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1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>\r
2 <chapter xmlns="http://docbook.org/ns/docbook" xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude"\r
3             xmlns:xl="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" version="5.0" xml:id="acquisitions-kcls">\r
4         <title>Acquisitions Module Processes - KCLS</title>\r
5         <section id="_ordering">\r
6                 <title>Ordering</title>\r
7                 <simplesect>\r
8                         <title>Find or Create the Record</title>\r
9                         <simpara>For adds:</simpara>\r
10                         <procedure>\r
11                         <step><simpara>Search for title in the catalog.</simpara></step>\r
12                         <step><simpara>Click on the title link.</simpara></step>\r
13                         <step><simpara>Right-click on the Bib Call # at the top of screen and copy the call number.</simpara></step>\r
14                         <step><simpara>Go to Marc Edit on Actions for this Record menu.  (You can set Marc Edit to be your default if you choose).</simpara></step>\r
15                         <step><simpara>Confirm correct ISBN/UPC is in top position.  If not, move it to top.  This can be done in the Flat Text Editor.  Then copy/paste the fields where \r
16                         you need them to go.</simpara></step>\r
17                         </procedure>\r
18                         <simpara>For new orders:</simpara>\r
19                         <procedure>\r
20                         <step><simpara>For print orders, search for title in OCLC.  If the record is in OCLC:</simpara></step>\r
21                         <step><simpara>Update holdings in OCLC.</simpara></step>\r
22                         <step><simpara>Confirm correct ISBN/UPC is in top position.  If not, move it to top.</simpara></step>\r
23                         <step><simpara>Export it into Evergreen using the ACQMASTERMACRO OCLC macro (do not overlay).</simpara></step>\r
24                         <step><simpara>Search for title in the catalog.  Click on the title link.</simpara></step>\r
25                         <step><simpara>For non-print orders OR if the record is not in OCLC, create a brief record:</simpara>\r
26                         <procedure numeration="loweralpha">\r
27                         <step><simpara>Select Create New Marc Record on the Cataloging menu.</simpara></step>\r
28                         <step><simpara>Click the Load button.  This will bring up a blank Marc record.</simpara></step>\r
29                         <step><simpara>Enter your short record information.  Use tab or mouse to move from one field to the next.  Click on the Help button to see shortcut keys.</simpara></step>\r
30                         <step><simpara>Enter the date in TWO places.  Enter the date in the 260ǂc AND enter in the Date1 box at top of record.</simpara></step>\r
31                         <step><simpara>Add a row at the end of the record (put cursor in last row and type Ctrl+Enter).  Type in 998 and 2 spaces.  Type a “d” (the “d” should be blue).  \r
32                         Then type the letter code \r
33                         that corresponds to the material type in lowercase (for example, book=a).</simpara></step>\r
34                         <step><simpara>Click the Create Record button.  Reload if needed.</simpara></step>\r
35                         </procedure>\r
36                         </step>\r
37                         </procedure>\r
38                         <note><simpara>if you need to go back and edit the short record after clicking Create Record, remember that the 901 field must be the last field in the record.  \r
39                         All fields following the 901 will be deleted when you save the record.</simpara></note>\r
40                 </simplesect>\r
41                 <simplesect>\r
42                         <title>Create the Order</title>\r
43                         <procedure>\r
44                         <step><simpara>From the catalog record, click View/Place Orders on the Actions for this Record menu.</simpara></step>\r
45                         <step><simpara>Click on the Create Purchase Order button.</simpara></step>\r
46                         <step><simpara>Enter the following as shown below:</simpara>\r
47                         <procedure numeration="loweralpha">\r
48                         <step><simpara>Ordering Agency = PR</simpara></step>\r
49                         <step><simpara>Enter Provider code (type slowly)</simpara></step>\r
50                         <step><simpara>Uncheck “Prepayment Required” check box (unless valid).</simpara></step>\r
51                         <step><simpara>Confirm “All Line Items” button is selected.</simpara></step>\r
52                         </procedure>\r
53                         </step>\r
