Add component to *force* external browser use
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2012-07-24 Thomas BerezanskyAdd component to *force* external browser use
2012-07-24 Thomas BerezanskyAllow opening of links in default browser
2012-07-24 Kathy LussierSigned-off-by: Kathy Lussier <>
2012-07-24 Steven ChanFix LP800480, ACQ - Vendor Invoice Won't Save
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonBatch lineitem create / link-to invoice action
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonInvoice link dialog supports multiple lineitems/POs
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonAttach multiple lineitems / POs to invoice
2012-07-24 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAcq: PO view interface sometimes fails to load in devel...
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ : lineitem recovers focus from various interfaces
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ : Support lineitem fucus in ACQ unified search
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ : Support for lineitem focus in invoice UI
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ : worksheet Return action focuses lineitem
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ : Lineitem recovers focus after actions
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonSupport custom URL mangling in openils.CGI JS lib
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ order record fetcher and uploader script
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonSupport Purchase Order name extraction from upload
2012-07-24 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for Capture/Fulfill penalty...
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonApply HOLD block on new holds, CAPTURE block on existing
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonAvoid CAPTURE-blocked holds in pull list (IDL view)
2012-07-24 Bill Ericksonhold CAP/FILL blocks : pair FULFILL with CIRC in stock...
2012-07-24 Bill Ericksonhold CAP/FILL blocks : more event test collection repairs
2012-07-24 Bill Ericksonhold CAP/FILL blocks : repair event test in patron...
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonAvoid CAPTURE-blocked holds in pull list
2012-07-24 Mike RylanderAvoid checkin capture for CAPTURE-blocked holds
2012-07-24 Bill Ericksonhold CAP/FILL blocks : separate CIRC and FULFILL blocks
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonDB seed data for CAPTURE and FULFILL penalty blocks
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ "Fund Summary" combined IDL reporter view
2012-07-24 Ben ShumRemove retrieve permissions from org units
2012-07-24 Jeff GodinFix TPAC recognition of logged-in users via http
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonShow zero-copy lineitem's in zero-copy activation warning
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonControl PO activation for zero-copy lineitems
2012-07-24 Ben ShumTPAC - repair editions statement display
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonACQ repair reverse exchange rate in fund transfer
2012-07-24 Mike RylanderAlways display the hold type indicator
2012-07-24 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade for Copy Location Circ Limits
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonAdd Copy Location to circ matrix matchpoint
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonCopy Location Circ Limit Sets Admin UI
2012-07-24 Bill EricksonCopy Location Circ Limit Sets : DB and IDL
2012-07-23 Dan ScottJSPAC: Point to TPAC from <noscript> section
2012-07-23 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for Trigger Event Log
2012-07-23 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTrigger Event Log
2012-07-23 Dan ScottTPAC: Set autofocus appropriately for different contexts
2012-07-23 Dan ScottFix / improve bookbag list paging user/bshum/lp1003409_paging_fixes
2012-07-22 Dan ScottWrap upgrade script for permanent bookbag lists
2012-07-22 Dan ScottTPAC: Refactor bookbag list actions into a common template
2012-07-22 Jason StephensonAbility to add records to permanent bookbags in TPAC.
2012-07-18 Dan ScottAdd Journal Title search to stock TPAC filters
2012-07-17 Dan ScottTPAC: Use % font size + bold to highlight login failure
2012-07-17 Melissa LefebvreTpac CSS: Login failure message
2012-07-17 Dan ScottTPAC: Slightly more accessible user-visible account...
2012-07-17 Bill EricksonTPAC: show patron-visible notes in my-account
2012-07-17 Dan ScottTPAC: Physical description, now with spaces
2012-07-17 Ben ShumMove Prefix field ahead of Names in patron editor
2012-07-17 Bill EricksonSquelch uninitialized var warning from hold_copy_targeter
2012-07-17 Dan ScottSearchbar spacing: move inline CSS into a style
2012-07-17 Melissa LefebvreTPAC: Search wrapper spacing
2012-07-16 Jason Etheridgeincrease the default width for the xul list line number...
2012-07-13 Kathy LussierWhen a user views holds in their account, clicking...
2012-07-13 Dan ScottTPAC: Use .staff variant for MARC Expert Search
2012-07-13 Bill EricksonCache propagated funds in fund rollover action
2012-07-13 Bill EricksonRepair PCrudFilter localeStrings variable collisions
2012-07-12 Thomas BerezanskyTPac: Disable caching for auth-required pages
2012-07-12 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleySilence undef string concatenation warning in AutoSuggest
2012-07-12 Jeff GodinFix titles/tabs in Account Preferences subpages
2012-07-11 Dan ScottGet Z39.50 source names to be linked as expected
2012-07-11 Bill EricksonZ39.50 attributes management interface
2012-07-11 Bill EricksonFlattener grid defines override args in constructor
2012-07-11 Bill EricksonRepaired typo in example rsyslog config file
2012-07-11 Dan ScottTPAC: Handle multiple matches for an XPath expression
2012-07-11 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAvoid problem with 2.1 -> 2.2 upgrade script issuing...
2012-07-10 Bob WicksallTPac: Add paging to My Lists
2012-06-27 Mike RylanderTeach the autosuggest web service to cache suggestions...
2012-06-27 Bill EricksonOrg unit retrieval cleanup
2012-06-27 Bill Ericksontpac: repair some straggling bookbag CGI param names
2012-06-26 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAcq: fix widget choice for user-linked fields in Acquis...
2012-06-25 Galen Charltonlp#1014664: add new columns to CDBI table definitions
2012-06-22 Thomas BerezanskyFix Title Holds
2012-06-21 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyFix version numbers in 2.1 -> 2.2 upgrade script
2012-06-18 Dan ScottTPAC: Add record detail navigation to page bottom
2012-06-13 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleySecurity fix: For auth, give same stacktrace for all...
2012-06-13 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleySecurity fix: Prevent login by deleted and barred users
2012-06-13 Jason StephensonSecurity fix for Launchpad Bug 1003052.
2012-06-13 Thomas BerezanskyFix in-transit hold retarget
2012-06-12 Mike RylanderRemove unsafe thesaurus/control-set mapping
2012-06-12 Dan WellsSerial Note Sort Fix
2012-06-12 Thomas BerezanskyVandelay: Add some padding for inspect queue list
2012-06-12 Thomas BerezanskyVandelay: Update Current Type/ID on queue retrieve
2012-06-12 Thomas BerezanskyVandelay: Rewrite Inspect Queues Interface
2012-06-11 Jason Etheridgefix double-click in Holdings Maintenance
2012-06-11 Robert SoulliereMerge remote branch 'origin' into documentation_test
2012-06-11 Dan WellsShow Vandelay Buckets in Manage Record Buckets
2012-06-11 Steven CallenderAdded a days_back parameter to authority_control_fields...
2012-06-11 Bill EricksonLoad Vandelay queue list in Inspect Queue
2012-06-11 Michael PetersLP#845096 - coded_value_map_id_seq doesn't have a prope...
2012-06-08 Dan WellsFix broken non-RSS bookbag feeds
2012-06-07 James FournieLP1009752: activate purchase orders with patron requests
2012-06-07 Dan ScottUpdate 2.1.2 DB schema upgrade script
2012-06-06 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAddress LP #983487: Avoid clobbering bib records at...
2012-06-05 Dan ScottMove 2.0.11 upgrade script into version_upgrade dir
2012-06-05 Jason StephensonAdd the 2.0.10-2.0.11 upgrade script.