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2017-07-13 Angela KilsdonkDocs: Search Filter Enhancements
2017-07-13 Angela KilsdonkDocs: Statistical Popularity Badges
2017-07-12 Angela KilsdonkDocs: Email Checkout Receipts (web client)
2017-05-10 blakeDocs: Update MARC editor docs for web client
2017-05-02 Kathy LussierDocs: Sibling links documentation
2017-05-01 Debbie LuchenbillDocs: New docs for in-house use settings
2017-04-06 Jane SandbergDocs: Adding more information about closed dates editor
2017-03-28 Jane SandbergMerge branch 'master' of git.evergreen-ils.org:Evergreen
2017-03-28 Jane SandbergDocs: Updating column picker docs for Web client
2017-03-28 Jeanette Lundgrenlp1453205 replaced Target_Pickup_Lib1.jpg
2017-03-27 Dan ScottResolve a few doc build errors with images
2017-03-21 Jillianne PresleyDocs: replacing XUL booking module screenshots with...
2017-02-05 Clare SobotkaDocs: Updating to reflect Web staff client
2017-01-19 Jeanette LundgrenLP#1494362 Docs: oversized screenshot
2017-01-14 Michelle PurcellDocs: adding section about circulating items in the...
2017-01-05 Remington SteedDocs: Add "export non-imported records"
2016-12-01 Jane SandbergDocs: Making sure that image filenames don't include...
2016-04-22 Jennifer PringleDocs: Screenshots and step by step instructions added...
2016-04-22 Jennifer PringleDocs: New changes to new patron registration duplicate...
2016-04-22 Anna GobenDocs: Exclude Electronic Resources
2016-04-20 Yamil SuarezDocs: resized image
2016-04-20 Yamil SuarezDocs: resized image
2016-04-20 Angela KilsdonkDocs: Paid PO Lineitems
2016-02-03 Jennifer PringleDocs: web client copy buckets documentation
2016-01-22 Yamil SuarezDocs: Circulation - Patron Record web staff client...
2015-11-05 Kate ButlerDocs: add 'Place another hold link' docs
2015-10-09 Remington SteedDocs: Rename bullet images to fix epub build error
2015-09-24 Kathy LussierDocs: Documentation for negative balance work
2015-09-16 Remington SteedDocs 2.9: Update and add detail for Holdings Import...
2015-09-11 Remington SteedDocs: New screenshots for Conjoined Items section
2015-09-11 Remington SteedDocs 2.9: Remove JSPAC references and screenshots
2015-09-10 Christine BurnsDocs: New link to My Lists
2015-09-10 Lynn FloydDocs: Link in catalog to clear Added Content cache
2015-08-07 Kathy LussierDocumentation: Add 2.8 docs for void on claims returned
2015-07-06 Angela Kilsdonk2.8 doc image name change
2015-06-25 Angela KilsdonkDocs: 2.8 Patron Message Center
2015-06-24 Angela KilsdonkDocs: 2.6 Duplicate Serials Barcode Alert
2015-06-24 Angela KilsdonkMerge branch 'master' of git.evergreen-ils.org:Evergreen
2015-06-24 Angela KilsdonkNew Documentation for 2.8
2015-06-17 Josh StomproDocs: Updated opensearch example with new label format
2015-06-17 Josh StomproDocs: LP#1387639 - Barcode Completion Documentation
2015-06-11 Remington SteedDocs LP#1371646: Add better screenshots
2015-06-10 Lynn FloydDocs: New chapter for Library Settings Editor
2015-05-17 Josh StomproDocs: Added sub-section for permalink to 'using the...
2015-05-16 Christine BurnsDocs 2.8: SMS Call Number new screenshots, improve...
2015-04-07 Ben ShumDocs: Change all .PNG to .png
2015-04-07 Ben ShumDocs: Delete remnant .JPG files that had already been...
2015-04-07 Ben ShumDocs: Change all .JPG to .jpg
2015-03-06 Remington SteedDocs: 2.8 feature "Deleted flag for copy locations"
2014-12-12 Yamil SuarezDocs: Circulation - Patron Record web client updated...
