LP1816475: Booking module refresh
[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / eg2 / src / app / share / grid / grid-toolbar.component.html
2019-09-06 Jane SandbergLP1816475: Booking module refresh
2019-08-01 Bill EricksonLP1823367 Grid toolbar checkbox onChange repairs
2019-08-01 Galen CharltonLP#1831788: add result filtering and other improvements...
2019-07-31 Bill EricksonLP1832148 Clear selection for deleted grid rows
2019-07-16 Jane SandbergLP1828840: Option to hide grid save settings button...
2019-06-17 Bill EricksonLP1803787 Grid toolbar actions menu component; cleanup
2019-06-17 Bill EricksonLP1803787 Grid context retains selection; lint
2019-06-17 Bill EricksonLP1803787 Grid toolbar action separators
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Grid scroll menu repairs
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Angular grid optoin to disable paging
2019-05-24 Bill EricksonLP1816480 Angular grid ARIA improvements
2019-04-18 Bill EricksonLP1818288 WS Option to pre-fetch record holds
2019-04-18 Bill EricksonLP1818288 Grid checkboxes emit events
2019-04-18 Bill EricksonLP1818288 Ang staff catalog record detail holds tab...
2019-01-23 Jane SandbergLP1808268: Add [disable] option to <eg-grid-toolbar...
2018-09-07 Jane SandbergDocs: merge 3.2 release notes
2018-09-06 Bill EricksonLP#1775466 Angular(6) base application