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47 hours ago Jessica WoolfordLP # 1965447: adjust scoping of item tags Angular Holdi... master
7 days ago Josh StomproLP#2012105 - Comment typo in
8 days ago Michele MorganLP#2002435 release note
8 days ago Jane SandbergLP2002435: Add optional undelete action to basic admin...
8 days ago Jane SandbergLP2002435: Don't allow shelving location fm-editor...
12 days ago spmorrisonDocs: Update describing_your_organization.adoc
2023-03-09 Gina MontiUpdating best practices for web browser to include...
2023-03-08 Andrea Buntz... Docs: removing XUL reference from web staff client...
2023-03-08 Jane SandbergDocs: LP1863921 max-old-space-size param when building...
2023-03-05 Jason BoyerSync upgrade_log
2023-03-05 Jason BoyerLP1441750: Stamp Upgrade Script
2023-03-05 Jason StephensonLP#1441750: use string_agg (again and again)
2023-03-05 Ben ShumLP#1441750: use string_agg (again)
2023-03-05 Mike RylanderLP#1996908: Expand support for eg.auth.token to other...
2023-03-05 Galen CharltonLP#1996908: allow OpenILS::WWW::Proxy::Authen to check...
2023-03-05 Mike RisherLP1625192 Filtering Grid refreshes to 1st Page
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