2014-02-07 Dan ScottNative SQL functions for Vandelay
2014-02-07 Dan ScottReplace ARRAY_ACCUM() custom function with ARRAY_AGG()
2014-02-06 Jeff GodinSkip duplicate username check when username unchanged
2014-02-06 Ben ShumOpenSearch release note
2014-02-06 Dan ScottRestore OpenSearch support and use TPAC search
2014-02-06 Ben ShumLP1271218 - clarify how opt-in user notifications are...
2014-02-06 Bill EricksonLP#1164720 Prevent empty names in TPAC lists
2014-02-03 Bill EricksonBumping base schema version to match latest upgrade
2014-01-31 Ben ShumRevert "Eliminate an annoying and useless warning in...
2014-01-27 Dan ScottInclude RFID docs with full path
2014-01-25 Ben ShumFix copy_info variables for result and record view
2014-01-25 Dan ScottKPAC library page: give the kids some style
2014-01-25 Dan ScottClean up the breadcrumb trail in the KPAC
2014-01-25 Dan ScottKPAC root, OPAC root: we all live under one root
2014-01-25 Dan ScottBegin enabling KPAC-branded library info page
2014-01-25 Dan ScottKPAC: Won't somebody think of the children's record...
2014-01-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Link library in results page to library page
2014-01-23 Dan WellsForward port 2.5.2 upgrade script
2014-01-22 Dan WellsTranslation updates - newpot
2014-01-22 Dan WellsTranslation updates - po files
2014-01-22 Jeff GodinStamping 0854: data.min_max_prices
2014-01-22 Remington SteedRelease notes for lp1207903: new lost billing min/max...
2014-01-22 Dan WellsAdd new option for max/min lost item pricing
2014-01-21 Remington SteedLP#842991 Reports needs to error when deleting fails
2014-01-21 Lebbeous Fogle... Serials: improve routing slips per Dan Wells' suggestio...
2014-01-21 Dan WellsStamping 0853: 'Prefer external URL' OUS
2014-01-21 Dan ScottRelease notes for the TPAC library web pages
2014-01-21 Dan ScottAdd upgrade script for lib.prefer_external_url OUS
2014-01-21 Dan ScottCopy details link to Evergreen library page by default
2014-01-21 Dan ScottImprove label for library's external web site
2014-01-21 Dan Scott%l instead of %H if we're using AM/PM for default time...
2014-01-21 Dan ScottUse the 'format.time' OUS to format library hours
2014-01-21 Dan ScottTPAC Library schema info - add some caching
2014-01-21 Dan ScottLink from copies to library info page
2014-01-21 Dan ScottFirst inklings of support for library pages
2014-01-21 Steven CallenderFixed title/author display at checkout for non-pre...
2014-01-21 Pasi KallinenLP969312: No warning for Delete All from Catalog in...
2014-01-21 Dan ScottTPAC: Display authors using inline-block
2014-01-21 Dan ScottTPAC: Use indexed subfields only in author search links
2014-01-20 Lebbeous Fogle... Serials: Batch Receive interface Copy Location widget...
2014-01-20 Lebbeous Fogle... LP#882586: In Serial Control View, show copy templates...
2014-01-20 Mike RylanderPull forward previous upgrade scripts
2014-01-20 Dan ScottCreate 008 - take only the first field/subfield combo
2014-01-20 Pasi KallinenAllow generating fixed data in control field 008 quickly user/dbs/008ism
2014-01-20 Galen CharltonLP#1235474: fix failure of authority browse context...
2014-01-19 Bill EricksonNew live test for fetching and update bre/MARC data
2014-01-19 Pasi KallinenMove hard-coded style out of the copy status layout.
2014-01-19 Elliot VorisLP104785: Selfcheck needs to be run with HTTPS
2014-01-19 Dan ScottMore explicit database configuration instructions
2014-01-19 Dan ScottFedora: Net::SSLeay 1.55 is too new for Net::HTTPS...
