2012-07-18 Robert SoulliereDocumentation: Fix various issues causing errors during...
2012-07-17 Dan ScottTPAC: Use % font size + bold to highlight login failure
2012-07-17 Melissa LefebvreTpac CSS: Login failure message
2012-07-17 Dan ScottTPAC: Slightly more accessible user-visible account...
2012-07-17 Bill EricksonTPAC: show patron-visible notes in my-account
2012-07-17 Dan ScottTPAC: Physical description, now with spaces
2012-07-17 Ben ShumMove Prefix field ahead of Names in patron editor
2012-07-17 Bill EricksonSquelch uninitialized var warning from hold_copy_targeter
2012-07-17 Dan ScottSearchbar spacing: move inline CSS into a style
2012-07-17 Melissa LefebvreTPAC: Search wrapper spacing
2012-07-16 Jason Etheridgeincrease the default width for the xul list line number...
2012-07-14 Jennifer TurnerDocumentation: Add Patron Bills section to Patron Manag...
2012-07-13 Kathy LussierWhen a user views holds in their account, clicking...
2012-07-13 Jennifer TurnerDocumentation: Add Circulation, Patron management Chapter
2012-07-13 Dan ScottTPAC: Use .staff variant for MARC Expert Search
2012-07-13 Bill EricksonCache propagated funds in fund rollover action
2012-07-13 Bill EricksonRepair PCrudFilter localeStrings variable collisions
2012-07-12 Robert SoulliereSet unix file format to remove trailing "\r"s in file.
2012-07-12 Sally FortinAdd Group Serials Issues Chapter from Sally Fortin...
2012-07-12 Thomas BerezanskyTPac: Disable caching for auth-required pages
2012-07-12 Lebbeous Fogle... Silence undef string concatenation warning in AutoSuggest
2012-07-12 Jeff GodinFix titles/tabs in Account Preferences subpages
2012-07-11 Dan ScottGet Z39.50 source names to be linked as expected
2012-07-11 Bill EricksonZ39.50 attributes management interface
2012-07-11 Bill EricksonFlattener grid defines override args in constructor
2012-07-11 Bill EricksonRepaired typo in example rsyslog config file
2012-07-11 Dan ScottTPAC: Handle multiple matches for an XPath expression
2012-07-11 Lebbeous Fogle... Avoid problem with 2.1 -> 2.2 upgrade script issuing...
2012-07-10 Bob WicksallTPac: Add paging to My Lists
2012-07-10 Robert SoulliereUpdate Evergreen upgrade instructions to reflect the... user/rsoulliere/docs_update_evergreen_upgrading_instructions_2_2_0
2012-06-27 Mike RylanderTeach the autosuggest web service to cache suggestions...
2012-06-27 Bill EricksonOrg unit retrieval cleanup
2012-06-27 Bill Ericksontpac: repair some straggling bookbag CGI param names
2012-06-26 Lebbeous Fogle... Acq: fix widget choice for user-linked fields in Acquis...
2012-06-25 Galen Charltonlp#1014664: add new columns to CDBI table definitions
2012-06-22 Thomas BerezanskyFix Title Holds
2012-06-21 Lebbeous Fogle... Fix version numbers in 2.1 -> 2.2 upgrade script
2012-06-20 Thomas BerezanskyStop editing README header
2012-06-20 Dan ScottAvoid file extensions on scripts
2012-06-20 Dan ScottRevert to generic hostname
2012-06-20 Dan Scottgit2cl mangles the changelog; let's just use git's log
2012-06-20 Thomas BerezanskyRelease Building Script
2012-06-18 Dan ScottTPAC: Add record detail navigation to page bottom
2012-06-14 Robert SoulliereRemove antiquated 1.6 directory from docs folder.
2012-06-13 Lebbeous Fogle... Security fix: For auth, give same stacktrace for all...
2012-06-13 Lebbeous Fogle... Security fix: Prevent login by deleted and barred users
2012-06-13 Jason StephensonSecurity fix for Launchpad Bug 1003052.
