some Not Yet Implemented's
[working/Evergreen.git] / Evergreen / staff_client / chrome / content / evergreen / patron / patron_display.js
2005-07-26 phasefxsome Not Yet Implemented's
2005-07-26 phasefxsome fixes
2005-07-26 phasefxcontext checkin tweaks, and columns again
2005-07-26 phasefxmark as lost
2005-07-25 phasefxvoter registration
2005-07-25 phasefxlimited hint handling for other ways to check-in
2005-07-25 phasefxauto-print checkbox
2005-07-25 phasefxcorrect template and screen redraw correction
2005-07-25 phasefxcheckout receipt fix, and don't treat item already...
2005-07-25 phasefxfirst try at checkout receipt
2005-07-25 phasefxitems out receipt from patron display
2005-07-24 phasefxcopy the patron out of the legacy patron edit interface...
2005-07-24 phasefxchange it so that the legacy patron edit interface...
2005-07-22 phasefxlegacy patron edit interface. sort of buggy
2005-07-22 phasefxdebugging alerts for use in Window. cash drawer stub...
2005-07-22 phasefxpatron edit interface. widgets, but no behavior yet
2005-07-21 phasefxstart on new patron edit.. some cat code poking
2005-07-21 phasefxbill payment
2005-07-21 phasefxlatest bill interface, and checkin backdating
2005-07-21 phasefxsyntax
2005-07-21 phasefxjust a snapshot
2005-07-20 phasefxsnapshot of possible bill pay layout before changing...
2005-07-20 phasefxsnapshot of listbox before blowing it away with somethi...
2005-07-20 phasefxlittle faster
2005-07-19 phasefxtypo, and checkin handling
2005-07-19 phasefxlistbox and firefox bug, bill interface incomplete
2005-07-19 phasefxuser_request is now optionally async'able. Aggressive...
2005-07-18 phasefxpatron_bills, currently broken
2005-07-18 phasefxbill mockup, grid list tweaks
2005-07-17 phasefxholds interface
2005-07-16 phasefxupdate status and PatronItems with each checkout
2005-07-16 phasefxmisc tweaks
2005-07-15 phasefxnesting/bundling is good. checkdigit stuff seems finicky.
2005-07-15 phasefxfocus and selection for scanbox
2005-07-15 phasefxcheckout, maybe
2005-07-15 phasefxsimplify things by not using commands with "cloned...
2005-07-15 phasefxcontext menus
2005-07-15 phasefxgetting patron_display working
2005-07-14 phasefxgoing back to heavy overlay use instead of nested ifram...
2005-07-14 phasefxrefactor
2005-07-13 phasefxaggressive use of timeouts. The patron display is...
2005-07-13 phasefxtrying to improve performance
2005-07-12 phasefxcirc_tree
2005-07-11 phasefxsince objects are copied by reference, we effectively...
2005-07-11 phasefxvarious patron display components