2014-01-17 Bill EricksonLP#1269884 repair MVR id / doc_id thinko
2014-01-17 Pasi KallinenReplace deprecated javascript escape() with encodeURICo...
2014-01-16 Mike RylanderAnd renaming the test
2014-01-16 Mike RylanderRenumbering the test
2014-01-16 Mike RylanderRenumbering the upgrade script
2014-01-16 Lebbeous Fogle... Test for Mike's proximity adjustment fix two commits...
2014-01-16 Mike RylanderUpgrade script
2014-01-16 Mike RylanderFix proximity adjustment calculator
2014-01-16 Bill Ericksonmake_release cleanup and options
2014-01-16 Lebbeous Fogle... In prereq installer, don't try to chown extracted files...
2014-01-15 Galen CharltonLP#1234201: fix menu item to display patron requests...
2014-01-14 Dan WellsStamping 0851 - changes for 2.54+
2014-01-14 Dan WellsUpgrade file for 2.54+ changes
2014-01-14 Dan ScottAdd pgTAP test for normalized MARC records
2014-01-14 Dan ScottTest Perl Unicode normalization process
2014-01-14 Dan change to the UTF8 flag
2014-01-14 Galen CharltonLP#1269042: prevent acq seach from building dropdown...
2014-01-09 Jeff GodinTreat empty username as invalid in user editor
2014-01-09 Dan ScottFedora needs Locale::Maketext::Lexicon too user/csharp/fedora_maketext_signoff
2014-01-09 Galen CharltonLP#1267224: repair another fm_IDL.xml typo
2014-01-09 Bill EricksonLP#1267224: Repair IDL typo for vandelay authority...
2014-01-09 Dan ScottTests: Ensure TT2 templates parse cleanly
2014-01-09 Kyle TomitaLP1038240 - Patron editor field documentation does...
2014-01-09 Dan ScottRepair the live_t regression tests
2014-01-09 Srey SengLP#1266937: Fix missing/incorrect regex for authority...
2014-01-08 Chris Sharpfix pub date data type in reporter.classic_item_list
2014-01-08 Jeff DavisFix bug that caused deleted holdings to be visible...
2014-01-06 Lebbeous Fogle... TPAC: Add Notes label to that row in small-screen My...
2014-01-06 Dan ScottTPAC: Display public hold notes in user holds list
2014-01-06 Lebbeous Fogle... TPAC: Get rid of all unneccessary uppercase and some...
2014-01-06 Dan ScottMake sample phone numbers "(xxx) xxx-xxxx" format
2014-01-06 Dan ScottSample library external URLs, phone numbers, and emails
2014-01-06 Dan ScottAdd sample library addresses and hours of operation
2014-01-06 Dan ScottMove default actor.org_unit entries into sample data
2013-12-18 Ben ShumStamping 0850 - translate icon labels
2013-12-18 Thomas BerezanskyTranslate the icon labels in TPAC
2013-12-17 Remington SteedDocs: bug fixes in new files
2013-12-17 Ben ShumStamping 0849 - desk renewal description
2013-12-17 Steven CallenderUpdated the label on the desk renewal global setting.
2013-12-17 Jason StephensonBreak out of focus() in cat/z3950.js if obj.active_serv...
2013-12-17 Jason StephensonEliminate an annoying and useless warning in the JavaSc...
2013-12-17 Angela KilsdonkAsciidoc fix
2013-12-17 Angela KilsdonkDocumentation for 2.5
2013-12-16 Dan ScottUpdate README to address Apache locking problem
2013-12-16 Angela KilsdonkDocumentation for 2.5
2013-12-16 Galen CharltonLP#1254816: prevent cases where a Google Book preview...
2013-12-13 Angela KilsdonkDocumentation for 2.5
2013-12-13 Remington SteedRevive and update Action Triggers docs for 2.5
2013-12-12 Steven ChanFix LP1180140, View Holds not working for a serial...
2013-12-10 Angela KilsdonkDocumentation for Sorting Billing Columns