Stamping upgrade script for currently unfillable holds
[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / sql / Pg /
2012-03-29 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for currently unfillable holds
2012-03-29 Thomas BerezanskyAdd PLACE_UNFILLABLE_HOLD permission
2012-03-29 Thomas BerezanskyStamping No plperl Upgrade Script
2012-03-29 Thomas BerezanskyWe use plperlu, not plperl. So don't load both!
2012-03-28 Jason Etheridgeremove XXXX script
2012-03-28 Thomas BerezanskyStamping upgrade script for custom toolbars
2012-03-28 Jason Etheridgefix editing of multiple toolbarseparators
2012-03-28 Jason Etheridgefix constraint syntax
2012-03-28 Mike RylanderBeginning an unwrapped upgrade script
2012-03-28 Mike RylanderDB layout for recording custom toolbars
2012-03-27 Dan ScottFix NULL interval for action_trigger.event_definition...
2012-03-27 Dan ScottFix seed data script syntax errors
2012-03-26 Galen Charltonlp965651: add missing commas
2012-03-26 Galen Charltonlp965637: add missing comma to fix syntax error
2012-03-26 Mike RylanderAdd patron prefix upgrade to the version upgrade script
2012-03-26 Mike RylanderStamping patron prefix upgrade script
2012-03-26 Michael PetersAdd a prefix field to patron registration interface
2012-03-26 Jason Etheridgeversion fix for 0692/0693
2012-03-26 Mike RylanderAdd ISSN fix to the version upgrade script
2012-03-26 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for ISSN normalization fix
2012-03-26 Dan ScottLP932540: Fix ISSN indexing
2012-03-23 Bill EricksonStamped upgrade for 'allow fines during closings'
2012-03-23 Mike RylanderAllow fines to accrue during closings
2012-03-23 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for ACQ search improvements
2012-03-23 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAcq: improve General Search's ability to find invoices
2012-03-23 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for in-db unAPI + TPAC cleanup...
2012-03-23 Dan ScottTPAC: Show preferred library copies only in consortial...
2012-03-23 Dan ScottTPAC: Sort copies from preferred library first
2012-03-23 Dan ScottTPAC / unapi: Overhaul copy and located URI display
2012-03-23 Mike RylanderSupport per-class sub-object limit/offset
2012-03-22 Dan ScottWrap upgrade script for bib record email / print actions
2012-03-22 Bill EricksonTpac: record detail print and email
2012-03-22 Dan ScottWrap upgrade script for CSV circ history export
2012-03-22 Bill EricksonTPac: Circulation history CSV export
2012-03-21 Thomas BerezanskyFix Auditor Boost upgrade script
2012-03-20 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for reingest betterment
2012-03-20 Thomas BerezanskyNew metabib.reingest_metabib_field_entries func
2012-03-20 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script (and updating 2.1-2.2 version...
2012-03-20 Thomas BerezanskyAuditor Function Overhaul
2012-03-20 Thomas BerezanskyUnwrapped auditor upgrade script
2012-03-20 Dan ScottLP918020: Fix regression in biblio.extract_located_uris
2012-03-19 Mike RylanderStamping BluRay videorecording format upgrade
2012-03-19 Thomas BerezanskyTeach Evergreen about Blu-Ray VR Format
2012-03-19 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for ACQ/Vandelay integration...
2012-03-19 Mike RylanderVandelay-based record matching and import for Acquisitions
2012-03-15 Bill Ericksonstamped upgrade for hold-avail-email-notify validation
2012-03-15 Thomas BerezanskyEnable notify checking for holds in A/T Validators
2012-03-13 Bill EricksonACQ+Vandelay permission improvements
2012-03-13 Bill EricksonACQ+Vandelay schema and IDL changes w/ upgrade script
2012-03-12 Thomas BerezanskyUpdated upgrade script for 2.1-2.2
2012-03-11 Thomas BerezanskyCopy Location Search Groups Upgrade Script Version
2012-03-11 Bill EricksonCopy Location Groups : sort to top option
2012-03-11 Bill EricksonCopy Location Search Groups : DB / IDL
2012-03-08 Thomas BerezanskyStamping User Activity Upgrade Script
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser activity : only delete transient activity for...
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser activity tracking : user usr_activity field
2012-03-08 Bill EricksonUser activity tracking: schema and IDL
2012-03-06 Mike RylanderSpeed up autosuggest in large data environments
2012-03-04 Dan ScottNumber the autosuggest normalization upgrade script
2012-03-04 Dan ScottAddress "bouyancy" typo (should be "buoyancy")
2012-03-04 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAutoSuggest: suggest "josé" when the user types "jose"
2012-03-04 Dan ScottFix sorting by pubdate for records migrated to 2.1
2012-02-29 Thomas BerezanskySpeed up 0663 upgrade script
2012-02-28 Mike RylanderStamping default-merge-profiles upgrade script
2012-02-28 Bill EricksonDefault Vandelay merge profiles
2012-02-28 Mike RylanderStamping circ limits upgrade script
2012-02-28 Thomas BerezanskyNew Circ Limits
2012-02-20 Mike RylanderStamping autosuggest upgrade script
2012-02-20 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAutoSuggest
2012-02-14 Dan ScottFix typos in lp820006 that broke clean schema creation user/dbs/cleanup_default_at_notices
2012-02-14 Dan ScottFix up 3-day courtesy notice with better title / author too
2012-02-14 Steven CallenderLP#820006: Action trigger notices fixes
2012-02-08 Bill EricksonStamping upgrade for LP#928896
2012-02-08 Galen CharltonLP#928896 improve row estimate for action.usr_visible_c...
2012-01-31 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyUpgrade script finalization, adding new perm to database
2012-01-31 Jason StephensonAdd upgrade script for config.copy_status.restrict_copy...
2012-01-31 Jason StephensonAdd restrict_copy_delete field to config.copy_status.
2012-01-31 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMissed increment in 002.schema.config.sql for last...
2012-01-31 Bill EricksonACQ: remove piles of unused cancel_reasons
2012-01-30 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMerge remote branch 'working/user/dbs/fix-nonfiling...
2012-01-20 Dan WellsMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-20 Bill EricksonStamping upgrade for copy_location_alert
2012-01-20 Thomas BerezanskyAdd Checkin Alert to Copy Locations
2012-01-11 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMove csp definitions from 002 to 950, so they can use...
2012-01-11 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMerge remote branch 'working/collab/berick/invalidate_e...
2012-01-11 Bill EricksonUse org_depth for INVALID penalties collab/berick/invalidate_email_and_phone_revised
2012-01-11 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMark email addresses and phone numbers invalid
2012-01-10 Jason Etheridgefix breakage from recent merges
2012-01-10 Mike RylanderTerminology adjustment to reduce conflicts with the...
2012-01-10 Mike RylanderStamping force and recall hold permission addition...
2012-01-10 Thomas BerezanskyCompleting Force/Recall Holds
2012-01-10 Mike RylanderMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-10 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for in-db hold permit fixups
2012-01-10 Thomas BerezanskyFix INDB hold permit holdable checking
2012-01-10 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyAdd a "staff_alert" column to config.standing_penalty...
2012-01-10 Mike RylanderMerge remote-tracking branch 'eg-working/user/senator...
2012-01-10 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script for SMS notification branch
2012-01-10 Jason EtheridgeSMS texting
2012-01-10 Dan ScottSETVAL the permission.grp_tree sequence after adding...
2012-01-10 Dan ScottPrevent permission group conflicts in 2.1 upgrade script