2012-03-10 Dan ScottWhitespace fixup
2012-03-10 Dan WellsTie to brute-force prevention setup
2012-03-10 Dan WellsInitial external authentication support via proxy
2012-03-09 Mike RylanderFix OU Editor save bug
2012-03-08 Thomas BerezanskyStamping User Activity Upgrade Script
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser activity : only delete transient activity for...
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser Activity : SIP activity tracking
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser activity tracking : staff client last activity...
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser activity tracking : user usr_activity field
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser activity tracking : activity type admin UI
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser activity tracking: ingress, auth.verify, and login...
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser activity tracking : auth verify test for
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser activity tracking: open-ils.auth additions
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser activity tracking: schema and IDL
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonACQ MARC upload barcode extraction
2012-03-08 Dan ScottRemove Z39.50 server definitions from opensrf.xml.example user/bshum/byebyez3950
2012-03-07 Dan ScottDecode the string to UTF8, always
2012-03-07 Dan ScottFix Unicode mangling in clean_marc function
2012-03-07 Jason StephensonAdd clean_marc function to OpenILS::Utils::Normalize.
2012-03-07 Jason Etheridgelp944947, receipt template per hold list interface
2012-03-07 Jason EtheridgeRemove Browse Unfulfilled Holds interface
2012-03-07 Jason Etheridgelp945091 save columns independently for hold lists
2012-03-07 Dan ScottRestore autofocus to the searchbar in TPAC
2012-03-07 Bill EricksonRefresh PO activatable state after all prices entered
2012-03-06 Dan ScottGive copy table in search results some style user/bshum/copy_table_style
2012-03-06 Mike RylanderSpeed up autosuggest in large data environments
2012-03-06 Jason Etheridgelp948051 new tab button
2012-03-06 Ben ShumAdd default preference for max tabs in staff client.
2012-03-06 Thomas BerezanskyAdd locale-aware menu sort, use it for admin menu
2012-03-06 Bill EricksonRename sample patron file for clarity/consistency
2012-03-06 Bill EricksonSample staff user data
2012-03-06 Bill EricksonSample patron data
2012-03-06 Jason Etheridgelp948012 double-clicking on list rows
2012-03-04 Dan ScottNumber the autosuggest normalization upgrade script
2012-03-04 Dan ScottAddress "bouyancy" typo (should be "buoyancy")
2012-03-04 Lebbeous Fogle... AutoSuggest: suggest "josé" when the user types "jose"
2012-03-04 Dan ScottAdd the CC-BY-SA license footer from the Release Notes
2012-03-04 Dan ScottFix sorting by pubdate for records migrated to 2.1
2012-03-04 Bill EricksonTPac: load config.tt2 from header.tt2
2012-03-04 Dan ScottRemove reference to CentOS and RHEL from the README
2012-03-04 Dan ScottDefault to table of contents & numbering for README
2012-03-04 Dan ScottBe more precise about Ubuntu Precise in the README
2012-03-04 Jason StephensonUpdate PGSQL 9.1 server install for Debian/Ubuntu.
2012-03-04 Jason StephensonAdd Business::OnlinePayment::PayPal CPAN dependency...
2012-03-04 Dan ScottProceed with caution on the Squeeze backport repo
2012-03-04 Mike RylanderUse Postgres 9.1 on Debian Squeeze, as it is now availa...
2012-03-04 Dan ScottImprove Fedora instructions in README
2012-03-04 Dan ScottAdd tests for TPAC Perl modules
2012-03-04 Dan ScottAdd perl-Locale-Codes to Fedora prereq installer
2012-03-04 Thomas BerezanskyTPac: Make subjects less confusing
2012-03-04 Thomas BerezanskyTPac: Make view changing more patron-friendly
2012-03-02 Michael PetersImprove the readability of the rdetail_extras headers...
