2012-03-29 Bill EricksonHold targeter cancellation action/trigger repairs
2012-03-29 Bill EricksonACQ provider admin page display improvements
2012-03-29 Jason Etheridgetrivial fix for Copy Buckets toolbar button
2012-03-29 Dan ScottAdd Makefile to rebuild targets for generated files collab/dyrcona/lp960552_autoconf_subvars
2012-03-29 Dan ScottMove towards build-time configuration of variables
2012-03-29 Thomas BerezanskyStamping No plperl Upgrade Script
2012-03-29 Thomas BerezanskyWe use plperlu, not plperl. So don't load both!
2012-03-29 Bill EricksonACQ fund admin UI improvements
2012-03-29 Bill EricksonACQ Fund retrieval API permission improvements
2012-03-29 Bill EricksonACQ fund summary object fleshing in IDL
2012-03-29 Bill EricksonAutoGrid onItemReceived support
2012-03-28 Jason Etheridgeremove XXXX script
2012-03-28 Thomas BerezanskyStamping upgrade script for custom toolbars
2012-03-28 Jason Etheridgefix a Down action bug in Configure Toolbars
2012-03-28 Jason Etheridgefix editing of multiple toolbarseparators
2012-03-28 Jason Etheridgereworked toolbars for dynamism
2012-03-28 Jason Etheridgefix constraint syntax
2012-03-28 Mike RylanderBeginning an unwrapped upgrade script
2012-03-28 Mike RylanderDB layout for recording custom toolbars
2012-03-28 Jason Etheridgeutility functions for Javascript Shell
2012-03-28 Jason EtheridgeFix ordinal column with multiple lists
2012-03-28 Jason Etheridgemore workstation related options for ses()
2012-03-28 Dan ScottTPAC: Suppress copy counts for libraries that own zero... collab/dyrcona/tpac-suppress-preferred-library-count-with-0
2012-03-27 Dan ScottFix NULL interval for action_trigger.event_definition...
2012-03-27 Dan ScottFix seed data script syntax errors
2012-03-27 Bill EricksonTemplate processor always falls back to en_us
2012-03-26 Galen Charltonlp965651: add missing commas
2012-03-26 Galen Charltonlp965637: add missing comma to fix syntax error
2012-03-26 Mike RylanderAdd patron prefix upgrade to the version upgrade script
2012-03-26 Mike RylanderStamping patron prefix upgrade script
2012-03-26 Michael PetersAdd a prefix field to patron registration interface
2012-03-26 Jason Etheridgeversion fix for 0692/0693
2012-03-26 Mike RylanderAdd ISSN fix to the version upgrade script
2012-03-26 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for ISSN normalization fix
2012-03-26 Dan ScottLP932540: Fix ISSN indexing
2012-03-23 Bill EricksonStamped upgrade for 'allow fines during closings'
2012-03-23 Mike RylanderAllow fines to accrue during closings
2012-03-23 Lebbeous Fogle... Alt serials opac reloading cleanup
2012-03-23 Bill EricksonAlt serials reload opac after changes
2012-03-23 Bill EricksonAutoGrid generic onPostSubmit handler
2012-03-23 Lebbeous Fogle... Followup fix to teaching AutoGrid to reload_opac()
2012-03-23 Lebbeous Fogle... Alt Serial Control interfaces and Batch Receive reload...
2012-03-23 Jason Etheridgeupdating item out count in patron display
2012-03-23 Jason EtheridgeReload the OPAC via Holdings Maintenance
2012-03-23 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for ACQ search improvements
2012-03-23 Bill EricksonPO Invoice link search by PO instead of Lineitem
2012-03-23 Lebbeous Fogle... Acq: improve General Search's ability to find invoices
2012-03-23 Bill EricksonAutoFieldWidget single-object cache repairs
2012-03-23 Bill EricksonPermaCrud.js flesh support
2012-03-23 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for in-db unAPI + TPAC cleanup...
2012-03-23 Dan ScottTPAC: Show preferred library copies only in consortial...
