pile of dojo layout fixes for 1.3 and to better ascimilate into the TT framework
[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / templates / default / actor /
2009-04-22 ericksonuse new event_def name field. added delete buttons...
2009-03-26 ericksoninitial interface for managing pending notification...
2009-02-22 ericksonadded link to show/hide non-required fields
2009-02-19 ericksonadd a little focus style
2009-02-18 ericksonadded onchange to copy new barcodes into usrname field
2009-02-17 ericksonallow for the setting of the page title from the sub...
2009-02-17 ericksonplugged in new/delete addr handling
2009-02-17 ericksonplugged in saving of new users
2009-02-17 ericksonuse colspan 0 to span the table length
2009-02-17 ericksonplugged in surveys
2009-02-17 ericksoninitial plugin of staff-cats
2009-02-16 ericksonexperimental flattened/idl-aware user editor that takes...