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2011-08-25 Kyujung LimUpdated documentation to refer to the new 2.0.9 release...
2011-08-22 Kyujung LimAdded staffclientinstallation.xml with old 1.6 content...
2011-08-22 Kyujung LimUpdated the server installation and server upgrade...
2011-08-11 June RaynerFixed typo in upgrading evergreen 2.0
2011-08-09 Yamil SuarezUpdated the server instalation documentation to refer...
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2011-06-29 Yamil SuarezUpdated the server instalation documentation to refer...
2011-06-17 Yamil SuarezFixed small typo in 2.0 server instalation instructions
2011-06-16 rsoulliereAdd images for reports in 2.0.
2011-06-16 rsoulliereAdd reports chapters to 2.0. OK'd by jenny Turner.
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2011-05-24 rsoulliereUpdate the new schema appendix to include notes. Change...
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2011-05-09 Hilary Caws-ElwittFinished MARC Editor section
2011-05-09 Hilary Caws-Elwittrewrote MARC correctness para for clarity & to test...
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2011-05-06 Yamil SuarezFixed capitalization of OpenSRF download URL, tar.gz...
2011-05-06 Yamil SuarezFixed capitalization of OpenSRF download URL, tar.gz...
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2011-05-05 Hilary Caws-Elwittbugfix 756838 is only 2.0.6 forward
2011-05-03 rsoulliereChange xml id of MARC to MARC_editor to resolve id...
2011-04-28 Hilary Caws-ElwittMore on Fast Add
2011-04-28 Hilary Caws-ElwittBeginning of Fast Item Add section of Z39.50
2011-04-28 Hilary Caws-ElwittInternal ID/TCN collision issue in Z39.50 import
2011-04-26 Hilary Caws-Elwittremoved backup cataloging.xml~ accidentally added
2011-04-26 Hilary Caws-Elwitttypo
2011-04-26 Hilary Caws-Elwittadded MARC editor section
2011-04-21 Hilary Caws-Elwittadded content on MARC editor buttons
2011-04-20 Hilary Caws-Elwittnoting bugfix 756838
2011-04-19 Hilary Caws-ElwittAdded content to stub cataloging.xml
2011-04-19 Hilary Caws-Elwittsmall format change in stub cataloging.xml
2011-04-19 Hilary Caws-Elwittadded stub cataloging.xml
2011-04-19 Hilary Caws-Elwittadding entry for cataloging.xml
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2011-04-18 Steve Sheppardupdate the glossary;
2011-04-17 Steve Sheppardupdates to section 'Installing Evergreen 2.x On Fedora';
2011-04-16 Steve Sheppardupdates to section 'Installing OpenSRF 1.6.3';
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2011-04-13 rsoulliereAdd postgresql 9.0 upgrading instructions for Debian...
2011-04-12 rsoulliereUpdate migrating patrons add a few missing steps and...
2011-04-11 rsoulliereRemove reference to program_name and program_code since...
2011-04-05 rsoulliereUpdate upgrading instructions to 2.0.5.
2011-04-05 rsoulliereUpdate sql for adding permissins from Ben Ostrowsky...
2011-03-28 rsoulliereFix Docbook processing errors.
2011-03-23 rsoulliereClean up XML based on processing errors.
2011-03-23 rsoulliereBackport admin-lsa file and images to 2.0.
2011-03-22 rsoulliereAdd field documentation from James Fournie. Update...
2011-03-08 rsoulliereA few minor fixes.
2011-03-07 rsoulliereChange some sections to simplesects for less cluttered...
2011-03-07 rsoulliereAdd KCLS acquisitions docs + asciidoc files.
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2011-03-06 rsoulliereAdd serials documentation from GPLS asciidoc and conver...
2011-03-06 rsoulliereAdd admin acquisition functions from GPLS.
2011-03-05 rsoulliereAdd GPLS acquisitions module docbook file -- from GPLS...
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