i18n: Robustify db-seed-i18n.py parsing
[working/Evergreen.git] / build / i18n / scripts / fieldmapper.py
2012-02-16 Dan ScottEscape content when generating DTD for fieldmapper
2009-12-03 dbsOnce again into the breach
2009-07-28 dbsMake i18n scripts stricter about UTF-8 input/output...
2009-07-09 dbsMore codecs conversion for i18n scripts
2008-11-05 dbsHandle link elements with reporter labels
2008-09-10 dbsEscape CDATA before adding it to our entityized XML...
2007-12-15 dbsUpdate to correspond with polib 0.30.1:
2007-12-10 dbsTest suite for fieldmapper IDL i18n (and a fix - yay...
2007-12-07 dbsSplit out localization base class into basel10n.py