Support IS NULL and IS NOT NULL expressions.
[working/Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / include / openils / oils_buildq.h
2010-05-21 scottmkSupport IS NULL and IS NOT NULL expressions.
2010-05-20 scottmkImplement new param_list method, which returns a list of
2010-05-19 scottmkAdd partial support for bind variables: load them from the
2010-05-06 scottmk1. Support negation of an expression (except in a few...
2010-04-29 scottmkImplement .columns method of qstore server, to return...
2010-04-28 scottmkEliminated the oilsExecSql function as a relic of an...
2010-04-28 scottmkImplement .execute method of qstore server.
2010-04-19 scottmkFleshing out the qstore server a bit: