i18n: Robustify db-seed-i18n.py parsing
[working/Evergreen.git] / build / i18n / tests /
2012-02-16 Dan ScottEscape content when generating DTD for fieldmapper
2011-04-18 Mike RylanderMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://yeti.esilibrary...
2011-04-18 dbsEnable relative paths in i18n testing scripts
2011-04-18 dbsDon't check .js files for entities
2010-06-09 atzSome python code is non-executable (script_x_check...
2010-06-09 atzExecutable scripts
2010-02-01 dbsCommit updates to translations from Launchpad
2009-12-04 dbsMake tests line up with current reality - lines after IDs
2009-12-04 dbsUpdate test data to make tests pass again
2009-11-16 dbsCorrect long-standing, wide-spread "recurance" and...
2009-07-05 dbsFix SQL translation script and associated unit tests
2008-11-10 dbsImprove entity checking script to include XHTML and...
2008-07-14 dbsBugfix that prevented us from properly checking for...
2008-07-06 dbsTighten up our entity checks; include a more complete...
2008-06-13 dbsAdd script for checking DTD entities and usage
2008-04-03 dbsFirst cut at automated checks for problems with i18n...
2008-01-17 dbsMove POT files into en-US subdirectory (clutter BAD).
2007-12-15 dbsUpdate to correspond with polib 0.30.1:
2007-12-15 dbsAdd a PROJECT parameter for variable locale support.
2007-12-12 dbsMake unit tests less fragile.
2007-12-11 dbsImplement SQL localization tests.
2007-12-10 dbsRemove relative path dependencies for running tests.
2007-12-10 dbsTest suite for fieldmapper IDL i18n (and a fix - yay...
2007-12-09 dbsAdd a unit test for saving POT files
2007-12-09 dbsUnit test for generating and loading PO files.
2007-12-09 dbsMake BaseL10N more flexible about creation timestamp.
2007-11-20 dbsUse pot2po to generate updated PO files (per asmodai...
2007-11-20 dbsAdd current POT (PO template) files for translators.
2007-11-18 dbsExtend the translation framework to use a Makefile.