54                         <step><simpara>Click Submit.</simpara></step>\r
55                         <step><simpara>If you get a dialog box about prepayment being required even though you unchecked the box, click on OK to proceed anyway.</simpara></step>\r
56                         <step><simpara>If you get this error, click OK and Reload.</simpara></step>\r
57                         <step><simpara>Click on Copies.</simpara></step>\r
58                         <step><simpara>On the Copies screen:</simpara>\r
59                         <procedure numeration="loweralpha">\r
60                         <step><simpara>Enter item count and click Go.</simpara></step>\r
61                         <step><simpara>Enter shelving location in 2nd drop down in Batch Update row.</simpara></step>\r
62                         <step><simpara>Enter fund in 4th drop down in Batch Update row.</simpara></step>\r
63                         <step><simpara>Enter Circ Modifier in 5th drop down in Batch Update row.</simpara></step>\r
64                         <step><simpara>For NEW orders, enter ON ORDER call number (format specific) in last box in Batch Update row.</simpara></step>\r
65                         <step><simpara>For ADDS, paste in the call number from the bib record.</simpara></step>\r
66                         <step><simpara>Click Batch Update.</simpara></step>\r
67                         <step><simpara>Enter Distribution Formula and click Apply.</simpara></step>\r
68                         <step><simpara>Click Save Changes.</simpara></step>\r
69                         <step><simpara>Click Return.</simpara></step>\r
70                         </procedure>\r
71                         </step>\r
72                         <step><simpara>Click Notes.  Add a note for format (for example, paperback, library binding, etc.).  Check the box in the note to make it vendor public.  It will print on \r
73                         PO or be transmitted \r
74                         to vendor electronically.  Enter another note for cataloging instructions (for example, CAT A) but do not check the vendor public box.  Enter other notes as needed.\r
75                         </simpara></step>\r
76                         <step><simpara>Click Return.</simpara></step>\r
77                         <step><simpara>Enter the item price in the Estimated Price box.</simpara></step>\r
78                         <step><simpara>Click Reload.</simpara></step>\r
79                         <step><simpara>Click on Activate Order link.</simpara></step>\r
80                         <step><simpara>Select Print Purchase Order (if not an EDI account) from the P.O. Actions drop down menu.</simpara></step>\r
81                         <step><simpara>If order has copies for suppressed libraries or Reference items, click the Catalog link next to the line item number (or go back to Bib Record tab).  \r
82                         Select Holdings Maintenance from the Actions for this Record menu.  Edit the items/apply templates.</simpara>\r
83                         <itemizedlist>\r
84                         <listitem><simpara>Example: Suppressed library</simpara></listitem>\r
85                         <listitem><simpara>Example: Adult Reference</simpara></listitem>\r
86                         </itemizedlist>\r
87                         </step>\r
88                         <step><simpara>If order has a hold(s), click the Catalog link next to the line item number (or go back to Bib Record tab) and place hold(s).</simpara></step>\r
89                         </procedure>\r
90                 </simplesect>\r
91         </section>\r
92         \r
93         <section id="kcls_receiving_print_materials">\r
94                 <title>Receiving Print Materials</title>\r
95                 <procedure>\r
96                 <step>\r
97                 <simpara>\r
98                 From the Cataloging menu Select Search the Catalog.\r
99                 </simpara>\r
100                 </step>\r
101                 <step>\r
102                 <simpara>\r
103                 Select your title.  (If you cannot find the record linked to the order, use the Acquisitions General Search to search by line number – see #1 under Alternative Workflow section.)\r
104                 </simpara>\r
105                 </step>\r
106                 <step>\r
107                 <simpara>\r
108                 Click on Actions for this Record Select View/Place Orders.\r
109                 </simpara>\r
110                 </step>\r
111                 <step>\r
112                 <simpara>\r
113                 Verify the Line number and Purchase Order number matches numbers on packing slip/invoice.  Click on Purchase Order Number link.\r
114                 </simpara>\r
115                 </step>\r
116                 <step>\r
117                 <simpara>\r
118                 Purchase Order will display.  (Purchase Order Status &amp; Line Item Status = on-order)\r