2012-03-23 Dan ScottTPAC: Sort copies from preferred library first
2012-03-23 Dan ScottTPAC: Fix filtering of org units in record details
2012-03-23 Dan ScottTPAC / unapi: Overhaul copy and located URI display
2012-03-23 Mike RylanderAdd per-class limit support to the tag URI parser;...
2012-03-23 Mike RylanderSupport per-class sub-object limit/offset
2012-03-22 Dan ScottWrap upgrade script for bib record email / print actions
2012-03-22 Bill EricksonTpac: record detail print and email
2012-03-22 Dan ScottWrap upgrade script for CSV circ history export
2012-03-22 Bill EricksonTPac: Circulation history CSV export
2012-03-22 Dan Scott.gitignore update - ignore more built files
2012-03-22 Dan ScottTPAC: Tiny fix for + instead of _ string cat operator
2012-03-22 Lebbeous Fogle... TPAC: suppress warning about splice() when the array...
2012-03-21 Mike RylanderShooting 2 obvious thinkos d-e-d dead. Pardon the rogue...
2012-03-21 Thomas BerezanskyFix Auditor Boost upgrade script
2012-03-21 Bill EricksonTPac; credit card assumes all xacts if none selected
2012-03-21 Bill EricksonTPac; credit card payment "Processing..." page
2012-03-21 Bill EricksonTPac; support context-genereted refresh content
2012-03-21 Thomas BerezanskyAdd the session to Circ set_audit_info calls
2012-03-20 Jason EtheridgeLP914821 template selection should be sticky
2012-03-20 Mike RylanderAutoSuggest: Have the server cache for us if we're...
2012-03-20 Lebbeous Fogle... AutoSuggest: Don't try to store cmc and cmf caches...
2012-03-20 Jason StephensonFix a couple of templates with multiple class attribute...
2012-03-20 Thomas BerezanskyBackdate into grace period - include last second
2012-03-20 Lebbeous Fogle... AutoSuggest: don't force-scroll browser; that's irritating
2012-03-20 Dan ScottPropagate search location on "Another Search" link
2012-03-20 Lebbeous Fogle... Prevent AutoGrid death using a certain helper with...
2012-03-20 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for reingest betterment
2012-03-20 Thomas BerezanskyNew metabib.reingest_metabib_field_entries func
2012-03-20 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script (and updating 2.1-2.2 version...
2012-03-20 Thomas BerezanskyCall set_audit_info and clear_audit_info DB funcs
2012-03-20 Thomas BerezanskyAuditor Function Overhaul
2012-03-20 Thomas BerezanskyUnwrapped auditor upgrade script
2012-03-20 Michael PetersTTPAC material type icon compression
2012-03-20 Michael PetersPassword Reset Submit buttons should look like other...
2012-03-20 Michael PetersLP#707167 Make not ignore...
2012-03-20 Lebbeous Fogle... New features for telephony currently in use at KCLS
2012-03-20 Jason StephensonUse getItemType() instead of getForm() in searchBarInit().
2012-03-20 Liam WhalenWhen sorting a search results set the isFilterSort...
2012-03-20 Dan ScottLP918020: Fix regression in biblio.extract_located_uris
2012-03-20 Jason Etheridgelp928937, null date sorting
2012-03-20 Lebbeous Fogle... Avoid JSPAC hold placement interface problems when...
2012-03-20 Bill EricksonTPac: avoid showing replaced addresses
2012-03-20 Bill EricksonTpac (etc): improve payment history sorting/paging
2012-03-20 Thomas BerezanskyFix AccessControl plugin extraction
2012-03-20 Jason Etheridgepatron search result order sorting
2012-03-20 Bill EricksonPaging repairs for Event definition admin UI
2012-03-20 Bill EricksonDo not exclude "identifier" facets by default
2012-03-20 Warren A. LaytonFix some small errors in Apache log for staff client...
2012-03-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Prevent OU-invisible copies from being displayed... user/dyrcona/lp959577