2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : repair logged-in temp list saving
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : clear more params from breadcrumb links
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : global filter config option
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : integrate stock search filter group
2012-07-30 Bill EricksonKPAC : sample search filter group main search selector
2012-07-30 Bill EricksonTPAC filter group selector supports class / pos
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : config file cleanup; vim modeline
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : wire up print page link w/ JS
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac: clear some form params from breadcrumb links
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : initial added content cleanup
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac; set record detail link in breadcrumbs
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac2 : update print/textsize image links
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : remove action CGI after getit results
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : repair hold retrieval code
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac2 : rename some images to avoid collision w/ kpac
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac2 : results page
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac2 : home search; header; images
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac2 : some initial files
2012-07-30 Bill EricksonCreated examples web dir
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : tech reference
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : default apache config repair
2012-07-30 Bill EricksonEGWeb trim template paths to unique set
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : html escape title/author in record rows
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : search link cgi improvements
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : ensure the single-hit redirect goes to kpac
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : no results message
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : added content work
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : hold placement; more auth refresh repairs
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : wire up home search; auth timeout redirect fixes
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : initial login + place hold combined action
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : initial chilifresh integration
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : getit save to existing list
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksontpac: minor code formatting
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac: save to anon-list
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : config and template work
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : i18n, cleanup
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : rename files/paths for tpac consistency
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : holds, misc
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : initial holds; misc
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : copy table; record details
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : record details
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : trucking along
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : basic search box
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : breadcrumbs, paging, misc
2012-07-30 Bill Ericksonkpac : first steps
2012-07-30 Dan ScottFix summary display in TPAC; avoid Content Cafe
2012-07-30 Ben ShumTPAC - repair summary statement display
2012-07-30 Kathy LussierTwo new list fields. Adds the publication date and...
2012-07-30 Thomas fixes
2012-07-30 Thomas BerezanskyChange popups to menupopups in marc edit
2012-07-30 Thomas BerezanskyFix over-zealous constant change
2012-07-30 Thomas BerezanskyAnother missing height for the pattern wizard
2012-07-30 Thomas BerezanskyFix pattern wizard
2012-07-30 Thomas BerezanskyMore oils:// wrapping
2012-07-30 Thomas BerezanskyHave oilsBasePath include protocol and domain
2012-07-30 Thomas BerezanskySwitch to XUL for printer settings editor
2012-07-30 Thomas BerezanskyImprove Firefox/XULRunner Support
2012-07-30 Dan ScottWrap upgrade script for "pretty-print XML" function
2012-07-30 Dan ScottAdd an XML pretty printer database function
2012-07-30 Dan WellsTPAC: Fix org_unit location detection for login
2012-07-30 Dan WellsExtend Support to TPAC
2012-07-28 Dan ScottUse MARC::Field objects to append new fields
2012-07-27 Bill EricksonRepair PCrudFilterPane localeStrings namespace pollution
2012-07-27 Lebbeous Fogle... Fix some failings of the Triggered Event Viewer
2012-07-27 Lebbeous Fogle... Triggered Event Log: Add title and author columns for...
2012-07-27 Galen Charltonlp1028514: fix syntax-o in PL/PERLU version of maintain...
2012-07-27 Galen Charltonstamp upgrade script for lp1028514
2012-07-27 Dan ScottSwitch to a PLPERLU maintain_901() trigger function
2012-07-27 Galen Charltonlp1028514: fix regex replace in maintain_901()
2012-07-26 Dan ScottGet the TPAC basic link inline for <noscript>
2012-07-25 Jason Etheridgepatron name border color for Notes
2012-07-25 Robert SoulliereDocumentation: Fix typo in upgrade instructions reporte...
2012-07-25 Bill EricksonACQ Provider holding subfield field name options
2012-07-25 Bill EricksonFire onEditPane handler for edit dialogs spawned from...
2012-07-25 Dan ScottAdd evergreen.get_locale_name() function to base schema
2012-07-25 Bill Ericksonlp1028906 : Vandelay inspect queue page load repair
2012-07-24 Bill Erickson2.2 upgrade missing vandelay.authority_match.quality...
2012-07-24 Dan ScottTPAC: Decode translated strings into UTF8
2012-07-24 Dan ScottTPAC: Implement a locale picker
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonAdd constraint to ACQ PO state value
2012-07-24 Thomas BerezanskyAdd component to *force* external browser use
2012-07-24 Thomas BerezanskyAllow opening of links in default browser
2012-07-24 Kathy LussierSigned-off-by: Kathy Lussier <>
2012-07-24 Steven ChanFix LP800480, ACQ - Vendor Invoice Won't Save
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonBatch lineitem create / link-to invoice action
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonInvoice link dialog supports multiple lineitems/POs
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonAttach multiple lineitems / POs to invoice
2012-07-24 Robert SoulliereDocumentation: Add line breaks in authorities chapter...
2012-07-24 Lebbeous Fogle... Acq: PO view interface sometimes fails to load in devel...
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ : lineitem recovers focus from various interfaces
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ : Support lineitem fucus in ACQ unified search
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ : Support for lineitem focus in invoice UI
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ : worksheet Return action focuses lineitem
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ : Lineitem recovers focus after actions
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonSupport custom URL mangling in openils.CGI JS lib
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ order record fetcher and uploader script
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonSupport Purchase Order name extraction from upload
2012-07-24 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for Capture/Fulfill penalty...
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonApply HOLD block on new holds, CAPTURE block on existing
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonAvoid CAPTURE-blocked holds in pull list (IDL view)