119                 </simpara>\r
120                 </step>\r
121                 <step>\r
122                 <simpara>\r
123                 Check item(s) received against the Line Item details and verify the following: Title/Author, ISBN, Publisher, Pub. Date, Edition, Format (Format is in Notes), Est. Price, Status, \r
124                 Provider, and Copies.  If everything checks out with the order, you are ready to receive.  If partial receipt, see Partial Receipts section.\r
125                 </simpara>\r
126                 </step>\r
127                 <step>\r
128                 <simpara>\r
129                 Click on Line Item Actions drop down menu Select Mark Received.  Purchase Order &amp; Line Item status will change to “received.”\r
130                 </simpara>\r
131                 </step>\r
132                 <step>\r
133                 <simpara>\r
134                 Click on worksheet link.  Print worksheet.  Click Go Back.\r
135                 </simpara>\r
136                 </step>\r
137                 <step>\r
138                 <simpara>\r
139                 Switch tabs back to Bib Record tab.  Catalog record and if it is a new title, update call number when possible.\r
140                 </simpara>\r
141                 </step>\r
142                 <step>\r
143                 <simpara>\r
144                 Switch tabs back to Related Lineitems tab.  Click on the Line Item Actions drop down menu Select Update Barcodes.\r
145                 </simpara>\r
146                 </step>\r
147                 <step>\r
148                 <simpara>\r
149                 Or go to Holdings Maintenance to replace barcodes.\r
150                 </simpara>\r
151                 </step>\r
152                 <step>\r
153                 <simpara>\r
154                 Apply call number to all copies and replace barcodes.\r
155                 </simpara>\r
156                 </step>\r
157                 <step>\r
158                 <simpara>\r
159                 Click Edit then Re-barcode – the Copy Editor box will appear.  Apply templates as needed, confirm suppressed libraries and Reference items are correctly flagged, and click Modify Copies.\r
160                 </simpara>\r
161                 </step>\r
162                 <step>\r
163                 <simpara>\r
164                 For new orders, go to Holdings Maintenance and delete ON ORDER call numbers.  (You can go to Holdings Maintenance by switching tabs back to Bib Record tab or by selecting \r
165                 Holdings Maintenance on the Line Item Actions drop down menu.)\r
166                 </simpara>\r
167                 </step>\r
168                 </procedure>\r
169                 <simplesect>\r
170                         <title>Receiving Print Materials - Alternative Workflow</title>\r
171                         <simpara>You can also receive in Acquisitions on one tab and then search the catalog by title on another tab.</simpara>\r
172                         <procedure>\r
173                         <step><simpara>From the Acquisitions menu Select General Search</simpara>\r
174                         <itemizedlist>\r
175                         <listitem><simpara>To search by ISBN:Search for “line items” matching “all” of the following terms:  “LIA – ISBN” is \r
176                         “[enter/scan ISBN].”</simpara></listitem>\r
177                         <listitem><simpara>To search by line number: Search for “line items” matching “all” of the following terms:  “LI – Lineitem ID” is “[enter your line number from packing \r
178                         slip/invoice].”</simpara></listitem>\r
179                         </itemizedlist>\r
180                         </step>\r
181                         <step><simpara>Click Search.</simpara></step>\r
182                         <step><simpara>Click Purchase Order number link.</simpara></step>\r
183                         <step><simpara>Purchase Order will display.  (Purchase Order Status &amp; Line Item Status = on-order)</simpara></step>\r
184                         <step><simpara>Check item(s) received against the Line Item details and verify the following: Title/Author, ISBN, Publisher, Pub. Date, Edition, Format \r
185                         (Format is in Notes), Est. Price, Status, \r
186                         Provider, and Copies.  If everything checks out with the order, you are ready to receive.  If partial receipt, see \r
187                         Partial Receipts section.</simpara></step>\r
188                         <step><simpara>Click on Line Item Actions drop down menu Select Mark Received.  Purchase Order &amp; Line Item status will change to “received.”</simpara></step>\r
189                         <step><simpara>Click on worksheet link.  Print worksheet.  Click Go Back.</simpara></step>\r
190                         <step><simpara>Open a new tab and search the catalog by title.  Select title.</simpara></step>\r
