2011-11-23 Ben ShumFix for LP894125 - reshelving interval collab/dyrcona/lp_894125_fix_reshelving
2011-11-22 Dan ScottEnable record summary to be scrollable at larger font...
2011-11-21 Jason StephensonLimit display to 856 with ind1 = 4 and ind2 = 0 or 1.
2011-11-21 Bill EricksonTPac: show non-asset.uri 856 URLs on detail page
2011-11-21 Dan ScottAvoid redundant install_cpan_force dependencies
2011-11-21 Dan ScottAdd install_yaz dependency to debian and ubuntu Makefil...
2011-11-18 Jason Etheridgebump xulrunner version
2011-11-18 Dan WellsSwitch to new Google Books API; make SSL friendly
2011-11-17 Mike RylanderStamp upgrade scripts for both unapi update and vandela...
2011-11-17 Bill EricksonDefault to org tree root for bre unapi funcs
2011-11-17 Bill EricksonVandelay; copy imported bib queue recs to bucket
2011-11-17 Bill EricksonVandelay; API for creating buckets from queues
2011-11-16 Bill EricksonRepair errant explode_array in upgrade script.
2011-11-16 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for copy visibility vs peer...
2011-11-16 Thomas BerezanskyDistinct cache_copy_visibility copy/record
2011-11-15 Thomas BerezanskyObey renewal rules for SIP2 Checkout
2011-11-15 Lebbeous Fogle... Improvement for telephony: just-in-time event revalidation
2011-11-15 Mike RylanderStamped upgrade for full circ count view fix
2011-11-15 Thomas BerezanskyUse DISTINCT in counts to avoid dupes
2011-11-15 Dan WellsFull Circ Count View Amplifies Legacy Circs
2011-11-15 Thomas BerezanskySkip shelved holds at checkout auto-fill
2011-11-15 Dan ScottNet::Z3950::SimpleServer 1.15 should not require sedding
2011-11-15 Dan ScottInstall yaz-4.2 and Net::Z3950::Simpleserver 1.15
2011-11-15 Lebbeous Fogle... Fix a problem in the clear holds shelf list printer
2011-11-15 Mike RylanderStamped upgrade for asset.merge_record_assets fix
2011-11-15 Jason EtheridgeLP#849143 fix some gaps in bib record merging
2011-11-15 Liam WhalenAligned the MARC editor subfields to 'start' fixes...
2011-11-15 Mike RylanderMerge remote-tracking branch 'eg-working/collab/phasefx...
2011-11-15 Bill EricksonAcq: (un)receive w/o assets should not attempt a copy...
2011-11-15 Jason EtheridgeLP#848945 - Hide Empty Libs checkbox
2011-11-15 Mike RylanderPatch from Jeff Davis (SITKA) fixing cardless patron...
2011-11-15 Thomas BerezanskyThrow out non-digit barcodes for strict check
2011-11-15 Thomas BerezanskyDon't check barcode without strict enabled
2011-11-15 Thomas BerezanskyFix JSPac Hold Editor Org Selector
2011-11-15 Mike RylanderStamped upgrade script for hold_notification update...
2011-11-15 Bill EricksonHold notification creation A/T cleanup module
2011-11-15 Bill EricksonFurther support for "circ.collections.exempt" setting
2011-11-15 Steven CallenderReshelving update.
2011-11-15 Lebbeous Fogle... TPac: Fix glitch in displaying received holdings
2011-11-15 Bill EricksonClear shelf canceled holds notification fix
2011-11-15 Bill EricksonTPac; hold success confirmation; redirect repairs
2011-11-15 Bill EricksonTPac; reduce vertical space caused by chilifresh link
2011-11-15 Dan ScottMake idlval build, rather than be dead code
2011-11-15 Jason StephensonAdd link to cbs from bre via bre.source -> in...
2011-11-15 Jason EtheridgeShow the patron account Create Date in both horizontal...
2011-11-15 Jason EtheridgeLP887822 mint_condition/Quality not set correctly
2011-11-15 Bill EricksonTpac; repair login link after password reset
2011-11-15 Mike RylanderMerge remote-tracking branch 'eg-working/collab/berick...
2011-11-15 Bill EricksonTPac; propagate query params to adv search (results...
