2022-05-26 Jason StephensonLP 1975861: Fix the Patch for Lp 1909681 on rel_3_7 user/dyrcona/lp1975861-repair-1909681_rel_3_7
2022-05-20 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.7.3 Upgrade Script
2022-05-20 Jason BoyerTranslation updates - po files
2022-05-20 Jason BoyerUpdate 3.7 Point Release Notes
2022-05-20 Andrea Buntz... Docs: 3.7.3 Release Notes
2022-05-20 Jason BoyerTranslation updates - newpot
2022-05-19 Galen CharltonLP#1946531: (follow-up) show progress bar when adding...
2022-05-19 Jeff DavisLP#1946531: use batch method to add users to bucket...
2022-05-19 Kyle Huckinslp1950507 Providers Admin Screenreader form fix
2022-05-19 Galen CharltonLP#1968082: (follow-up) show progress bar when adding...
2022-05-19 Galen CharltonLP#1968082: (follow-up) tidy up whitespace
2022-05-19 Jessica WoolfordLP#1968082: Use the batch API call to add and remove...
2022-05-12 Bill EricksonLP1930740 EDI order writer attribute check repair
2022-04-27 Galen CharltonLP#1970486: fix SuperCat crash on serial units with...
2022-04-22 Garry CollumLP1907863 Bootstrap Opac: My Lists formatting
2022-04-20 Dan BriemLP#1965317 Barcode Completion on Traditional Cat Staff...
2022-04-07 Jane SandbergStamp upgrade script for MADS update
2022-04-07 Jane SandbergLP1800871: small correction to upgrade script
2022-04-07 Josh StomproLP#1800871 - MARC21slim2MADS 2.15 update
2022-04-07 Garry CollumLP#1942240 Insufficient color contrast in boostrap...
2022-04-07 blakeLP1944205 Advanced Authority Documentation
2022-04-07 Jason StephensonLP1959904: Fix Angular Profile Select Component
2022-04-07 Bill EricksonLP1950826 Return error result on contact invalidation
2022-04-07 Jason EtheridgeLP1950826 fix invalidate email action
2022-04-07 Kyle Huckinslp1913340 - List All Courses in OPAC
2022-04-06 Chris SharpLP#1954923: Fix current date issue in Boostrap OPAC...
2022-04-06 Garry CollumLP1920039-Bootstrap Opac: More Details button doesn...
2022-04-04 Jason BoyerLP1930747: Add MARC_NAMESPACE to
2022-03-27 Jason BoyerLP1900005: Don't require a specific 'opensrf' user
2022-03-25 Dan BriemLP#1746800 Exclude empty records on filtered staff...
2022-03-25 Terran McCannaLP1909681 Open hold grid links in new tab (for 3.7)
2022-03-24 Garry CollumLP#1959405: hold status not looking for shelf delay...
2022-03-24 Michele MorganLP1907123 Angular Catalog View Holds missing columns
2022-03-24 Galen CharltonLP#1939338: fix IDL mistake that could prevent admin...
2022-03-24 Tiffany LittleLP1928003 Protect real copies from auto-deletion by...
2022-03-21 Garry CollumLP1010494 - More Details button is not translatable.
2022-03-17 Lynn FloydAdded Author to Pending view in Item Buckets
2022-03-17 Lynn FloydAdd Author field to Item buckets.
2022-03-16 Jason StephensonLP1965161: Sort Monograph Parts in Holds Metadata
2022-03-15 Galen CharltonLP#1950394: isolate attribute extraction of metarecord
2022-03-15 Dan BriemLP#1939426 Traditional Catalog Holds: Patron Info Not...
2022-03-11 Jason BoyerLP1964019: Change span tag to div to work around a...
2022-03-04 gmontimantisRevising 'Using the Public Access Catalog' page
2022-03-01 Jason BoyerUpdate Test for LP1722827 After LP1482757
2022-02-25 Michele MorganLP#1482757: stamp upgrade script
2022-02-25 Jason StephensonLP#1482757: Speed Up the Delete of Orphaned URIs in...
2022-02-25 Michele MorganLP#1482757: Delete URIs and call numbers when all 856...
2022-02-25 Michele MorganLP#1482757: Amend upgrade script to remove existing...
2022-02-25 Michele MorganLP#1482757: Remove 'orphaned_uri_list' and 'NOT cn...