191                         <step><simpara>Catalog record and if it is a new title, update call number when possible.</simpara></step>\r
192                         <step><simpara>Switch tabs back to Related Lineitems tab.  Click on the Line Item Actions drop down menu Select Update Barcodes.</simpara></step>\r
193                         <step><simpara>Or go to Holdings Maintenance to replace barcodes.</simpara></step>\r
194                         <step><simpara>Apply call number to all copies and replace barcodes.</simpara></step>\r
195                         <step><simpara>Click Edit then Re-barcode – the Copy Editor box will appear.  Apply templates as needed, confirm suppressed libraries and Reference items are correctly \r
196                         flagged, and click Modify Copies.</simpara></step>\r
197                         <step><simpara>For new orders, go to Holdings Maintenance and delete ON ORDER call numbers.  (You can go to Holdings Maintenance by switching tabs back to Bib Record tab or \r
198                         by selecting Holdings Maintenance on the Line Item Actions drop down menu.)</simpara></step>\r
199                         </procedure>\r
200                 </simplesect>\r
201                 <simplesect>\r
202                         <title>Receiving Print Materials - Partial Receipts</title>\r
203                         <simpara>First Shipment:</simpara>\r
204                         <procedure>\r
205                         <step><simpara>From the Purchase Order screen, click Notes link.  Check for any earlier partial receipts.</simpara></step>\r
206                         <step><simpara>If first shipment, then click Copies link.</simpara></step>\r
207                         <step><simpara>Click “Mark Received” for number of copies in hand (start with top copy).  Click Return.</simpara></step>\r
208                         <step><simpara>If you have most of the copies in hand, you can also select Mark Received (on Actions drop down menu) for entire order and then “un-receive” the \r
209                         missing copy/copies (starting with top copy).  Click Return.</simpara></step>\r
210                         <step><simpara>Add a note stating how many copies were received (example: receiving 4 copies on 1/1/11 JL).</simpara></step>\r
211                         <step><simpara>Catalog as usual.</simpara></step>\r
212                         <step><simpara>To replace barcodes and apply down call number, you must use Holdings Maintenance.  Currently it is not possible to replace barcodes using Update Barcodes \r
213                         in Line Item Actions drop down menu.</simpara></step>\r
214                         <step><simpara>Remember to flag title on invoice and change no. of copies on worksheet.</simpara></step>\r
215                         </procedure>\r
216                         <simpara>Next Shipment:</simpara>\r
217                         <procedure>\r
218                         <step><simpara>Check Notes to see how many items were previously received.</simpara></step>\r
219                         <step><simpara>If shipment completes the order, click on the Actions drop down menu and select Mark Received.</simpara></step>\r
220                         <step><simpara>If shipment does not complete order, click Copies and mark individual copies as received (as shown above).</simpara></step>\r
221                         <step><simpara>Add a note stating how many copies were received (example: receiving 2 copies on 1/20/11 JL).</simpara></step>\r
222                         <step><simpara>If the shipment completes the order, click on the Line Item Actions drop down menu Select Update Barcodes.  Apply down call number and replace barcodes.  \r
223                         Or replace barcodes in Holdings Maintenance.</simpara></step>\r
224                         <step><simpara>Remember to flag title on invoice and change no. of copies on worksheet.  Also highlight locations to receive second shipment on worksheet or cross off \r
225                         locations already received.</simpara></step>\r
226                         </procedure>\r
227                 </simplesect>\r
228                 <simplesect>\r
229                                 <title>Unreceiving Print Materials</title>\r
230                                 <procedure>\r
231                                 <step>  <simpara>       To un-receive an order, go to the Purchase Order screen.\r
232                                 </simpara>\r
233                                 </step>\r
234                                 <step>  <simpara>       To un-receive the complete order, click on Actions drop down menu Select Un-Receive.\r
235                                 </simpara>\r
236                                 </step>\r
237                                 <step>  <simpara>       To un-receive a partial order, click on Copies link and click Un-Receive for individual copies.\r