2014-10-24 Dananji LiyanageDocs: add default icon definitions LP#1371598
2014-10-02 Angela KilsdonkDocumentation bug: corrected image file
2014-09-19 Yamil SuarezDocs: for new "Imported As" column in Vandelay queue...
2014-09-18 Angela Kilsdonk2.7 doc asciidoc fix
2014-09-17 Angela Kilsdonk2.7 documentation from ESI
2014-09-13 Jennifer PringleDocs: EDI admin section updated with new screenshots...
2014-09-13 Josh StomproDocs: Fix filenames to match references in the docs...
2014-09-12 Kate ButlerDocs: Staff generated penalties documentation
2014-09-12 Yamil SuarezDocs: Documented change to Holds Shelf Expire Report
2014-09-09 Josh StomproDocs: update to 'Address Alerts' feature content
2014-09-04 Remington SteedDocs: Fix filenames to match references in the docs
2014-08-08 Jennifer PringleSecondary Permissions Documentation and Screenshots.
2014-08-06 Erica RohlfsDocs: How to create routing list and shows address...
2014-08-06 Erica RohlfsDocs: How to use MARC Fixed Field Editor
2014-08-06 Erica RohlfsDocs: How to perform metarecord search and hold
2014-08-06 Erica RohlfsDocs: MARC Record Attribute Definitions, Multi Valued...
2014-08-06 Remington SteedDocs: Fix patron registration screenshot
2014-08-06 Yamil SuarezDocs: How to use the MARC 007 Physical Characteristics...
2014-08-05 Remington SteedDocs 2.6: Update screens for register/edit patron
2014-06-30 Yamil SuarezDocumentation: Added 'Using the OPAC' documentation...
2014-05-15 Ben ShumDocumentation for adding OpenSearch to Firefox
2014-03-21 Remington SteedDocs: Revive/merge content into "Using the Staff Client"
2014-03-20 Remington SteedDocs: Revive old section about Column Picker
2014-03-20 Remington SteedAdd missing screenshot files for new 2.5 Acq import...
2014-02-18 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyLP#1272074 Release notes (with pictures!) of fixed...
2013-12-17 Angela KilsdonkDocumentation for 2.5
2013-12-16 Angela KilsdonkDocumentation for 2.5
2013-12-10 Angela KilsdonkNew documentation for 2.5
2013-10-23 Remington SteedSerials Docs: Update for new features in 2.5
2013-09-20 Remington SteedUpdate serials docs for 2.4
2013-08-09 Angela KilsdonkDocumentation for storing Z39.50 credentials. Added...
2013-07-16 Kathy LussierMerge branch 'master' of git://git.evergreen-ils.org...
2013-07-16 Kathy LussierDocumentation for default values in Load Order Record...
2013-06-10 Angela KilsdonkDocumentation for MARC Import Remove Fields
2013-06-01 Tracy SwaimPre-set tabs and auto login
2013-05-31 Angela KilsdonkMerge branch 'master' of git.evergreen-ils.org:Evergreen
2013-05-30 Angela KilsdonkDocumentation for Call Numbers in My Lists
2013-05-29 Angela KilsdonkDocumentation for Best Hold Selection Sort Order
2013-05-29 akilsdonkOrg Unit Proximity Adjustment documentation
2013-04-02 ESIDocumentation: Add link checker documentation.
2013-01-26 Kathy LussierMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into acq...
2013-01-26 Kathy LussierDocumentation: acquisitions updates user/kmlussier/acq-invoice-doc
2013-01-15 Dan ScottDocs: minor formatting fixes for "borrowing items"...
2013-01-15 Kathy LussierBorrowing items: who, what, for how long
2012-12-09 Dan ScottAdd acquisitions setup chapter
2012-12-09 Dan ScottAdd the "Importing via the staff client" chapter
2012-11-30 BC Libraries Coope... Documentation: Add sections to workstation admin chapter.
2012-11-29 BC Libraries Coope... Documentation: Add workstation administration chapter.
2012-11-28 Robert SoulliereDocumentation: Add chapter on staff client installation.
2012-11-12 Dan ScottAdd "Intro to OpenSRF" to development section