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2010-08-25 Robert SoulliereAdd opac intro, OPAC search URL. update cataloging.
2010-08-24 Robert Soulliereadd section for adding holdings and media files to...
2010-08-10 Robert SoulliereChange some second level "section" tags to "simplesect...
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2010-08-08 Robert Soulliereadd procdure titles.
2010-08-08 Robert Soulliereadd procedure titles.
2010-08-08 Robert SoulliereAdd staffclient.xml (From SIKTA) and many media files...
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2010-08-06 Robert SoulliereEdit cataloguing.
2010-08-06 Robert Soullieremore edits for cataloguing.xml
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2010-08-05 Robert SoulliereChange id for holds levels table.
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