238                                 </simpara>\r
239                                 </step>\r
240                                 <step>  <simpara>       If the barcodes have already been replaced, go to Holdings Maintenance and replace real barcode numbers with temporary barcode numbers.  To create a temporary barcode use your initials and a number (example: cme1).  Start with 1 and then auto-generate as needed.  Keep track of last number used to start with the next time so you don’t create duplicate barcodes.\r
241                                 </simpara>\r
242                                 </step>\r
243                                 </procedure>\r
244                 </simplesect>\r
245         </section>\r
246         <section id="_receiving_print_materials">\r
247                 <title>Receiving Non-print Materials</title>\r
248                 <procedure>\r
249                 <step>\r
250                 <simpara>\r
251                 From the Cataloging menu Search the Catalog.\r
252                 </simpara>\r
253                 </step>\r
254                 <step>\r
255                 <simpara>\r
256                 Select your title.\r
257                 </simpara>\r
258                 </step>\r
259                 <step>\r
260                 <simpara>\r
261                 Click on Actions for this Record Select View/Place Orders.\r
262                 </simpara>\r
263                 <note><simpara>Verify that the line number and purchase order number matches numbers on packing slip/invoice.  If purchase order number is not printed on packing slip/invoice, write \r
264                 the purchase order number on packing slip/invoice.</simpara></note>\r
265                 </step>\r
266                 <step>\r
267                 <simpara>\r
268                 Click on purchase order number link.\r
269                 </simpara>\r
270                 </step>\r
271                 <step>\r
272                 <simpara>\r
273                 Purchase Order will display.  (Purchase Order status &amp; Line Item status = on-order)\r
274                 </simpara>\r
275                 </step>\r
276                 <step>\r
277                 <simpara>\r
278                 Check item(s) received against the Line Item details and verify the following: Title/Author, ISBN, Publisher, Pub. Date, Edition, Format (Format is in Notes), Est. Price, Status, \r
279                 Provider, and Copies.  If everything checks out with the order, you are ready to receive.  If partial receipt, see Partial Receipts section.\r
280                 </simpara>\r
281                 </step>\r
282                 <step>\r
283                 <simpara>\r
284                 Click on Line Item Actions drop down menu Select Mark Received.  Purchase Order &amp; Line Item status will change to “received.”\r
285                 </simpara>\r
286                 </step>\r
287                 <step>\r
288                 <simpara>\r
289                 Click on worksheet link.  Print worksheet.  Click Go Back.\r
290                 </simpara>\r
291                 </step>\r
292                 <step>\r
293                 <simpara>\r
294                 If new title, overlay short record with OCLC record if available.\r
295                 </simpara>\r
296                 <procedure numeration="loweralpha">\r
297                 <step>\r
298                 <simpara>\r
299                 Switch tabs back to Bib Record tab.  Copy TCN.\r
300                 </simpara>\r
301                 </step>\r
302                 <step>\r
303                 <simpara>\r
304                 Search OCLC for record.  If found, export using overlay macro.\r
305                 </simpara>\r
306                 </step>\r
307                 <step>\r
308                 <simpara>\r
309                 Reload record to confirm overlay.\r
310                 </simpara>\r
311                 </step>\r
312                 </procedure>\r
313                 </step>\r
314                 </procedure>\r
315                 <simplesect>\r
316                         <title>Receiving Non-print Materials - Alternative Workflow</title>\r
317                         <procedure>\r
318                         <step><simpara>From the Acquisitions menu Select General Search.</simpara>\r
319                         <itemizedlist>\r
320                         <listitem><simpara>To search by UPC or ISBN: Search for “line items” matching “all” of the following terms:  “LIA – UPC” is “[enter/scan UPC] \r
321                         or “LIA - ISBN” is \r
322                         “[enter/scan ISBN].”</simpara></listitem>\r
323                         <listitem><simpara>To search by line number: Search for “line items” matching “all” of the following terms:  “LI – Lineitem ID” is \r
324                         “[enter your line number from packing \r
325                         slip/invoice].”</simpara></listitem>\r
326                         </itemizedlist>\r
327                         </step>\r
328                         <step><simpara>Click Search.</simpara></step>\r
329                         <step><simpara>Click Purchase Order number link.</simpara></step>\r
330                         <step><simpara>Purchase Order will display.  (Purchase Order status &amp; Line Item status = on-order)</simpara></step>\r
331                         <step><simpara>Check item(s) received against the Line Item details and verify the following: Title/Author, ISBN, Publisher, Pub. Date, Edition, Format \r
332                         (Format is in Notes), Est. Price, \r
333                         Status, Provider, and Copies.  If everything checks out with the order, you are ready to receive.  If partial receipt, see Partial Receipts section.</simpara></step>\r
334                         <step><simpara>Click on Line Item Actions drop down menu Select Mark Received.  Purchase Order &amp; Line Item status will change to “received.”</simpara></step>\r
335                         <step><simpara>Click on worksheet link.  Print worksheet.  Click Go Back.</simpara></step>\r
336                         <step><simpara>If new title, overlay short record with OCLC record if available.</simpara>\r
337                         <procedure numeration="loweralpha">\r
338                         <step><simpara>Switch to second tab and search for title in catalog.  Copy TCN.</simpara></step>\r
339                         <step><simpara>Search OCLC for record.  If found, export using overlay macro.</simpara></step>\r
340                         <step><simpara>Reload record to confirm overlay.</simpara></step>\r
341                         </procedure>\r
342                         </step>\r
343                         </procedure>\r
344                 </simplesect>\r
345                 <simplesect>\r
346                         <title>Receiving Non-print Materials - Partial Receipts</title>\r
347                         <simpara>First Shipment:</simpara>\r
348                         <procedure>\r
349                         <step><simpara>From the Purchase Order screen, check Notes for any earlier partial receipts.</simpara></step>\r
350                         <step><simpara>If first shipment, then click Copies link.</simpara></step>\r
351                         <step><simpara>Click “Mark Received” for number of copies in hand (start with top copy).  Click Return.</simpara></step>\r
352                         <step><simpara>Or if you have the majority of the copies in hand, you can select Mark Received (on Actions drop down menu) for entire order and then “un-receive” \r
353                         the missing copy/copies (starting \r
354                         with top copy). Click Return.</simpara></step>\r
355                         <step><simpara>Add a note stating how many copies were received (example: receiving 4 copies on 1/1/11 JL).</simpara></step>\r
356                         <step><simpara>Remember to flag title on invoice and change no. of copies on worksheet.</simpara></step>\r
357                         </procedure>\r
358                         <simpara>Next Shipment:</simpara>\r
359                         <procedure>\r
360                         <step><simpara>Check Notes to see how many items were previously received.</simpara></step>\r
361                         <step><simpara>If shipment completes the order, click on the Actions drop down menu and select Mark Received.</simpara></step>\r
362                         <step><simpara>If shipment does not complete order, click Copies and mark individual copies as received (as shown above).</simpara></step>\r
363                         <step><simpara>Add a note stating how many copies were received (example: receiving 2 copies on 1/20/11 JL).</simpara></step>\r
364                         <step><simpara>Remember to flag title on invoice and change no. of copies on worksheet.  Also highlight locations to receive second shipment on worksheet or cross off \r
365                         locations already received.</simpara></step>\r
366                         </procedure>\r
367                 </simplesect>\r
368                 <simplesect id="_unreciving_non_print_materials">\r
369                         <title>Unreceiving Non-print Materials</title>\r
370                         <procedure>\r
371                         <step><simpara>To un-receive an order, go to the Purchase Order screen.</simpara></step>\r
372                         <step><simpara>To un-receive the complete order, click on Actions drop down menu Select Un-Receive.</simpara></step>\r
373                         <step><simpara>To un-receive a partial order, click on Copies link and click Un-Receive for individual copies.</simpara></step>\r
374                         </procedure>\r
375                 </simplesect>\r
376         </section>\r
377 </chapter>\r