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2012-04-09 rsoulliereAppy fixes to acquistions_admin.txt from Tim Spindler.
2012-04-05 rsoulliereformatting fixes.
2012-04-05 rsoulliereTypo fixing.
2012-04-05 rsoullieretypo fix.
2012-04-05 rsoulliereAdd acquisitions admin documentation from Tim Spindler.
2012-02-24 rsoulliereAdd template toolkit documentation from Dan Scott....
2012-02-15 rsoulliereAdd images to the booking documentation provided by...
2012-02-15 rsoulliereAdd booking and booking administration files to
2012-01-26 rsoulliereremove legacy xml files.
2012-01-26 rsoulliereMore changes.
2012-01-26 rsoulliereAdd images and attributions page.
2012-01-26 rsoulliereModify files to fit into book structure. Include ESI...
2012-01-25 rsoulliereAdd some ESI documentation.
2012-01-25 rsoulliereRemove some legacy xml files... to be replaced by ascii...
2012-01-25 rsoulliereMerge branch 'rel_1_6' of
2012-01-02 rsoulliereAdd requirements-configuration file to master.
2011-11-30 rsoulliereMerge branch 'rel_2_1'
2011-11-30 rsoulliereAdd upgrading instructions for 2.1.
2011-11-24 rsoulliereFix typo.
2011-11-24 rsoulliereSome fixes -- prepping for 2.1 documentation publicaion.
2011-11-24 rsoulliereAdd server installation -- based on README.
2011-10-31 Kyujung LimUpdated software version numbers in admin/serversideins...
2011-10-26 Kyujung LimUpdated software version numbers in admin/Upgrading...
2011-10-19 Yamil SuarezMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2011-10-19 rsoulliereAdd sip.xml.
2011-10-19 rsoulliereAdd sip.xml to master.
2011-10-06 rsoulliereMerge branch 'github_2_1' into rel_2_1
2011-10-06 rsoulliereMerge branch 'github_master'
2011-10-06 rsoulliereClean up master...
2011-10-06 rsoulliereClean up master.
2011-10-06 rsoulliereClean up master. use 2.0 files for now.
2011-10-05 rsoulliereAdd admin directory and empty intro xml file to 2_1...
2011-10-05 rsoulliereClean up 2.1 branch.
2011-10-05 rsoulliereAdd and clean up rel_2_1 branch.
2011-10-05 rsoulliereAdd file for 1.6 branch.