2022-02-25 Mike RylanderLP#1482757: Be sure to remove all orphaned URI
2022-02-25 Mike RylanderLP#1482757: More careful Located URI remapping
2022-02-25 gmontimantisUpdate to Batch Search page
2022-02-20 Jeff GodinAvoid fleshing standing penalty org unit children
2022-02-17 Terran McCannaLP1927990 Bootstrap OPAC: Patron messages lose line...
2022-02-14 Galen CharltonLP#1949389: reduce number of PCRUD requests by subscrip...
2022-02-11 Steven CallenderLP#1946019: copyloc.js change to clear locations on...
2022-02-11 Garry CollumLP1955927_Barcode_search_fails_in_patron_search_modal
2022-02-11 Terran McCannaLP1957840 Typo fix in mcrp class in fm_IDL.xml
2022-02-10 Galen CharltonLP#1951021: account for change in OverDrive checkout...
2022-02-09 Lynn FloydAdding videos from Conferences
2022-02-09 gmontimantisDocs: Updating Opac Lists doc
2022-01-25 Jane SandbergDocs: use asciidoc ordered list rather than adding...
2022-01-25 gmontimantisDocs: updating z39.50 overlay doc and images
2022-01-25 gmontimantisDocs: Update barcode_completion_grid.jpg
2022-01-15 gmontimantisDocs: Update basic_holds.adoc
2022-01-15 gmontimantisDocs: Update basic_holds.adoc to include updated screenshot
2022-01-15 Jane SandbergDocs: add a chapter about the course materials module
2021-12-14 Jane SandbergLP 1942645: stamp upgrade script
2021-12-14 malexanderlp-1942645 term name uniqueness
2021-12-09 Jason StephensonLp 1862652: reingest record attributes fix
2021-12-03 Bill EricksonLP1933275 Staff catalog holdings view shows correct...
2021-12-02 Jane SandbergDocs: remove outdated screenshots
2021-12-02 gmontimantisDocs: update lsa-barcode-completion
2021-11-24 Galen CharltonLP#1949910: serialize deleting items from item bucket
2021-11-18 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.6.3 Upgrade Script
2021-11-18 gmontimantisdocs: updating batch_importing_MARC.adoc
2021-11-17 Kyle HuckinsDocs: lp1739277 Release Notes for Org Selector Styling
2021-11-17 Kyle Huckinslp1739277 OrgSelect Class Callback Holdings Implementation
2021-11-17 Bill EricksonLP1739277 Angular org selector style callback
2021-11-11 Jennifer PringleDocs: Adding latency test and disable sounds to worksta...
2021-11-11 Lynn FloydDocs: Transit List
2021-11-11 gmontimantisDocs: Update receipt_template_editor.adoc
2021-11-11 Terran McCannaLP1766726 Clarify Field Hints on Print Templates
2021-11-11 Mike RisherLP#1819233 improve AngularJS eg-basic-combo-box filtering
2021-11-11 Steven CallenderLP1906842 PLACE_UNFILLABLE_HOLD permission not working...
2021-11-05 Jeff DavisLP#1830089: close transaction and update copy status...
2021-11-05 Galen CharltonLP#1947173: stamp schema update
2021-11-05 Mike RylanderLP#1947173: Clean up bad cataloging pot hole
2021-11-05 Mike RylanderLP#1947173: Speed up the symspell part of ingest
2021-10-29 Jason StephensonForward-port 3.7.2 version upgrade script
2021-10-29 Jason StephensonTranslation updates - newpot
2021-10-29 Jason StephensonRemove extraneous release notes documents
2021-10-25 Andrea Buntz... Docs: corrections to Hold Groups Admin doc
2021-10-25 Andrea Buntz... Docs: corrections to Library Groups Admin doc
2021-10-25 Jason StephensonDocs: More 3.6.5 and 3.7.2 release notes cleanup
2021-10-25 Jason StephensonDocs: Fix previous release notes addition
2021-10-25 Jason StephensonDocs: Add an upgrade note to the 3.7.2 and 3.6.5 releas...
2021-10-25 Andrea Buntz... Docs: updates to 3.7.2 and 3.6.5 release notes
2021-10-22 Andrea Buntz... docs: edit to 3.7.2 release notes
2021-10-22 Andrea Buntz... docs: release notes 3.6.5