2012-05-21 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-17 rsoulliereFix licensing image.
2012-05-17 Dan ScottOptimize full text search with a CTE
2012-05-17 rsoullierelink to local cc-by-sa license icon.
2012-05-17 Bill EricksonVandelay authority existing queue search repair
2012-05-17 rsoulliereTypo fix.
2012-05-17 rsoulliereAdd licensing to root.txt
2012-05-17 rsoulliereMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-17 rsoulliereAdd licensing appendix and pdf image.
2012-05-17 Dan ScottDocument hold-driven recalls
2012-05-14 Lebbeous Fogle... Avoid collisions of normalized values going into metabi...
2012-05-14 rsoulliereFix text line widths - lomit to 80 characters.
2012-05-12 rsoulliereTest linking form release notes.
2012-05-12 rsoulliereremove some reference to 2.2 since we are in 2.2 docs.
2012-05-12 rsoulliereAdd some content for general staff client usage. Thanks...
2012-05-12 rsoulliereAdd customizing the staff client toolbars and add a...
2012-05-12 rsoulliereAdd user Activity Types documentation from Sally/ESI...
2012-05-12 rsoulliereUpdate authorities chapter.
2012-05-12 rsoulliereAdd vandelay acquisitions integration fom Sall/ESI...
2012-05-12 rsoulliereAdd SMS text Messaging from Sally/ESI. Thanks!
2012-05-12 rsoulliereAdd library settings editor from Sally/ESI. Thanks...
2012-05-12 rsoulliereAdd auto suggest chapter to root.
2012-05-12 rsoulliereAdd auto suggest documentation from Sally/ESI. Thanks...
2012-05-11 Lebbeous Fogle... Be more prepared for malformed serial holding code...
2012-05-11 Dan ScottMove PLPERL dropping outside of 2.1-2.2 upgrade transaction
2012-05-11 Thomas BerezanskyAdd missing weights fm_IDL entries
2012-05-10 Lebbeous Fogle... In the 2.1-2.2 upgrade script, move 0691 into a failure...
2012-05-10 Thomas BerezanskyVersion Upgrade Cleanup
2012-05-10 Bill EricksonCheck if transaction needs closing after adding billings
2012-05-10 Thomas BerezanskyNearest Hold: Look at 100 instead of 10 holds
2012-05-10 Thomas BerezanskyHold Capture: Run permit tests on "old" holds
2012-05-10 Thomas BerezanskyHold Editing: Retarget on some changes
2012-05-10 Thomas BerezanskyHold Targeter: Ensure old best still valid
2012-05-10 Thomas BerezanskyDefault email/phone hold pickup in TPac
2012-05-09 Thomas BerezanskyRetarget Local Holds: Use part ID properly
2012-05-09 Lebbeous Fogle... TPAC: Keep site() and depth() out of basic search box...
2012-05-09 Thomas BerezanskyFix hold has copy at lookup
2012-05-09 Bill EricksonAdding a small pile of missing permissions
2012-05-09 Bill EricksonTPAC: repair staff client End link for showing last...
2012-05-09 Bill EricksonTPAC: more intelligent detail paging #1
2012-05-09 Thomas BerezanskyTPac: Barcodes default to starting with digits
2012-05-09 Bradley M.... Consensus was reached to remove editor-specific globs...
2012-05-09 Lebbeous Fogle... AutoSuggest: Escape ampersands properly
2012-05-08 Steven Callenderlp996776: Patch to fix the response if no configured...
2012-05-08 Thomas BerezanskyStop saving patron barcode in cookies
2012-05-08 Dan ScottRoll back libjs version to 1.7.0
2012-05-08 James FournieWe can't assume that 0526 was in fact run previously...
2012-05-08 Galen Charltonfix typo in CC payment form
2012-05-07 James FournieUpgrade 0704 was missing from the 2.1-2.2 upgrade script.