2012-02-29 Thomas BerezanskySpeed up 0663 upgrade script
2012-02-28 Mike RylanderStamping default-merge-profiles upgrade script
2012-02-28 Bill EricksonDefault Vandelay merge profiles
2012-02-28 Bill EricksonVandelay: refresh upload and inspect queue pages
2012-02-28 Mike RylanderStamping circ limits upgrade script
2012-02-28 Thomas BerezanskyAsciidoc documentation for circ limits
2012-02-28 Thomas BerezanskyNew Circ Limits
2012-02-27 Thomas BerezanskyFix inability to suspend holds
2012-02-24 Mike RylanderCorrectly quote regexp-y characters in phrase quoting...
2012-02-23 Thomas BerezanskyRe-enable use of BAR_PATRON and UNBAR_PATRON perms
2012-02-21 Thomas BerezanskyStop targeter crash on empty metarecord with holds
2012-02-20 Bill EricksonUpdate pickup lib from holds shelf status test repair
2012-02-20 Lebbeous Fogle... Acq: minor usability improvements to receiving copies...
2012-02-20 Mike RylanderStamping autosuggest upgrade script
2012-02-20 Lebbeous Fogle... AutoSuggest: prevent building a bad tsquery when user...
2012-02-20 Lebbeous Fogle... AutoSuggest: more UI tweaks regarding typing after...
2012-02-20 Lebbeous Fogle... AutoSuggest: Make directly clicking a suggestion initia...
2012-02-20 Lebbeous Fogle... AutoSuggest
2012-02-20 Dan WellsCorrect special winter handling in predictions
2012-02-16 Dan ScottEscape content when generating DTD for fieldmapper
2012-02-14 Lebbeous Fogle... Vandelay record match sets: fix bug loading some trees
2012-02-14 Dan ScottFix typos in lp820006 that broke clean schema creation user/dbs/cleanup_default_at_notices
2012-02-14 Dan ScottFix up 3-day courtesy notice with better title / author too
2012-02-14 Steven CallenderLP#820006: Action trigger notices fixes
2012-02-13 Bill EricksonTPac: facet display filtering and sorting
2012-02-13 Lebbeous Fogle... Booking: make pick up interface show resources captured...
2012-02-09 Mike RylanderStream results from targetable holds list retrieval
2012-02-08 Bill EricksonStamping upgrade for LP#928896
2012-02-08 Galen CharltonLP#928896 improve row estimate for action.usr_visible_c...
2012-02-03 Lebbeous Fogle... JSON_v0 has been superseded, and it has insidious bugs...
2012-02-02 Michael PetersTweak the opac-button elements to avoid blending with...
2012-02-02 Michael PetersTweak style.css to bring facet headers into sync with...
2012-02-02 Thomas BerezanskyFix HoldIsAvailable validator
2012-02-02 Lebbeous Fogle... TPAC: Avoid hold placement problems à la 80d5c4a4
2012-02-01 Thomas BerezanskyRe-teach the clear shelf process "one copy"
2012-01-31 Lebbeous Fogle... Upgrade script finalization, adding new perm to database
2012-01-31 Jason Etheridgeremove this old speedbump, which now lies
2012-01-31 Jason EtheridgeImprove COPY_DELETE_WARNING event handling
2012-01-31 Jason EtheridgeUse the restrict_copy_delete field on copy status
2012-01-31 Jason StephensonAdd upgrade script for config.copy_status.restrict_copy...
2012-01-31 Jason StephensonAdd restrict_copy_delete field to config.copy_status.
2012-01-31 Jason EtheridgeHandle search timeouts more gracefully
2012-01-31 Bill EricksonExample Evergreen rsyslog configuration file
2012-01-31 Bill EricksonTPac: Avoid long-running, unintended empty searches
2012-01-31 Bill EricksonTPac: avoid SMS org setting check for non-SMS pages
2012-01-31 Lebbeous Fogle... Missed increment in 002.schema.config.sql for last...
2012-01-31 Bill EricksonACQ: remove piles of unused cancel_reasons
2012-01-31 Dan ScottTPAC: Cleaner title display in simple and detailed...