAdd POD to NCIP::ILS.
2014-08-08 Jason StephensonPrepare and NCIP/ for removal of Handler...
2014-08-08 Jason StephensonAdd unsupportedservice method to NCIP::ILS.
2014-08-07 Jason StephensonFixes for ILS::make_header.
2014-08-07 Jason StephensonAdd lookupversion implemenation to NCIP::ILS.
2014-08-07 Jason StephensonFixup NCIP::ILS::make_header.
2014-08-07 Jason StephensonAdd some the Header and Response objects.
2014-08-06 Jason StephensonMerge branch 'master' of
2014-07-26 Jason StephensonAdd the work achieved so far today.