Added more files to update EG 2.0 pre-built windows staff client instructions
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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>\r
+<chapter xml:id="staffclientinstallation" xmlns="" xmlns:xi="" xmlns:xl="">\r
+       <info>\r
+               <title>Installation of Evergreen Staff Client Software</title>\r
+               <abstract>\r
+                       <para>This section describes installation of the Evergreen Staff Client software.</para>\r
+               </abstract>\r
+       </info>\r
+       <section xml:id="staffclientinstallation-installing-staffclient">\r
+               <title>Installing the Staff Client</title>\r
+               <indexterm>\r
+                       <primary>staff client</primary>\r
+                       <secondary>installing</secondary>\r
+               </indexterm>\r
+               <section xml:id="staffclientinstallation-installing-prebuilt">\r
+                       <title>Installing a Pre-Built Staff Client</title>\r
+                       <para>A pre-built Staff Client is available for <systemitem class="osname">Windows</systemitem>,\r
+                       <systemitem class="osname">Mac</systemitem> or Linux systems. Installing the Staff Client in\r
+                       each of these environments is described in the following sections.</para>\r
+                       <section xml:id="staffclientinstallation-installing-windows">\r
+                               <title>Installing on <systemitem class="osname">Windows</systemitem></title>\r
+                               <indexterm>\r
+                                       <primary>staff client</primary>\r
+                                       <secondary>installing</secondary>\r
+                                       <tertiary>Windows</tertiary>\r
+                               </indexterm>\r
+                               <para>In this section we describe the process of installing the Staff Client on the\r
+                               <systemitem class="osname">Microsoft Windows</systemitem> operating system.</para>\r
+                               <para>Visit the downloads section of the Evergreen website at\r
+                               <ulink url=""></ulink>\r
+                               and find the standard <systemitem class="osname">Microsoft Windows</systemitem> Installer\r
+                               that contains the current version of the Staff Client. Download the Installer, then run\r
+                               it. A screen that looks similar to this should appear:</para>\r
+                               <mediaobject>\r
+                                       <alt>\r
+                                               <phrase>Running the Staff Client installer</phrase>\r
+                                       </alt>\r
+                                       <imageobject>\r
+                                               <imagedata fileref="../media/staffclientinstallation-staffclient-1.png" format="PNG" scalefit="1" width="60%"/>\r
+                                       </imageobject>\r
+                               </mediaobject>\r
+                               <para>Click <guibutton>'Next'</guibutton> to continue through the guided install\r
+                               process. The Install Wizard will ask you to agree to the end-user license, ask you where\r
+                               to install the software, ask about where to place icons, and then will automatically\r
+                               install the software on your workstation.</para>\r
+                               <para>When you run the Staff Client for the first time, a screen similar to this should\r
+                               appear:</para>\r
+                               <mediaobject>\r
+                                       <alt>\r
+                                               <phrase>Running the Staff Client for the first time</phrase>\r
+                                       </alt>\r
+                                       <imageobject>\r
+                                               <imagedata fileref="../media/staffclientinstallation-staffclient-2.png" format="PNG" scalefit="1" width="60%"/>\r
+                                       </imageobject>\r
+                               </mediaobject>\r
+                               <para>First, add the name of your Evergreen server to the field \r
+                               <emphasis role="bold">Hostname</emphasis> in the <emphasis role="bold">Server</emphasis>\r
+                               section. For example, the PINES demo system is \r
+                               <ulink url=""></ulink>. \r
+                               After adding the server name, click <guibutton>'Re-Test Server'</guibutton>.</para>\r
+                               <para>Because this is the initial run of the Staff Client, you will see a warning in the\r
+                               upper-right saying: <emphasis role="bold">Not yet configured for the specified\r
+                               server</emphasis>. The first thing you must do to the Staff Client on every workstation\r
+                               is to assign it a workstation name. This is covered in \r
+                               <xref linkend="staffclientinstallation-workstationnames"/>.</para>\r
+                                       <note><para>Users must have the <literal>REGISTER_WORKSTATION</literal> permission and be assigned the appropriate working location(s) in order to \r
+                                       register a workstation.</para></note> \r
+                                       <para>To add working locations to a user’s account:</para>\r
+                                       <orderedlist>\r
+                                               <listitem>\r
+                                                       <para>Retrieve the user through a patron search and select <menuchoice><guimenu>Other</guimenu><guimenuitem>User Permission \r
+                                                       Editor</guimenuitem></menuchoice> and select the boxes for the locations necessary.</para> \r
+                                                       <para>Save the user record.</para>\r
+                                                       <note>\r
+                                                               <para>Making modifications to <guilabel>Working Locations</guilabel> while changing permission settings does not work – when this \r
+                                                               workflow is performed, permission changes will not be applied to the database.</para>\r
+                                                       </note>\r
+                                               </listitem>\r
+                                               <listitem>\r
+                                                       <para>Alternately, from the <guimenu>Admin</guimenu> menu, select <guimenuitem>User Permission Editor</guimenuitem> and retrieve the user by \r
+                                                       barcode.</para>  \r
+                                                       <para>Make changes to working locations as described above.</para>\r
+                                               </listitem>\r
+                                       </orderedlist>\r
+                       </section>\r
+               </section>\r
+       </section>\r
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