2012-05-07 rsoulliereMerge remote branch 'sprater/patstatcat'
2012-05-04 Bill EricksonStamping upgrade for 'inheritied' typo repair
2012-05-04 Dan ScottFix "inheritied" typo in global flag
2012-05-04 Dan ScottFix typo in TPAC noticed by Warren Layton
2012-05-04 Lebbeous Fogle... Add missing upgrade scripts 0705, 0707 to point-to...
2012-05-04 Dan ScottPrereqs: Remove Ubuntu Hardy references
2012-05-04 Dan ScottPrereqs: update to latest available versions
2012-05-04 Dan ScottPrereqs: Remove references to CentOS / RHEL
2012-05-04 Dan WellsAllow subscriptions at org units without volumes
2012-05-03 Dan ScottAdd indexes to 2.1.2 upgrade script to speed up acq...
2012-05-03 Mike RylanderAdd ISSN fix to the version upgrade script
2012-05-03 Dan ScottAdd "Updating translations with Launchpad" dev docs
2012-05-02 Jason EtheridgeAddress date sorting in Item Status and Copy Buckets...
2012-05-02 Lebbeous Fogle... Fix date sorting in patron-related XUL interfaces
2012-05-02 Jeff GodinFix LP 984039: correct Syndetic Kirkus Reviews
2012-05-02 Thomas BerezanskyFix some "null" instead of blank values in JSPac
2012-05-01 Dan ScottLink to the Attributions section from the introduction
2012-05-01 Dan Scottdblatex hates files with multiple periods
2012-05-01 Dan ScottUpdate Release Notes and Installation documents to...
2012-05-01 Dan ScottRelease notes: clean up and introduce TPAC
2012-05-01 Kathy LussierLP992377: More 2.2 release notes from Kathy Lussier
2012-04-30 Dan ScottAdd the licensing comment to the new PDF icon
2012-04-30 Dan ScottReplace the questionable PDF icon with a CC-BY-SA icon
2012-04-30 Galen Charltonadditions to release notes for 2.2
2012-04-28 Bill EricksonVandelay match set permission additions
2012-04-28 Dan ScottUpdate POT files for translators
2012-04-28 Dan ScottUpdate translations from Launchpad
2012-04-28 Lebbeous Fogle... Constrain serial.issuance.holding_code to be valid...
2012-04-28 Michael PetersRemove the "print_nav.tt2" from the TTPAC Password...
2012-04-28 Bill EricksonAdd missing ADMIN_ORG_UNIT_CUSTOM_TREE permission
2012-04-28 Dan ScottTPAC: Instrument the search results page
2012-04-28 rsoulliereAdd adminitions appendix. ePub is not archiving adminit...
2012-04-28 Galen Charltontweak wording - ChangeLogs are generated during release
2012-04-28 Bradley M.... ChangeLog shouldn't merely be empty; it should tell...
2012-04-28 rsoulliereupdate epub image.
2012-04-28 Bradley M.... autoreconf -f -i appears to clobber our own INSTALL...
2012-04-28 Bradley M.... AUTHORS, NEWS, and INSTALL files should actually have...
2012-04-27 Ben ShumDo not hide copy counts from results in staff client.
2012-04-27 rsoulliereAdd epub icon image.
2012-04-25 Lebbeous Fogle... Apply timelog() to TPAC record detail page
2012-04-25 Dan ScottInstrument the TPAC: add timelog() method to EGCatLoader
2012-04-25 Lebbeous Fogle... Merge remote branch 'working/user/dbwells/serial_items_...
2012-04-25 rsoulliereCorrections from Tim Spindler.
2012-04-25 Dan ScottFix image references and continuation formatting
2012-04-24 Scott PraterStatistical Categories Editor: more default entry info
2012-04-24 rsoulliereAdd lsa-statcat file to root document.
2012-04-24 rsoulliereMerge remote branch 'sprater/patstatcat'
2012-04-24 Scott PraterStatistical Categories Editor documentation and images
2012-04-23 Jason Etheridgeunsaved data loophole
2012-04-23 rsoulliereUpdate installation for beta2.
2012-04-23 Dan ScottBootstrap via "autoreconf -f -i" instead of "" user/dyrcona/autoreconf