LP#1541559: improve display of ebook API transaction details in My Account
[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / templates / opac / css / style.css.tt2
2017-02-20 Jeff DavisLP#1541559: improve display of ebook API transaction...
2017-02-20 Jeff DavisLP#1541559: ebook API integration for TPAC
2017-02-18 Jane SandbergMerge branch 'master' of git.evergreen-ils.org:Evergreen
2017-02-17 Nawras OthmanLP#1661661: Support for right-to-left (RTL) languages
2017-02-16 blakeLP1573734_Link_to_sibling_metarecord_bibs_in_record_det...
2017-02-09 Mike RylanderLP#1005040: Styling cleanup for filter display
2017-02-09 Mike RylanderLP#1005040: show number of filters applied
2017-02-09 Galen CharltonLP#1005040: CSS styling of filter control boxes
2016-09-30 Josh StomproLP#1494750 - Extra closing curly bracket in style.css...
2016-08-24 Kathy LussierLP#1612274: Add distinct classes for hold statuses
2016-08-24 Kathy LussierLP#1612274: Improve display of holds status in My Account
2016-08-24 Kathy LussierLP#1614807: Make holds history more responsive
2016-08-24 Kathy LussierLP#1614807: Fix spacing issues in responsive design...
2016-08-24 Kathy LussierLP#1614807: Holds history should look like other My...
2016-08-24 Kathy LussierLP#1614807: Fix Circ History table header display on...
2016-05-11 Dan WellsLP#1578716 Fix Responsive Items Out
2016-02-26 Bill EricksonLP#1527342 Patron checkout history TPAC display
2016-02-10 Kathy Lussierlp1422802: Improve visibility of parts on Place Holds...
2015-11-05 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1487527: Add config.tt2 options and a basic search...
2015-08-19 Dan PearlLP# 1086934 - TPAC: Complete column sorting in some...
2015-06-12 Michael PetersLP#1154656 MARC Expert Search "Add Rows" adds duplicate row
2015-04-10 Galen CharltonLP#1442246: (follow-up) use pre-wrap rather than pre
2015-04-10 Galen CharltonLP#1442246: improve styling of patron messages
2015-04-10 Galen CharltonLP#1442262: move patron messages link to dashboard...
2015-03-03 Adam BowlingLP #1406350 Mobile Device Navigation Issue Fix for...
2015-02-21 Kathy LussierLP1423922: Quick staff option to place another hold
2015-02-20 Christine MorganLP1413721: Styling for sms Text Call Number page
2015-02-20 Mike RylanderLP#1410369: Show unread message count in the patron...
2015-02-20 Galen CharltonLP#1410369: patron message center page in TPac
2015-02-20 Galen CharltonLP#1410369: remove direct display of user notes from...
2015-02-19 Kathy Lussierlp1422555: Shorter permalink on record summary page
2014-09-10 Kathy Lussierlp1261791 Adjustment to background color for mobile...
2014-09-10 Suzanne PaternoLP 1261791 - Mobile Search links for my account screens
2014-06-26 Bill EricksonLP#1301599 Additional TPAC facets structure markup
2014-03-10 Bill EricksonLP#1284864 MR holds w/o formats disallowed
2014-03-06 Bill EricksonLP#1287973 recover row breaks in TPAC advanced search
2014-02-21 Bill EricksonLP#1053397 TPAC metarecord search and holds UI
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 improve fines warning color contrast
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 TPAC initial navigation headers
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 My account various repairs
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 advanced search repairs
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonLP#1268636 HTML table attributes validation repairs
2014-01-21 Dan ScottTPAC: Display authors using inline-block
2014-01-06 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTPAC: Add Notes label to that row in small-screen My...
2014-01-06 Dan ScottTPAC: Display public hold notes in user holds list
2014-01-06 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTPAC: Get rid of all unneccessary uppercase and some...
2013-11-22 Dan ScottFix copy_table HTML markup errors
2013-11-22 Dan WellsImprove facet styling
2013-11-08 Dan WellsTPAC: Remove fixed height from 'View My List' button
2013-11-06 Dan WellsImprove locale picker positioning
2013-10-26 Dan WellsTouch-up record detail extras display
2013-10-26 Dan WellsMatch main-content right margin to left
2013-10-26 Dan WellsTweak TPAC header layout styles
2013-10-11 Dan WellsTPAC: Remove needless divs from results header bar
2013-10-11 Dan WellsTPAC: Redo some margins/padding for better collapse...
2013-09-26 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyOPAC: on the login page, Make "Questions?"/"FAQs" areas...
2013-09-25 Dan WellsTPAC: Consolidate and simplify button styles
2013-09-25 Dan WellsMOPAC: Remove fixed height from fines tabs
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Make low hits help support low-width devices
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Make home search screen work on IE8+
2013-09-25 Ben ShumRemove extra large facets
2013-09-25 Ben ShumIncrease height of facet headers
2013-09-25 Kathy LussierRemove My Account tabs at higher resolution
2013-09-25 Kathy LussierRemove explicit widths from My account
2013-09-25 Bill Otti18n support for field names in myopac css
2013-09-25 Ben ShumFix margins in advanced search tabs for mobile view too
2013-09-25 Ben ShumFix tab button margins
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Simplify opac-button styling
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Retain advanced search tabs via overflow:auto
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Main content needs a clear:both style
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC expert search: wrap labelled fields consistently
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Clear line for initial advanced search tab
2013-09-25 Kathy LussierRestore fines, checkout, and holds tabs
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Streamline facet display
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Advanced search - add line break
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Draw a border under the result header bar
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Enable search bar elements to wrap gracefully
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Define result header padding by contents
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Make result label text consistent size
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Make result button text consistent
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Saner search button CSS
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Consistent results paginator font size
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Avoid paginator HTML rather than hiding it
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Align results pagination in mobile mode
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: Reduce vertical space in results paginator
2013-09-25 Dan ScottMobile TPAC: Show Advanced Search button in results...
2013-09-25 Dan ScottTPAC: More responsive search result header buttons
2013-09-25 Dan ScottMobile TPAC: Better styling for facet/results buttons
2013-09-25 Kathy LussierReplace prefs tabs with select menu in mobile view
2013-09-25 Bill OttReactive tables for myopac circ and holds.
2013-09-25 Dan ScottRestore facet-first loading, add breakpoint for results
2013-09-25 Dan ScottShow/hide facets & search results in mobile mode
2013-09-25 Dan ScottMobile: group advanced search rows with a border
2013-09-25 Dan ScottBump up the default font size, use consistent font...
2013-09-25 Ben ShumChange CSS for dash identity
2013-09-25 Garry CollumAdditional CSS changes for copy details for mobile...
2013-09-25 Bill OttFix up the advanced search tabs advanced, numeric,...
2013-09-25 Dan ScottRespect adv_break with clear: both
2013-09-25 Dan ScottMore responsive advanced search
2013-09-25 Ben ShumResize advanced search filters to allow more space...