Merge branch 'master' of into template-toolkit-opac...
[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web /
2011-09-08 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-08 Thomas BerezanskyRegex check for "last 4 digits of phone number"
2011-09-07 Jeff DavisEmail notification of reservation capture
2011-09-07 Bill EricksonAdd CSV filetype filter options Vandelay CSV export
2011-09-07 James FournieAdding org unit context selector to providers screen
2011-09-02 Bill EricksonTPac: Submit search on sort/limit change
2011-09-02 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-01 Bill EricksonTPac: more template scrubbing and cleaning
2011-09-01 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-31 Bill EricksonTPac: more cleanup of unused IDs and files
2011-08-31 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-30 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMerge branch 'collab/miker/acs-ui-repairs' from working...
2011-08-29 Bill EricksonTpac: merged esi/template-toolkit-opac; conflict resolution
2011-08-29 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-29 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-29 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'template-toolkit-opac' of git.evergreen...
2011-08-25 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMerge branch 'ttopac-advanced-sort-avail' into template...
2011-08-25 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-25 Atom EdoceoAdd a new visible alert to the main client screen alert...
2011-08-25 Bill EricksonShow copy receiver in ACQ copy grid
2011-08-24 Bill EricksonAdd to existing PO (by ID) from related items page
2011-08-24 Bill EricksonSupport labelFormat for read-only AutoFieldWidget's
2011-08-23 Thomas BerezanskyMenu item for "portal"
2011-08-23 Bill EricksonVandelay: show record match counts in record queue UI
2011-08-23 James FournieAdds org unit selectors to Admin -> Server Admin -...
2011-08-23 Bill EricksonVandelay: Insufficient Quality Fall-Thru Merge Profile
2011-08-23 Bill EricksonUI cleanup for batch-holds from lists
2011-08-22 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMake the sort-by and limit-to-available controls appear...
2011-08-22 Bill EricksonTPac: batch holds from on-the-fly lists and bookbags
2011-08-22 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyDisplay only available formats for metarecord holds...
2011-08-19 Bill EricksonVandelay: repair item attr context org selector
2011-08-19 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-19 Jason StephensonBranchify second patch from James Fournie on LP bug...
2011-08-19 Jason StephensonBranchify the first patch from James Fournie on LP...
2011-08-18 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-18 Bill EricksonTpac: style inactive holds w/ grey bground
2011-08-18 Bill EricksonTpac: style inactive holds w/ grey bground
2011-08-18 Dan ScottT-PAC: Point the Basic Catalog link to the T-PAC
2011-08-18 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonTpac: repaired propagator casulaty; using mkurl instead
2011-08-17 Dan ScottTPAC: Strip the "page" GET param from author searches
2011-08-17 Dan ScottMark a string for i18n support in the TPAC
2011-08-17 Dan ScottEscape TPAC "myopac" output to protect against XSS...
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonTPac: Removed errant 'html' almost-filter
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonTpac: more html output sanitizing
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonTpac: more html output scrubbing
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonTPac: more aggressive dynamic output filtering
2011-08-17 Bill EricksonVandelay: don't clear item import profile when creating...
2011-08-16 Dan ScottMerge branch 'collab/berick/template-toolkit-opac-maste...
2011-08-16 Bill EricksonTTPac: move some templates into the right place
2011-08-16 Bill EricksonMerged esi/template-toolkit-opac and repaired some...
2011-08-16 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-16 Dan ScottLP#790329 org_lasso search is broken
2011-08-16 Bill EricksonVandelay: don't clear match-set when creating new queue
2011-08-16 Jason EtheridgeLP#820409 fix org unit admin UI
2011-08-16 Bill EricksonTTPac: Hide pagination for 1-page hits
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTpac: added simple/detailed record view option to...
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTPac: move results pageing chunk to new template
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTpac: show page range in results paging display
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTPac: change default any-format to 'All Formats'
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTpac: option to override no-choice label in coded...
2011-08-15 Bill EricksonTTpac: Chilifresh reviews panel occupies the width...
2011-08-12 Jason Etheridgein lieu of Ready Item Editor
2011-08-11 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-11 Bill EricksonMerge esi/template-toolkit-opac and repaired some conflicts
2011-08-11 Bill EricksonTTpac: minor i18n and other cleanup
2011-08-11 Bill EricksonTTpac: removed last bits of propagator; minor cleanup
2011-08-11 Bill EricksonTTpac: Added Expand/Collaps all 'extras' tabs in detail...
2011-08-11 Bill EricksonTTpac: more use of mkurl() and general cleanup
2011-08-11 Bill EricksonForce-encode CGI param values to prevent decode errors
2011-08-11 Bill EricksonTTpac: start using mkurl(); more todo..
2011-08-11 Bill EricksonTTopac: cgi-based replacement for url 'propagator'
2011-08-10 Bill EricksonTTpac: show MARC callnumber in record detail page
2011-08-10 Bill EricksonTTpac: option to view larger sets of copies on record...
2011-08-10 Bill EricksonTTpac: show full 245 for title on record details page
2011-08-10 Bill EricksonTTpac: Capture and show all ISBNs on record details...
2011-08-10 Bill EricksonShow more subject data in the expanded ttopac subjects...
2011-08-10 Bill EricksonAdded support for series display in ttopac record details
2011-08-10 Bill EricksonAccommodate multiple 520a's in tt-opac summary display
2011-08-10 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMerge branch 'master' into template-toolkit-opac
2011-08-09 Bill EricksonShow copy status/location names in Vandelay items grid
2011-08-09 Thomas BerezanskyTell OPAC to use checkin date, not stop_fines date
2011-08-09 Jason Etheridgeusername login for web selfcheck
2011-08-09 Jason Etheridgeaction for marking items claimed never checked out
2011-08-05 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-05 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-05 Bill EricksonMerge remote branch 'esi/template-toolkit-opac' into...
2011-08-04 Bill EricksonMerge remote branch 'esi/template-toolkit-opac' into...
2011-08-04 Bill EricksonFix title/author sort. Use SVF 'titlesort'/'authorsort'
2011-08-03 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-08-03 Bill EricksonSpeed up hold editing by only fetching hold to edit
2011-08-03 Bill EricksonRepaired bug in t-pac org selector value propagation
2011-08-03 Jason Etheridgerobustify (and klunkify) unified volume copy creator
2011-08-03 James FournieThis adds a SAN box to the org unit editor's address...
2011-08-03 Bill EricksonMerge remote branch 'working/user/shadowspar/ttopac...
2011-08-03 Bill EricksonMerge remote branch 'working/user/rri/ttopac' into...
2011-08-03 Bill EricksonMore template moving from 'web' to 'src'.
2011-08-03 Bill EricksonRepaired merge conflicts resuling from ttopac-move...
2011-08-03 Bill EricksonMerge remote branch 'esi/template-toolkit-opac' into...
2011-08-03 Mike RylanderMerge branch 'QP_bucket_filter' of git.evergreen-ils...