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[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application / Actor / UserGroups.pm
2010-09-09 mikerloop over users in a group, as the plan for usrgroup...
2009-12-16 ericksonadded a balance owed summary call for group members
2009-05-29 ericksonstorage call needs to go to storage
2008-03-10 mikermaking OpenILS::Application the base app so that author...
2008-02-21 mikeradding authoritative method varients
2007-12-05 ericksonmoved calls to cstore. moved events to die_events...
2006-05-25 ericksonadded usergroup.new method
2006-05-08 ericksonupdated not-found event names
2006-05-04 ericksonadded address links method
2006-05-04 ericksonadding module for handling the usergroup api