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[% |l %]Evergreen is library automation software that assists libraries in day-to-day operations such as checking out materials, keeping track of users, sharing resources among a group of libraries, acquiring materials, and providing a web-based library catalog for the public.[% END %]

[% |l %]The open-source community developing and supporting Evergreen is marked by a high degree of participation from developers and from the librarians who use the software.[% END %]

[% |l( 'https://evergreen-ils.org', 'http://docs.evergreen-ils.org') %]More information can be found at [_1]. For help in using Evergreen, see our documentation at [_2].[% END %]

[% |l( '', '') %]Evergreen is Copyright © Georgia Public Library Service - A Unit of the University System of Georgia, and others. The Evergreen software is distributed under the [_1]GNU General Public License, Version 2.[_2] [% END %]