fixing format limited copy counting
[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application / Storage / Publisher /
2005-09-16 mikerfixing format limited copy counting
2005-09-16 mikercounting copies by format
2005-09-14 mikerfixing visibility tests, skip check, and removing local...
2005-09-12 mikeradded full_rec multisearch (title+author, etc)
2005-09-07 mikeradding "detail record" id to mr id search output
2005-08-12 mikeradded combined count and id search
2005-07-26 mikeradding more opac visibiltiy checks
2005-07-26 mikerfixing search
2005-07-25 mikerstaff mode search ignores location setting
2005-07-14 mikeradding format limiting to searches
2005-07-13 mikeradding better ranking
2005-07-11 mikerhide completely unavailable copies from the opac
2005-06-28 mikerorder records of a metarecord by format,copycount
2005-05-16 mikerreadjusting ranking...
2005-05-16 mikeradding sort to unranked searches
2005-05-13 mikeradding rank bump for search string word order
2005-05-12 mikerper jason: snap!
2005-05-10 mikeradded series stuff and updated hint for actor::stat_cat*
2005-05-09 mikerhandling limit and offset in the uncached version of...
2005-05-09 mikerfield name adjustments
2005-05-09 mikerremoving unused fields andd adding paged caching
2005-04-20 mikerbig changes... big
2005-04-19 mikeradding "available" to copy counts; adding mailing/billi...
2005-04-19 mikeradded copy_count methods
2005-04-13 mikeradded general storage result caching where applicable...
2005-04-12 mikercach update
2005-04-12 mikerbig changes in little china
2005-04-07 mikeradded initial limiter and cache population
2005-04-06 mikerclass-based searching
2005-04-05 mikertons of storage server changes... see diffs
2005-03-16 mikerstorage server stuff
2005-03-14 mikereet leevs
2005-03-11 mikerfixed transaction support and tested with updates to...
2005-03-10 mikeradding metabib interface. Also, testing possible doxyg...