2021-01-07 Terran McCannaLP1908619 Update to script
2021-01-07 Terran McCannaLP1908619 Staff Catalog Preferences
2021-01-07 Terran McCannaLP1908619 Adjustments to Staff Search Preferences Page
2021-01-05 Chris SharpSQL: remove acq perm updates per Tiffany
2021-01-05 Terran McCannaLP1910138 Display Precat Info in Circ History
2021-01-05 Terran McCannaLP1906855 Show Covers in My Account
2021-01-05 Terran McCannaLP1908616 Add email display to hold edit
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaPINES Customization: Staff Page Redirect
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaLP1908724 Staff Catalog Sort by PubDate Wording
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaLP1900159 Staff Catalog Typo - No Results
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaPINES Customization: Display Report ID
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaPINES Customization to Copy Buckets View
2021-01-04 Garry CollumLP1907866 Bootstrap Opac: Adding basket to Existing...
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaLP1909584 Title for Shared Lists in Bootstrap OPAC
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaPINES Customization to Staff Place Hold Screen
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaPINES Customization: Open Record in OPAC
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaLP1812866 Item Alert column in Item Buckets
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaPINES Temporary Workaround for LP1908614
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaPINES KPAC Customizations
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaPINES OPAC Customizations - More Tweaks
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaPINES Customizations to OPAC - Advanced Search
2021-01-04 Terran McCannaPINES Bootstrap Customizations
2020-12-18 Tiffany LittleUpdates PINES eg2 splash page to match eg1.
2020-12-18 Tiffany LittleUpdates link for Advanced Search on splash screen.
2020-12-18 Garry CollumLP1908298 Bootstrap OPAC: Type filter missing from...
2020-12-18 Bill EricksonLP1907286 Staff catalog sets last retrieved record
2020-12-18 Jason BoyerLP1895676: Record Print and Email Enhancements for...
2020-12-17 Tiffany LittleChanges the color of the Place Hold button to green.
2020-12-16 Tiffany LittleUpdates the lineitem catalog link to point to the new...
2020-12-16 Terran McCannaPINES Customization: Added Content Fix
2020-12-16 Chris SharpOPAC: restore books image for carousels
2020-12-15 Chris SharpStaff Client: remove Classic Circulation View from...
2020-12-15 Terran McCannaLP1840950 Patron expiration date & iPads
2020-12-15 Bill EricksonLP1881607 Angular catalog located URIs
2020-12-15 Bill EricksonLP1881607 Angular catalog e-resource links display
2020-12-15 Terran McCannaPINES OPAC Customization: Make Lists Prettier
2020-12-15 Terran McCannaPINES OPAC Customization: Renewals Remaining Tooltip
2020-12-15 Terran McCannaPINES OPAC Customization: Reduce size of item title
2020-12-15 Terran McCannaPINES OPAC Customization: Fix layout problem with login...
2020-12-15 Terran McCannaPINES OPAC Customization: Library Hours on Info Page
2020-12-15 Terran McCannaPINES OPAC Customization: Updates to Library Info Page
2020-12-15 Terran McCannaLP1902120 Rename All Parts to Any Part in Hold Placement
2020-12-15 Terran McCannaPINES Receipt Template Customization: Patron Data
2020-12-15 Bill EricksonLP1894131 Sticky catalog holdings org select
2020-12-15 Bill EricksonLP1896285 Batch mark item missing serialized
2020-12-15 Bill EricksonLP1896285 Patron search add to bucket serialize
2020-12-15 Bill EricksonLP1896285 Add new items avoids looping settings lookup
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1887429 Holds supports circ.staff_placed_holds_fallba...
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1887429 Properly handle user settings in staffcat...
2020-12-07 Chris SharpSQL: add dewey reports view
2020-12-07 Jason BoyerLP1813191: Add a Dewey Classification View to acn
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Activation date repair and form reset handling
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1889128 <eg-date-select/> clearable via model
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Support user settings for SMS prefs
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Clear patron barcode on staff hold
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Place holds honors default phone
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Reset hold recipient info after success
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Confirm data loaded before Place Hold activated
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Holds reset repairs and making space
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Staffcat holds recipient / multi-hold repairs
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Staffcat hold form reset option
2020-12-07 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Staffcat support placing multiple holds
2020-12-04 Garry CollumSQL: adding post-upgrade script
2020-12-02 Chris SharpOPAC: further repair to copy_table.tt2
2020-12-02 Chris SharpOPAC: repair copy_table.tt2
2020-12-01 Chris SharpLP#1398107: Add i18n attribute to alert text
2020-12-01 Chris SharpLP#1398107: Add header to generic alerts.
2020-12-01 Chris SharpLP#1398107: Alert when autodeleting a title with holds...
2020-11-30 Chris SharpSQL: comment out commit we already have
2020-11-30 Chris Sharpfix typo in TT2 template
2020-11-25 Garry CollumLP1902265-Bootstrap Opac does not allow see/update...
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: Show Age Protection Alert
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: Carousel - Animate
2020-11-25 Dan BriemLP#1778522 Precat item creation should be more intentional
2020-11-25 Garry CollumLP1903594 Bootstrap opac: suspend hold not working
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: My Account - Correct PINES Tip on Messages page
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: Customizations to My Account
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: Added Content Updates
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: Add system to holdings table display
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: More small changes to Bootstrap OPAC layout
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: More adjustments to OPAC pages
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: Minor adjustments to new OPAC layout and wording
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: Default Cover Image
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: Enable Alert Message for COVID Hours
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: Quipu changes for Bootstrap OPAC
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: PINES Carousel Implementation
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: Update colors
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: New Nav Bars
2020-11-25 Mike RylanderLP#1879790: Give carousels their own context org
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaOPAC: New Logo
2020-11-25 Garry Collumlp1903424 Bootstrap opac notification methods not saving
2020-11-25 Chris SharpSQL: PINES already has this
2020-11-25 Chris SharpSQL: update perm ID for ADMIN_OPENATHENS
2020-11-25 Chris SharpSQL: drop the table after moving the data off
2020-11-25 Chris SharpSQL: typo correction
2020-11-25 Chris SharpSQL: moving to the correct location
2020-11-25 Chris SharpSQL: adding pre-3.6 upgrade script
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaQuipu Ecard Form Update
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaQuipu Self-Registration Form
2020-11-25 Terran McCannaQuipu Customizations