LP#1281744 Aged hold purging column repair
[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src /
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1281744 Aged hold purging column repair
2014-02-21 Dan WellsStamping 0864-0867 for MVF, CRA, and TPAC MRs
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 Prevent display non-opac-visible icons ...
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 icon / metarcord format additions
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 MR list return to grouped results
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 staff client MR results paging repair
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 MR holds displays selected formats
2014-02-21 Mike RylanderLP#1053397: Use the new data structures for looking...
2014-02-21 Mike RylanderLP#1053397: Correct operator thinko on CRA sorters
2014-02-21 Mike RylanderLP1053397: Don't leak memory; Cache compiled ccraed...
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 catch-all 'music' icon_format attribute...
2014-02-21 Mike RylanderLP#1269911: Cast bigint to int
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 filter MR icons/formats repair
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 filter MR icons/formats by org scope
2014-02-21 Mike RylanderLP#1053397: Add optional org filter to "has holdable...
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 apply org scope to metarecord attributes
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 repair one-hit redirect logic for metarecords
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1269911 global flag for opac format selector attribute
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1269911 seed data SQL repairs
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1269911 'large print book' is also a 'book'
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 TPAC metarecord search and holds UI
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 DB metarecord seed data
2014-02-21 Mike RylanderLP#1053397 DB for metarecords unapi and holds
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397: removed extraneous MR formats global flag
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1269911: TPAC generates format selector from icon_fo...
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1269911: composite attributes: configurable "icons...
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1269911 composite attributes admin UI
2014-02-21 Mike RylanderLP#1269911: Upgrade script for MVF and CRA
2014-02-21 Mike RylanderLP#1269911: Teach QueryParser new tricks
2014-02-21 Mike RylanderLP#1269911: Teach the IDL about MVF- and CRA-related...
2014-02-21 Mike RylanderLP#1269911: Database elements of MVF and CRA
2014-02-21 Remington SteedFix syntax error in seed data
2014-02-20 Dan WellsStamping 0863 - Stripe credit card payment options
2014-02-20 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleySupport Stripe payments with some new code and some...
2014-02-20 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyDB upgrade script for Stripe payments; seed data; minor...
2014-02-20 Jason BoyerSeparate stripe js into stripe.tt2, add seed data for...
2014-02-20 Jason BoyerRough draft of integrating Stripe support into the...
2014-02-20 Dan WellsDuplicate 0851 as 0862 for backport clarity
2014-02-19 Ben ShumLP1223903 - Also bump the schema config
2014-02-19 Ben ShumLP1223903 - Stamping upgrade script for new authority_r...
2014-02-19 Jason StephensonLP1223903 - Rewrite marc_export.in in support-scripts.
2014-02-19 Jason StephensonLP1223903 - Add indexes to authority.record_entry.
2014-02-19 Jason StephensonLP1223903 - Add from_bare_hash to Fieldmapper.pm.
2014-02-19 Bill EricksonLP#1262722 Fix DB supersedes/deprecates pgtap test
2014-02-18 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for supsersede/deprecate logic...
2014-02-18 Bill EricksonDB patch supersede/deprecate logic repairs; unit tests
2014-02-18 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade for Granular Staff Initials settings
2014-02-18 Ben ShumAdd granular settings for requiring staff initials...
2014-02-18 Dan WellsStamping 0858: Fixed field enhancements
2014-02-18 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyLP#1272074 Fix faulty physical characteristics seed...
2014-02-18 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyLP#1272074 Context menus suggesting values for marc...
2014-02-18 Bill EricksonLP#1187035 Remove OpenILS::Utils::Editor part 4.
2014-02-18 Jeff GodinLP#1187035 Remove OpenILS::Utils::Editor part 3.
2014-02-18 Bill EricksonLP#1187035 Remove OpenILS::Utils::Editor part 2.
2014-02-18 Jeff GodinLP#1187035 Remove OpenILS::Utils::Editor
2014-02-18 Jason EtheridgeLP#1272575 Use getElementById over querySelector
2014-02-17 Jeff GodinLP#1187029 Remove unused open-ils.ingest service
2014-02-17 Jeff GodinLP#1187034 Remove obsolete collections code
2014-02-17 Jeff GodinStamping 0857 for located uri visibility changes
2014-02-17 Mike RylanderTeach evergreen.located_uris() about the new URI visibl...
2014-02-17 Mike RylanderUpgrade script
2014-02-17 Mike RylanderGlobal flag for setting Located URI behavioral mode
2014-02-17 Mike RylanderCheck behavioral setting for Located URIs
2014-02-17 Mike Rylanderevergreen.located_uris() returns a rank, and we should...
2014-02-15 Bill EricksonVandelay: increase queued item creation timeout
2014-02-15 Mike RylanderKeep standard INNER joins above possible OUTERs
2014-02-15 Thomas BerezanskyAssume that future checkins are junk input
2014-02-14 Jeff GodinAdd button to update expire date field
2014-02-14 Mike RylanderLP1046026 - Fix duplicate rows in holds pull list
2014-02-13 Dan WellsPrevent odd TPAC base URL redirect
2014-02-13 Ben ShumStamping upgrade for STRING_AGG fix for metabib.staged_...
2014-02-13 Dan ScottSTRING_AGG() fix for metabib.staged_browse()
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 add expressive facet link titles
2014-02-11 Dan ScottRemove useless image-based fines border
2014-02-11 Dan ScottRemove extraneous ] in holds TPAC page
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 Add helpful empty search term message
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 improve fines warning color contrast
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 remove a few invalid attrs / unused tags
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 additional myopac nav headers
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 TPAC avoid <b> tags in pref lib msg
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 TPAC more nav headers for search results
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 TPAC initial navigation headers
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 My account various repairs
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 avoid empty <ul>'s in browse
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 advanced search repairs
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 alt tags and cleanup continued
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 more expressive <a> titles in search results
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 HTML validation repairs
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 additional label repairs
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 HTML table attributes validation repairs
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 facets get more specific more/less titles
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 home page label / alt repairs
2014-02-09 Mike RylanderInclude calculated 0-prox locations in the stalling...
2014-02-09 Mike RylanderUse copy owning library as the context for finding...
2014-02-08 Ben ShumFix copy_info variables one last time for library_name_...
2014-02-08 Dan ScottAddress some remaining hardcoded install prefixes
2014-02-08 Kyle TomitaLP1155769: Items repeated in tpac display, others not...
2014-02-07 Dan ScottSign off on upgrade script for (STRING|ARRAY)_AGG user/dbs/test_array_aggravate
2014-02-07 Ben ShumAdd upgrade script for changeover to array_agg() and...
2014-02-07 Ben ShumFound a few last functions that need changing to native SQL