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                                        tree (which allows <emphasis>Holds</emphasis> to work properly). You must do
                                        this the first time you start Evergreen and after making any changes to the
                                        library hierarchy. As the <systemitem class="username">opensrf</systemitem>
-                                       user, execute the following commands:</para>
+                                       user, execute the following command and review the results:</para>
                                                <prompt># as the opensrf user:</prompt>
                                                <userinput>cd /openils/bin</userinput>
                                                <userinput>./autogen.sh -c /openils/conf/opensrf_core.xml -u</userinput>
                                                <computeroutput>Updating Evergreen organization tree and IDL using '/openils/conf/opensrf_core.xml'</computeroutput>
                                                <computeroutput>Updating fieldmapper</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>Updating web_fieldmapper</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>Updating OrgTree</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>removing OrgTree from the cache for locale hy-AM...</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>removing OrgTree from the cache for locale cs-CZ...</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>removing OrgTree from the cache for locale en-CA...</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>removing OrgTree from the cache for locale en-US...</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>removing OrgTree from the cache for locale fr-CA...</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>removing OrgTree from the cache for locale ru-RU...</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>Updating OrgTree HTML</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>Updating locales selection HTML</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>Updating Search Groups</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>Refreshing proximity of org units</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>Successfully updated the organization proximity</computeroutput>
+                                               <computeroutput>Done</computeroutput>
+                       <simplesect xml:id="serversideinstallation-running-staffclient">
+                               <title>Testing the Staff Client on Linux</title>
+                               <para>In this section you will confirm that a basic login on the Staff Client works
+                               properly.</para>
+                               <para>Run the Evergreen Staff Client on a Linux system by using the application
+                               <emphasis>XULRunner</emphasis> (installed automatically and by default with Firefox
+                               version 3.0 and later on Ubuntu and Debian distributions).</para>
+                               <para>As the <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user, start the Staff Client
+                               as shown:</para>
+                               <screen>
+                                       <prompt># as the root user:</prompt>
+                                       <userinput>xulrunner /home/opensrf/Evergreen-ILS-</userinput>
+                               </screen>
+                               <para>The login screen for the Staff Client should appear.</para>
+                               <para>Log in using the username <literal>admin</literal> and the password
+                               <literal>open-ils</literal> :</para>
+                               <mediaobject>
+                                       <alt>Logging into the Staff Client</alt>
+                                       <imageobject>
+                                               <imagedata fileref="../media/serversideinstallation-staffclient-running-1.png" format="PNG" scalefit="1" width="70%"/>
+                                       </imageobject>
+                               </mediaobject>
+                               <para>If the login is successful, you will see the following screen:</para>
+                               <mediaobject>
+                                       <alt>Logging into the Staff Client</alt>
+                                       <imageobject>
+                                               <imagedata fileref="../media/serversideinstallation-staffclient-running-4.png" format="PNG" scalefit="1" width="70%"/>
+                                       </imageobject>
+                               </mediaobject>
+                               <para>Otherwise, you may need to click <guibutton>Add SSL Exception</guibutton> in the
+                               main window. You will see a popup window labeled "Add Security Exception":</para>
+                               <mediaobject>
+                                       <alt>Logging into the Staff Client</alt>
+                                       <imageobject>
+                                               <imagedata fileref="../media/serversideinstallation-staffclient-running-2.png" format="PNG" scalefit="1" width="70%"/>
+                                       </imageobject>
+                               </mediaobject>
+                               <para>Click <guibutton>Get Certificate</guibutton>, then click <guibutton>Confirm
+                               Security Exception</guibutton>, then click <guibutton>Re-Test Server</guibutton> in the
+                               main window and try to log in again.</para>
+                       </simplesect>
+                       <simplesect xml:id="serversideinstallation-starting-apache-server">
+                               <title>Testing the Apache Web Server</title>
+                               <para>In this section you will test the Apache configuration file(s), then restart the
+                               Apache web server.</para>
+                               <para>As the <emphasis role="bold">root</emphasis> user, execute the following
+                               commands. Note the use of <emphasis>restart</emphasis> to force the new Evergreen
+                               modules to be reloaded even if the Apache server is already running. Any problems found
+                               with your configuration files should be displayed:</para>
+                               <screen>
+                                       <prompt># as the root user:</prompt>
+                                       <userinput>apache2ctl configtest &amp;&amp; /etc/init.d/apache2 restart</userinput>
+                               </screen>
+                       </simplesect>
                <section xml:id="serversideinstallation-postinstallation">
                        <title>Post-Installation Chores</title>
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