2012-06-13 Thomas BerezanskyFix in-transit hold retarget
2012-06-12 Mike RylanderRemove unsafe thesaurus/control-set mapping
2012-06-12 Dan WellsSerial Note Sort Fix
2012-06-12 Thomas BerezanskyVandelay: Add some padding for inspect queue list
2012-06-12 Thomas BerezanskyVandelay: Update Current Type/ID on queue retrieve
2012-06-12 Thomas BerezanskyVandelay: Rewrite Inspect Queues Interface
2012-06-11 Jason Etheridgefix double-click in Holdings Maintenance
2012-06-11 Robert SoulliereMerge remote branch 'origin' into documentation_test
2012-06-11 Ben ShumConvert docs files from DOS to UNIX format.
2012-06-11 Dan WellsShow Vandelay Buckets in Manage Record Buckets
2012-06-11 Robert SoulliereRemove licensing info redarding removed PDF icon.
2012-06-11 Steven CallenderAdded a days_back parameter to authority_control_fields...
2012-06-11 Bill EricksonLoad Vandelay queue list in Inspect Queue
2012-06-11 Michael PetersLP#845096 - coded_value_map_id_seq doesn't have a prope...
2012-06-08 Dan WellsFix broken non-RSS bookbag feeds
2012-06-07 James FournieLP1009752: activate purchase orders with patron requests
2012-06-07 Dan ScottUpdate 2.1.2 DB schema upgrade script
2012-06-06 Dan ScottAdd TPAC translations
2012-06-06 Lebbeous Fogle... Commit i18n POT file changes after 'make newpot'
2012-06-06 Dan ScottImport updated translations from Launchpad
2012-06-06 Lebbeous Fogle... Address LP #983487: Avoid clobbering bib records at...
2012-06-05 Dan ScottMove 2.0.11 upgrade script into version_upgrade dir
2012-06-05 Jason StephensonAdd the 2.0.10-2.0.11 upgrade script.
2012-06-04 Dan ScottDistinguish route-to-cataloging exception circ messages
2012-06-04 Dan ScottFix check for duplicate strings in i18n properties
2012-06-03 Dan ScottImprove Fedora prereqs and instructions
2012-06-03 Jason EtheridgeLP975422 patron search from portal/splash page
2012-06-03 Bill EricksonTPAC: Prevent unitialized variable warnings in My Accou...
2012-06-03 Dan ScottTPAC: Prevent unitialized variable warnings in My Account
2012-06-02 Bill EricksonACQ guarantee no PO re-activation
2012-06-01 Lebbeous Fogle... Fix broken menu entries under "Other -> Booking" in...
2012-06-01 Bill EricksonOverride arguments parameter repairs
2012-06-01 Galen Charltonlp#1007248: tweak order in which pgt rows are renumbered
2012-06-01 Bill EricksonTPAC bookbag CGI param changed to bbid
2012-05-31 Jason EtheridgeWork Log entry for holds placed from "Search the Catalog"
2012-05-31 Jason EtheridgeWork Log entry for holds placed within patron display
2012-05-31 Jason Etheridgefix error reporting when using list.wrap_in_full_retrieve
2012-05-31 Jason Etheridgework log entries for payments received
2012-05-30 Jeff DavisLP#856708 - Scrolling/div size issues in action trigger...
2012-05-26 Galen Charltontrivial whitespace change
2012-05-26 Galen CharltonDOC: fix a couple typos
2012-05-25 Bill EricksonStamping upgrade for ACQ org setting group
2012-05-25 Dan ScottGroup acquisition OU settings in a new "Acquisitions...
2012-05-25 Bill EricksonRepair tpac QueryParser bookbag/container filter
2012-05-25 Lebbeous Fogle... Acq: Use scope to constrain choice of lineitem alerts
2012-05-25 Jason Etheridgemenu entry Circulation->Clear Shelf-Expired Holds
2012-05-25 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for TPAC hold override setting
2012-05-25 Bill EricksonTPAC auto-override permissable patron hold fail events
2012-05-25 Thomas BerezanskyAllow more granular overrides
2012-05-25 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for the flattener-based pull...
2012-05-25 Lebbeous Fogle... New pull list interface taking advantage of flattener...
2012-05-25 Bill Ericksontpac : uri escape added content key
2012-05-25 Bill Ericksontpac added content default type improvements