2011-11-15 Bill Ericksontpac; honor password reset matching email setting
2011-11-15 Lebbeous Fogle... Serials: in the holding code mini-wizard, offer a dropd...
2011-11-15 Bill Ericksontpac; improve ssl and authentication redirection
2011-11-14 Thomas BerezanskyMake checkin retargeting parts-aware
2011-11-14 Lebbeous Fogle... More filtering of characters that could end up in PO...
2011-11-11 Lebbeous Fogle... Serials: allow freer input in holding code mini-wizard
2011-11-11 Jason EtheridgeLP88653 force SSL for requests from local XUL
2011-11-11 Dan ScottFedora 16 updates to README and Makefile.install
2011-11-09 Bill EricksonTPac; disallow certain actions for captured holds collab/berick/lp_888239_prevent_post-capture_hold_suspend
2011-11-09 Bill EricksonTPac; batch hold update detects suspension of captured...
2011-11-09 Bill EricksonPrevent hold suspencion for captured holds in API
2011-11-09 Bill Ericksonprevent suspend in transit initial poking
2011-11-09 Thomas BerezanskyXML.ignoreWhitespace causes syntax errors
2011-11-09 Jason StephensonFix a typo that snuck through the cracks in Cronscript...
2011-11-08 Thomas BerezanskyFix vanishing whitespace in marc editor
2011-11-08 Galen Charltonlp849447: trival stylistic tweaks
2011-11-08 Mike RylanderProtect against slony replication lag, LP#621448
2011-11-07 Dan ScottREADME: Use consistent endings (none!) for titles/subtitles
2011-11-07 Dan ScottBackup the existing opensrf config files before copying
2011-11-04 Bill EricksonTPac; detail page "Search Results" page correction
2011-11-04 Bill EricksonTPac; sort items out list by due date, oldest first
2011-11-04 Thomas BerezanskyClose All Tabs shortcut
2011-11-04 Jason EtheridgeLP#860845 hold placement UI can break
2011-11-04 Thomas BerezanskySkip forced targeting of frozen holds
2011-11-04 Bill EricksonAcq: List provider code in lineitem lists
2011-11-04 Bill EricksonTPac; improved UPC extraction
2011-11-04 James FournieThis prevents the acq unified_search method from return...
2011-11-04 Bill EricksonTpac; hold error message 18n string extraction repairs
2011-11-04 Lebbeous Fogle... Correct oversight: replace old with new approach to...
2011-11-04 James FourniePreviously invisible copies showed as beige in the...
2011-11-04 Lebbeous Fogle... Acq: better error message if trying to create PO withou...
2011-11-04 Liam WhalenModified authority.indexing_ingest_or_delete to update...
2011-11-04 Bill EricksonRepair Vandelay match_set_tree link
2011-11-02 Lebbeous Fogle... Acq: fix a bug that sometimes prevents the general...
2011-11-01 Bill EricksonFine generator; raise multi-session mode recv timeout
2011-11-01 Jason Etheridgeforgot to update upgrade_log
2011-11-01 Jason Etheridgepin upgrade version number
2011-11-01 Mike RylanderProtect SVF normalizers against NULL values
2011-11-01 Dan ScottForce Amazon AC requests to use 10-digit ISBNs
2011-11-01 Jason StephensonUse ne on line 631 of
2011-11-01 Bill EricksonTpac; bookbag MARC retrieved via unapi
2011-10-31 Dan ScottTrivial whitespace touchup to
2011-10-31 Jason StephensonOpenILS::Utils::Cronscript can have only 1 session.
2011-10-31 Jason StephensonAdd authentication capability to OpenILS::Utils::Cronsc...
2011-10-31 Lebbeous Fogle... Tpac: show staff saved searches on no-results page
2011-10-31 Lebbeous Fogle... Tpac: staff saved searches expand/collapse, use right...
2011-10-31 Michael PetersA tweak to eg.conf to prevent against the BEAST exploit...
2011-10-31 Lebbeous Fogle... Tpac: fix the doubly wrapped holds editor
2011-10-31 Lebbeous Fogle... Tpac: Rename orig_loc to physical_loc, for clarity...
2011-10-28 Lebbeous Fogle... Tpac: clear the per-process cache of org-unit settings...
2011-10-28 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for YAOUS-target-when-closed