pile of dojo layout fixes for 1.3 and to better ascimilate into the TT framework
[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / web / templates / default / acq / financial /
2009-05-12 ericksonfixed some columns that got b0rked in the autogrid...
2009-05-11 ericksondojo-1.3 treats HTML from a grid getter as raw text...
2009-05-08 ericksonon the hunt for grids that don't need an explicit heigh...
2009-05-08 ericksonbase_uri as a misnomer. changed to base_path. added...
2009-04-17 erickson'funding types' is a misnomer.. they're just funds
2009-04-09 ericksonfixed order by clause
2009-04-06 ericksonadded delete-selected buttons
2009-04-06 ericksonmore autogridding
2009-04-01 ericksonupdated, autogrid-ified currency_type list page
2009-02-09 ericksonmoved currency type config into conify, using autogrid
2008-12-15 ericksonfixed field name typo
2008-12-11 ericksonmove to 1.2 markup grid
2008-12-11 ericksonmove to 1.2 markup grid
2008-12-11 ericksonmostly moved to markup grid
2008-12-10 ericksonmore movement toward markup-based grids
2008-12-09 ericksonmoved to 1.2-style dojo grid
2008-12-01 ericksonadded create functionality
2008-11-14 ericksoncleaning up some invalid html. most of the acq interfa...
2008-10-20 ericksonMerging acq-experiment to trunk, since rel_1_4 has...