2011-08-25 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-25 Thomas BerezanskyAdd IDs to offline import/export buttons
2011-08-25 Atom EdoceoAdd a new visible alert to the main client screen alert...
2011-08-25 Mike RylanderStamped upgrade script for acq-copy-creator-from-receiver
2011-08-25 Bill EricksonOption to set copy creator value to ACQ receiver
2011-08-25 Mike RylanderStamped upgrade script for acq-lineitem-detail-receiver
2011-08-25 Bill EricksonShow copy receiver in ACQ copy grid
2011-08-25 Bill EricksonColumn to track ACQ copy (lineitem_detail) receiver
2011-08-24 Mike RylanderProtect against div-by-0 for negated words
2011-08-24 Mike RylanderTrack count of dummy atoms and use a NULL tsquery when...
2011-08-24 Mike RylanderUse unphrases in SQL generation
2011-08-24 Mike Rylanderadd "unphrases" to capture negated phrases ( -"foo...
2011-08-24 Mike RylanderIgnore empty atoms in query decomposition
2011-08-24 Bill EricksonAdd to existing PO (by ID) from related items page
2011-08-24 Bill EricksonSupport labelFormat for read-only AutoFieldWidget's
2011-08-23 Jason StephensonBranchify patch from Steven Chan on LP bug #821640.
2011-08-23 Jason StephensonReally stop the z39.50 daemon when a client is connected.
2011-08-23 Dan ScottEnhance sample Z39.50 config file
2011-08-23 Jason StephensonMake some improvements.
2011-08-23 Thomas BerezanskyMenu item for "portal"
2011-08-23 Thomas BerezanskyMake portal name its tab.
2011-08-23 Mike RylanderStamped upgrade script for LP#825245
2011-08-23 Bill EricksonVandelay: added some info to print/csv bib output
2011-08-23 Bill EricksonVandelay: show record match counts in record queue UI
2011-08-23 Mike Rylandermaster-stamped upgrade script for LP#816131
2011-08-23 Thomas BerezanskyReverse direction of org_unit_ancestors
2011-08-23 Thomas BerezanskyUnwrapped upgrade script for oua_force_order
2011-08-23 Thomas BerezanskyNew version of actor.org_unit_ancestors
2011-08-23 Liam WhalenFixed seaching for a colon (:) surrounded by white...
2011-08-23 James FournieAdds org unit selectors to Admin -> Server Admin -...
2011-08-23 Thomas BerezanskyFix "Retarget Local Holds" for non-holdable copies
2011-08-23 Bill EricksonVandelay: Insufficient Quality Fall-Thru Merge Profile
2011-08-23 Jason StephensonBranchify patch from LP bug #802523.
2011-08-23 Bill EricksonUI cleanup for batch-holds from lists
2011-08-22 Jason Etheridgestamp an upgrade version for the czs use_perm feature
2011-08-22 Jason Etheridgeuse_perm column for config.z3950_source
2011-08-22 Bill EricksonTPac: batch holds from on-the-fly lists and bookbags
2011-08-22 Jason EtheridgeFix penalty generation during billing creation
2011-08-22 Lebbeous Fogle... Display only available formats for metarecord holds...
2011-08-20 Dan ScottRemove from
2011-08-19 Bill EricksonVandelay: repair item attr context org selector
2011-08-19 Ben Shum#LP801961, error when running
2011-08-19 Jason StephensonBranchify second patch from James Fournie on LP bug...
2011-08-19 Jason StephensonBranchify the first patch from James Fournie on LP...
2011-08-19 Robert SoulliereBranchify patch from LP bug #809478 and forward port to
2011-08-19 Bill EricksonTpac: fetch bib record piles non-atomicly to avoid...
2011-08-19 Bill EricksonTpac: stream bookbag entry retrieval to reduce msg...
2011-08-18 Dan WellsStricter order for actor.org_unit_parent_protect()
2011-08-18 Dan WellsWhitespace Only Changes
2011-08-18 Dan ScottUpdate README to reflect the --create-database option
2011-08-18 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-18 Bill EricksonTpac: style inactive holds w/ grey bground
2011-08-18 Thomas BerezanskyAdd --create-database option to user/tsbere/create_database
2011-08-18 Dan ScottRemove CONFIG references from
2011-08-18 Dan ScottFurther cleanup
2011-08-18 Dan ScottRevamp to call functions from a Perl module
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonTpac: repaired propagator casulaty; using mkurl instead
2011-08-17 Dan ScottTPAC: Strip the "page" GET param from author searches
2011-08-17 Dan ScottMark a string for i18n support in the TPAC
2011-08-17 Dan ScottEscape TPAC "myopac" output to protect against XSS...
2011-08-17 Dan ScottAssume username, not barcode, in TPAC login
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonTPac: Removed errant 'html' almost-filter
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonTpac: more html output sanitizing
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonTpac: more html output scrubbing
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonTPac: more aggressive dynamic output filtering
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonVandelay: don't clear item import profile when creating...
2011-08-16 Dan ScottLP 799719: Pass the DESTDIR variable to python installer
2011-08-16 Mike RylanderOpps ... use the correct number
2011-08-16 Mike RylanderStamped upgrade scripts for LP#790329
2011-08-16 Dan ScottLP#790329 org_lasso search is broken
2011-08-16 Mike RylanderPlaceholder for 2.0-only LP#790329 fix
2011-08-16 Bill EricksonVandelay: don't clear match-set when creating new queue
2011-08-16 Lebbeous Fogle... Keep the logging output of the EDI translator by default
2011-08-16 Jason EtheridgeLP#820409 fix org unit admin UI
2011-08-16 Mike RylanderStamped upgrades for LP#825303
2011-08-16 Galen Charltonreturn only the one applicable OU setting value
2011-08-16 Galen Charltonlp#825303: fix cat.default_classification_scheme lookup
2011-08-16 Bill EricksonTTPac: Hide pagination for 1-page hits
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTpac: added simple/detailed record view option to...
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTPac: move results pageing chunk to new template
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTpac: show page range in results paging display
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTPac: change default any-format to 'All Formats'
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTpac: option to override no-choice label in coded...
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTpac: Chilifresh reviews panel occupies the width...
2011-08-13 Mike RylanderStamped upgrade script for "lp 823496: do not fail...
2011-08-13 Galen Charltonlp 823496: don't fail to index personal names that...
2011-08-12 Bill EricksonVandelay: capture one match per catalog record
2011-08-12 Jason StephensonAdd some additional logging in SIP/Transaction/Feepayme...
2011-08-12 Jason StephensonAdd OILS_SIP_MSG_BILL_ERR for when an error occurs...
2011-08-12 Jason StephensonAdd event textcode as alternative to descr in FeePaymen...
2011-08-12 Jason StephensonBail from fee payment if no bills are found.
2011-08-12 Jason StephensonAdd SIP2 fee payment, the 37/38 message/response pairs.
2011-08-12 Thomas BerezanskyDon't escape_html numbers in util/print.js
2011-08-12 Thomas BerezanskyEscape HTML characters in template subs
2011-08-12 Thomas BerezanskyUse openDialog to make go_print workaround vanish
2011-08-12 Thomas BerezanskyAdd openDialog to window class
2011-08-12 Jason EtheridgeNo more lightpink for disabled copy editor
2011-08-12 Jason Etheridgein lieu of Ready Item Editor
2011-08-12 Mike RylanderStamped upgrade script for "For vandelay bib matching...
2011-08-12 Lebbeous Fogle... For vandelay bib matching, make 020, 022, 024 tags...