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1 <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>\r
2 <chapter xmlns="" xmlns:xi=""\r
3             xmlns:xl="" version="5.0" xml:id="simpleselfcheck">\r
4         <title>Simple Self Check Interface</title><indexterm><primary>self check</primary></indexterm>\r
5         <note>\r
6                 <para>This section deals with the simple self check front end that comes with Evergreen. For information on setting up a SIP server for communicating with self check hardware, \r
7                 please refer to <link linkend="sipserver">Setting up a SIP Server</link>.</para></note> \r
8          <section xml:id="usingselfcheck">\r
9                  <title>Using the Self Check Interface</title>\r
10                 <simplesect>\r
11                         <title>Initializing the self check client.</title>\r
12                         <para>The selfcheck interface is run through a web browser. Before patrons can use the self check station, a staff member must initilize the interface by logging in.</para>  \r
13                          <procedure>\r
14                                 <step><para>Open a web browser and navigate to your self check interface page which is the location of the <filename>selfcheck.xml</filename> file. \r
15                                 By default, the url will be <uri>https://[<emphasis>hostname</emphasis>]/opac/extras/selfcheck/selfcheck.xml</uri>, where  [<emphasis>hostname</emphasis>] is your Evergreen \r
16                                 host.</para></step>\r
17                                 <step><para>Login using a staff username or barcode and password.</para></step>                 \r
18                         </procedure>\r
19                 </simplesect>\r
20                 <simplesect>\r
21                         <title>Using the interface to check out books</title>\r
22                         <para>After a staff user has logged into the self check interface, the interface should be ready for patrons to scan their barcodes and check out books.</para>  \r
23                          <procedure>\r
24                                 <step><para>Scan your patron barcode to login</para></step>\r
25                                 <step><para>Scan your books. The item titles should appear below the barcode field as you scan them.</para></step>\r
26                                 <step><para>Click <guibutton>Done</guibutton> when you are finished. This will print the receipt and log out.</para></step>     \r
27                                 <step><para>Select printer to print a receipt (if a printer is available).</para></step>                \r
28                         </procedure>\r
29                 </simplesect>\r
30       </section>\r
31       <section xml:id="customizingselfcheck">\r
32                  <title>Customizing the Self Check Interface</title>\r
33                  <para>The XML, CSS and JavaScript files for customizing the self check interface are located in the \r
34                 <filename class="directory">/openils/var/web/opac/extras/selfcheck/</filename> directory.</para>\r
35      </section>\r
36 </chapter>\r
37 \r