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2017-02-09 Dan PearlLP#1613341 - Patron name search should be punctuation...
2017-02-09 Kathy LussierLP#1005040: Release notes entry for advanced search...
2017-02-09 Ben ShumLP#1649180: Add release note for translator make target
2017-02-09 Ben ShumLP#1649180: Update README to reflect translator make...
2017-02-09 Kathy LussierLP#1639782: Release note entry for Active Date Column...
2017-02-08 Kathy LussierLP#1308090: Updating release notes to reflect both...
2017-02-08 Dan PearlLP#1308090 Relator fields and facets need normalization.
2017-02-05 Clare SobotkaDocs: Updating to reflect Web staff client
2017-01-27 Mike RylanderLP#1485374: Add release notes
2017-01-27 Jane SandbergDocs: authority_control_field script --days-back feature
2017-01-25 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding release notes for 2.11.2 point release
2017-01-25 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding release notes for 2.10.9 point release
2017-01-23 Kathy LussierDocs: Add browser requirements for running the web...
2017-01-19 Jeanette LundgrenLP#1494362 Docs: oversized screenshot
2017-01-14 Michelle PurcellDocs: adding section about circulating items in the...
2017-01-09 Jeanette LundgrenUpdated link syntax to fix broken section link.
2017-01-05 Kathy LussierDocs: 2.11 Release Note corrections and clarifications.
2017-01-05 Remington SteedDocs: Add "export non-imported records"
2016-12-20 Jane Sandbergfixing formatting in supercat docs
2016-12-20 Jane SandbergDocs: Adding information about Supercat and UnAPI
2016-12-09 Jane SandbergDocs: LP1268054 add patron purchase request doc
2016-12-01 Jane SandbergDocs: Making sure that image filenames don't include...
2016-12-01 Jane SandbergDocs: fixing missing anchor
2016-11-19 Jane SandbergDocs: consolidating some duplicate language
2016-11-18 Jane SandbergDocs: Incorporating overlay/merge profiles documentatio...
2016-11-18 Jane SandbergDocs: documenting new authority features
2016-11-16 Galen Charltonupdate 2.10.8 release notes
2016-11-16 Galen Charltonupdates to 2.11.1 release notes
2016-11-16 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding 2.11.1 point release notes
2016-11-16 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding 2.10.8 point release notes
2016-10-24 Ben ShumDocs: Update base system requirements for Evergreen
2016-10-02 Dan ScottDocs: add mpm_prefork config for Apache 2.4 systems
2016-10-02 Dan ScottDocs: set up default action_trigger_filters.json file
2016-09-23 Dan ScottAdd a simple Item Information test for SIP server
2016-09-23 Kathy LussierDocs: Minor fixes for 2.11 Release Notes
2016-09-23 Dan WellsCreate/consolidate release notes for 2.11
2016-09-22 Galen Charltonsmall typo fix in 2.10 release notes
2016-09-21 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding 2.10.7 point release notes
2016-09-21 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding 2.9.8 point release notes
2016-09-21 Kathy LussierDocs: 2.11 Release Notes updates
2016-09-20 Eva CerninakovaDocs: improving documentation for catalog searching...
2016-09-14 Kathy LussierDocs: 2.11 release note fixes
2016-09-14 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding acknowledgements to the 2.11 release notes
2016-09-06 Dan ScottSIP manual testing formatting cleanup
2016-08-31 Chris SharpLP1613374: Release notes formatting fix. user/berick/clean-auditor
2016-08-26 Jason StephensonDocs: Add Additional 2.9.7 Acknowledgments for Testing...
