2018-09-07 Jane SandbergDocs: adding more contributor info to 3.2 release notes collab/sandbergja/release_notes_3_2
2018-09-06 Jane SandbergDocs: Adding two more entries to 3.2 release notes
2018-09-06 Jane SandbergMore additions to the 3.2 release notes
2018-09-06 Jane SandbergDocs: adding translators to 3.2 release notes
2018-09-06 Jane SandbergDocs: creating basic release notes for 3.2
2018-09-06 Ben ShumTranslation updates - newpot
2018-09-06 Bill EricksonLP#1774277 Acq requests live test vandelay repair
2018-09-06 Bill EricksonLP#1635354 Invoice close date perl live test
2018-09-05 Bill EricksonLP#1755258 Browser client auth proxy login support
2018-09-05 Bill EricksonLP#1755258 Improve network error handling
2018-09-05 Galen CharltonLP#1781235: fix changing primary user barcode in web...
2018-09-05 Jeff DavisLP#1781641: make staff-applied patron blocks overridabl...
2018-09-05 Kathy LussierLP#1635354: Stamping upgrade script for acqusitions...
2018-09-05 Bill EricksonLP#1635354 Support date is/not NULL ACQ searches
2018-09-05 Bill EricksonLP#1635354 Invoice close date/by release notes
2018-09-05 Bill EricksonLP#1635354 Invoice close date/by fields
2018-09-05 Cesar VelezLP#1746824 - WebStaff egGrid styling
2018-09-05 Bill EricksonLP#1774277 Stamping upgrade for patron acq reqs
2018-09-05 Jason Etheridgelp1774277 release notes for patron acq requests
2018-09-05 Jason Etheridgelp1774277 Improvements to Patron Acquisition Request
2018-09-04 Galen CharltonLP#1514085: stamp schema update
2018-09-04 Galen CharltonLP#1514085: add to release notes with a server configur...
2018-09-04 Galen CharltonLP#1514085: sync schema update script to reflect change...
2018-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1514085 Release notes for vandelay session tracking
2018-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1514085 Vandelay in-database session tracking
2018-09-04 Dan WellsLP#1777675 Stamping upgrade script for latest inventory...
2018-09-04 Kathy LussierLP#1777675: Change table names to Latest Inventory
2018-09-04 Dan WellsLP#1777675 Tweak IDL label for copy inventory
2018-09-04 Dan WellsLP#1777675 Re-add missing columns to checkin interface
2018-09-04 Remington SteedLP#1777675: Fix code to update Item Status grid
2018-09-04 Kathy LussierLP#1777675: Release notes entry for inventory date
2018-09-04 Kathy LussierLP#1777675: Add inventory checkin modifier setting...
2018-09-04 Kyle Huckinslp1777675 inventory date support
2018-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1712854 Stamping DB upgrade for hold UIs sort/speed
2018-09-04 Kathy LussierLP#1712854: Add wide_hold grid settings to server storage
2018-09-04 Mike RylanderLP#1712854: Provide context-relevant default sort orders
2018-09-04 Mike RylanderLP#1712854: Include shelf-expired holds in the "clearab...
2018-09-04 Mike RylanderLP#1712854: Make use of local cache when moving to...
2018-09-04 Mike RylanderLP#1712854: Provide a "only last captured copy" option...
2018-09-04 Mike RylanderLP#1712854: Fix typo in function names for cancel and...
2018-09-04 Mike RylanderLP#1712854: Speed improvements for two hold interfaces
2018-09-04 Galen CharltonLP#1779920: stamp database update
2018-09-04 Galen CharltonLP#1779920: adjust release notes
2018-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1779920 Auto-renew modify related tables/views
2018-09-04 Cesar VelezLP#1779920 - Autorenewal Feature-Release Docs
2018-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1779920 Circ auto-renewal repairs
2018-09-04 Cesar VelezLP#1779920 - Autorenew Feature
2018-09-04 Galen CharltonLP#1776020: stamp database update
2018-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1776020 Deduplicate name keywords in patron merge
2018-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1776020 Add pref names to bills and items-out receip...
2018-09-04 Kathy LussierLP#1776020: Tweaks to display of name keywords
2018-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1776020 Release notes for pref name / keywords
2018-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1776020 Patron preferred name & name keywords
2018-08-30 Jane SandbergLP1752370: Add weight column to metabib fields grid
2018-08-30 Bill EricksonLP#1740412 Double grid tooltip max width
2018-08-30 Bill EricksonLP#1740412 Grid cell tooltips moved to top-left
2018-08-30 Bill EricksonLP#1740412 Grid cell tooltips limited to long content
2018-08-30 Bill EricksonLP#1740412 Grid cell content tooltips
2018-08-30 Kathy LussierLP#1744756: Stamping upgrade script for custom perm...
2018-08-30 Kyle Huckinslp1744756 Utilize Parent Trees
2018-08-30 Kyle Huckinslp1744756 Docs fix and Permission change
2018-08-30 Bill EricksonLP#1744756 Grp display tree minor fixes.
2018-08-30 Kyle Huckinslp1744756 Release Notes for PGTDEs
2018-08-30 Kyle Huckinslp1744756 Profile Tree Display Entry Admin UI
2018-08-29 Dan WellsForward-port 3.1.5 upgrade script
2018-08-29 Dan WellsForward-port 3.0.11 upgrade script
2018-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#978095 ACQ use last-canceled copy reason if best
2018-08-29 Jason Etheridgelp978095 auto-canceling lineitems
2018-08-24 Bill EricksonLP#1768902 Stamping DB upgrade for Z39 UPC
2018-08-24 Ben ShumLP#1768902: quick release note entry
2018-08-24 Ben ShumLP#1768902: Add UPC to z3950 search for OCLC and LOC
2018-08-23 Jane SandbergDocs: adding release notes and docs for LP1760160
2018-08-23 Jane SandbergLP1760160: Search bar has a different CSS class when...
2018-08-23 Bill EricksonLP 1768715: merge conflict typo fix: skip_di...
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Release Notes and Installation
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Fix bug discovered by Dan Scott...
2018-08-23 Jeff GodinLP 1768715: Use older named notation in
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Whitespace cleanup in Blake's commit.
2018-08-23 Blake GHLP 1768715: Missing semi colon
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Handle the skip_display option of metabib...
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Add skip_browse where it was missed in...
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Use named arguments in function calls in...
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Add database connection parameters to pinge...
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Make the --pipe option be greedy.
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Simplify Open-ILS/src/support-scripts/pinge...
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Only connect to the database when needed...
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Fix bug in after --pipe option...
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Add --pipe option to
2018-08-23 Bill EricksonLP 1768715: pingest supports max/min ID, duration,...
2018-08-23 Jason StephensonLP 1768715: Add to Evergreen.
2018-08-23 Jeff DavisLP#1732552: Move OPAC login username hint to separate...
2018-08-22 Jane SandbergDocs: finalizing 3.1.5 release notes
2018-08-22 Jane SandbergDocs: finalizing 3.0.11 release notes
2018-08-22 Jason BoyerLP1733590: Only Print Selected Items Out
2018-08-22 Jane SandbergDocs: more release notes for 3.1.5
2018-08-22 Jane SandbergDocs: updating 3.0.11 release notes
2018-08-22 a. bellenirLP#1788417: boolean fields should say 'Yes'/'No' instea...
2018-08-22 Bill EricksonLP#1774448 Auth poll spam/timing repairs
2018-08-22 Bill EricksonLP#1724029 Patron search API returns correct order
2018-08-22 a. bellenirLP#1743801: Item Status List Display Issues