Bug fix in verifyObjectPCRUD().
[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / c-apps / oils_sql.c
2010-05-27 scottmkBug fix in verifyObjectPCRUD().
2010-05-26 scottmkBug fixes in verifyObjectPCRUD():
2010-05-25 scottmkPlug some memory leaks, and eliminate some unnecessary
2010-05-25 scottmkVarious changes to verifyObjectPCRUD():
2010-05-01 scottmkMoved the datatype lookups from the drones to the liste...
2010-04-29 scottmk1. Renamed function getRelation to oilsGetRelation.
2010-04-28 scottmkCreate a reusable function for connecting to the database.
2010-04-12 scottmkRestore the ability to set the maximum flesh depth...
2010-04-08 scottmkSplit the cstore servers into several pieces.