2016-08-26 Jason StephensonDocs: Adding 2.9.7 Release Notes
2016-08-26 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding 2.9.6 Release Notes
2016-08-26 Galen Charltonlet the 2.10.6 release notes be free of errorr
2016-08-26 Galen Charltonfirst pass at 2.10.6 release notes
2016-08-25 Dan WellsTranslation updates - po files, part 2
2016-08-25 Dan WellsTranslation updates - po files
2016-08-25 Chris SharpLP#1613374 - Canceled Transit status Release Notes
2016-08-24 Kathy LussierDocs: Some missing release notes for 2.11
2016-08-24 Bill EricksonLP#1497335 Aged circ display release notes
2016-08-24 Galen CharltonLP#1356477: release notes for email checkout receipts
2016-08-24 Ben ShumLP#1603708: Remove support for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise
2016-08-24 Kathy LussierLP#1614237: Popularity badge seed data
2016-08-24 Bill EricksonLP#1588948 Release notes (auth prop. bib edit[or|_date])
2016-08-24 Bill EricksonLP#1570909 User activity purge release notes
2016-08-24 Bill EricksonLP#1464709 Copy status is_available release notes
2016-08-24 Jason BoyerLP1259196: Use Location as Workstation on Login
2016-08-24 Kathy LussierLP#1612274: Release notes for improved holds interfaces
2016-08-24 Jason BoyerLP1593834: Add Date Header to A/T Email Examples
2016-08-18 Galen CharltonLP#1613381: combine two tables in patron notification...
2016-08-09 Bill EricksonLP#1587639 Vand. authority updates release notes
2016-08-09 Galen CharltonLP#1037553: bibliographic record source now copied...
2016-08-09 Kathy LussierLP#1604515: Remove Advanced Hold Options link when...
2016-08-09 Dan PearlLP#1501781 - Make patron name search diacritic/space...
2016-08-09 Jason BoyerLP1183964: Payment Limit Options
2016-07-29 Mike RylanderLP#1549505: Release notes for statistically generated...
2016-07-13 Remington SteedDocs: Fix syntax for code block within list
2016-07-08 Remington SteedDocs: Small syntax fix, formatting improvements
2016-07-05 Jason StephensonLP#1568046: Replace last two uses of connectby with...
2016-06-26 Yamil SuarezDocs: Add tip for using "temp" as a login_types when...
2016-06-16 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding 2.10 Release Notes
2016-05-25 Galen Charltonfix typos in 2.10.4 release notes
2016-05-25 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding 2.10.4 Point Release Notes
2016-05-18 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding 2.9.5 Release Notes
2016-05-12 Dan PearlLP#1447746: Do not update bib source on match-only...
2016-05-09 Galen Charltonrelease notes for 2.10.3
2016-05-04 Ben ShumLP#1551084: Add 16.04 version notes in server_upgrade doc
2016-05-04 Ben ShumLP#1551084: Update README to include references for...
2016-04-28 Galen Charltonupdates to the 2.10.2 release notes
2016-04-28 Kathy LussierAdding 2.10.2 point release notes
2016-04-28 Galen Charltonupdate release notes for 2.9.4
2016-04-28 Kathy LussierAdding 2.9.4 release notes
2016-04-28 Galen Charltonupdates to 2.8.8 release notes
2016-04-28 Kathy LussierPoint release notes for the 2.8.8 release
2016-04-26 Jane Sandbergfixing missing newline user/sandbergja/cataloging_docs
2016-04-26 Jane SandbergLP954213 adding MARC Editor documentation somewhat...
2016-04-26 Jane SandbergLP1494346: Docs syntax error
2016-04-26 Jane Sandbergresolving merge conflict
2016-04-26 Jane SandbergAdding more information about authorities+Vandelay
2016-04-23 Galen CharltonLP#1559121: remove Debian Squeeze support
2016-04-22 Yamil SuarezDocs: clean up formatting & typos in using_the_public_a...
2016-04-22 Jennifer PringleDocs: Screenshots and step by step instructions added...
2016-04-22 Jennifer PringleDocs: New changes to new patron registration duplicate...
2016-04-22 Anna GobenDocs: Exclude Electronic Resources