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2013-09-25 Dan ScottShow/hide facets & search results in mobile mode
2013-09-25 Dan ScottMinor fix for non-existent pubdates in search results
2013-09-25 Dan ScottResult actions use width when available
2013-09-25 Dan ScottMove search result "actions" below result metadata
2013-09-25 Dan ScottJust use a format label in results + pubdate
2013-09-25 Dan ScottFacets after results, then DOMinate them into place
2013-07-22 Dan ScottSupport linking to library info from copy display
2013-05-23 Jason StephensonFix Launchpad Bug 1183418.
2013-04-12 Dan ScottTPAC: Render record titles and authors consistently
2013-01-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Alternate graphic fields (880) display
2013-01-15 Galen CharltonLP#1098669: improve handling of Content Cafe external...
2012-10-30 Dan ScottTPAC: Address some search syntax leaks in links
2012-10-11 Dan ScottTPAC: Show ISSN in search results, if available
2012-09-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Results - don't show the pubdate if we're showing...
2012-09-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Display full publication info
2012-08-15 Dan ScottSilence warnings in search results for holdable copies
2012-08-01 Thomas BerezanskyFix place hold hiding logic
2012-08-01 Art RhynoBlock "Place Hold" link in TPAC if item is available
2012-08-01 Thomas BerezanskyTPac: Hide place hold links when not holdable
2012-07-22 Dan ScottTPAC: Refactor bookbag list actions into a common template
2012-07-22 Jason StephensonAbility to add records to permanent bookbags in TPAC.
2012-05-23 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-21 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-31 Dan ScottTPAC: Cleaner title display in simple and detailed...
2012-01-30 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMerge remote branch 'working/user/dbs/fix-nonfiling...
2012-01-19 Dan WellsPrevent extra closing tag in TPAC results list
2012-01-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Regular justification of columns in search result
2012-01-10 Mike RylanderMerge remote-tracking branch 'eg-working/user/senator...
2012-01-10 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTpac: better "HTML view" for shared lists under "my... user/senator/tpac-bookbag-viewer
2012-01-09 Mike RylanderMerge remote-tracking branch 'eg-working/user/berick...
2012-01-05 Dan ScottMerge remote-tracking branch 'working/user/artunit...
2012-01-05 Dan ScottOpenURL resolution in TPAC - further cleanup
2011-12-29 Mike RylanderMerge remote-tracking branch 'eg-working/user/dbs/lp894...
2011-12-23 Dan ScottTPAC: Display monograph parts
2011-12-21 Bill EricksonTPac; indicate search results previously checked out
2011-12-21 Bill EricksonTPAC: Change title tooltip in results table to useful...
2011-12-21 Dan ScottTPAC: Split result copy counts into a separate template
2011-12-21 Dan ScottTPAC: Display additional levels of copy counts
2011-12-12 Thomas BerezanskyMerge remote-tracking branch 'working/collab/dbs/tpac...
2011-12-12 Dan ScottTPAC: Remove more inline styles from results table collab/dbs/tpac-non-fixed-width
2011-12-12 Dan ScottRPAC: Remove one formatting row from results
2011-12-12 Dan ScottTPAC: results use floated DIVs instead of table layout
2011-12-12 Dan ScottTPAC: Record details - inline style to classes
2011-12-12 Dan ScottTPAC: Include Chilifresh conditionally user/dbs/tpac-non-fixed-width
2011-12-09 Dan ScottTPAC: Remove more explicit widths from results page
2011-12-08 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2011-11-15 Mike RylanderMerge remote-tracking branch 'eg-working/collab/phasefx...
2011-11-15 Bill EricksonTPac; hold success confirmation; redirect repairs
2011-11-15 Bill EricksonTPac; reduce vertical space caused by chilifresh link
2011-10-19 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTPac: Put staff saved searches in same div as facets...
2011-10-19 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTPac: Put staff saved searches in same div as facets...
2011-10-11 Galen CharltonMerge remote branch 'working/user/berick/marc-stream...
2011-10-04 Bill EricksonTPac: Facets on results page
2011-09-13 Bill EricksonTemplate Toolkit OPAC
2011-09-13 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of collab/berick/template-toolkit-opac-master-merge
2011-09-11 Bill EricksonTPac: Review & More content cafe option on results...
2011-09-11 Bill EricksonTPac: on-fly-list management improvements
2011-09-11 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-08 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-08 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-02 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-01 Bill EricksonTPac: more template scrubbing and cleaning
2011-09-01 Bill EricksonRemove /default/ from template paths