2007-02-05 ericksonfixed bool parsing bug -- off by one on the string...
2007-02-05 ericksonadded a is-true wrapper for bool objects
2007-01-26 ericksonadded timeout url param to set the request timeout
2007-01-25 ericksonAdded support for the opensrf XID, which is a transacti...
2007-01-18 ericksonremoved libjudy dependencies from makefiles
2007-01-05 ericksonreduced hash size (just now comitting, been like this...
2007-01-05 ericksonadding python libs
2007-01-02 mikerprintf format fix
2007-01-02 ericksonany unhandled char below ascii 32 will now be encoded...
2006-12-18 ericksonremoved big hash/array dependencies to remove libjudy...
2006-12-13 ericksonreplaced (printf style) format buffer calls with non...
2006-12-11 ericksonremoved two warning logs to prevent the unixserver...
2006-11-30 ericksonadded space in the utf buffer to handle 3-char characters
2006-11-27 mikeroff-by-one ... arg
2006-11-26 mikerhandle the first byte all special-like with utf-8
2006-11-22 mikerugly, but it does not warn
2006-11-22 mikerinline the utf8 stuff
2006-11-22 mikernew unicode stuff compiles now
2006-11-22 mikerswitching to some UTF8 code from perl
2006-11-22 mikerswitching to some UTF8 code from perl
2006-11-21 ericksonrefactored redunant perl2JSON call
2006-11-20 ericksoncommitting a simple jabber registration script
2006-10-11 ericksonadded a comment
2006-10-11 ericksonuncomment some unnecessary code
2006-10-10 ericksonadded a log line that will hopefully give us more info...
2006-10-10 ericksonchanged a log level to clear up some error logging
2006-10-03 ericksonchanged log line
2006-09-24 ericksonstateful backend sessions now only timeout of no reques...
2006-09-15 mikerfixing month calculation in interval_to_seconds
2006-09-12 ericksonNow, when no children are available to pass a request...
2006-09-09 ericksonfinally implemented opensrf.system.echo[.atomic] -...
2006-09-08 ericksonescaping hash keys
2006-09-06 ericksonelevated response log to info because it is crucial...
2006-09-06 ericksonwhen the gateway is not bootstrapped.. it is useless...
2006-09-06 ericksonadded .1 second sleep to inbound processer when it...
2006-09-05 ericksonelevated recv timeout to INFO cuz it is important
2006-09-05 ericksonmoved processing duration up to info
2006-09-05 ericksonadded message processing time to C stack
2006-09-04 ericksonadded logic to reconnect to jabber if the child receivi...
2006-09-03 ericksonfixed bug in child pipe reading code which limited...
2006-09-01 ericksondoing better job of propogating network errors up the...
2006-08-31 ericksonchanged format of log line just a little
2006-08-30 ericksonadded var check to prevent warnings on the numerous...
2006-08-30 mikerchopping up dup messages in Client::process()
2006-08-29 ericksonput free calls back in to free the xml from messages
2006-08-28 ericksonadded a log line
2006-08-28 ericksonremoved a bunch of old code
2006-08-27 ericksonmoved json parsing methods to non-printf style methods...
2006-08-27 ericksonchanged some logging
2006-08-21 ericksonadded escape for 0x1 char
2006-08-21 ericksonmore aggressive uniquness measures just to be sure
2006-08-20 ericksonclearing tmp buffer before use
2006-08-20 ericksontruncate messages more to prevent syslog overflow errors
2006-08-19 ericksonsending authtoken in request header and logging to...
2006-08-19 ericksonupdated log output to be more srfsh-ish
2006-08-19 ericksonfixed log line
2006-08-17 mikerlogging cleanup
2006-08-14 ericksonremove method call that does not exist
2006-08-11 ericksonlogging put errors instead of throwing exception
2006-08-08 ericksontesting multi-message fix in parser
2006-08-04 ericksonput time into resource to ensure uniqueness accross...
2006-08-03 ericksonwhen a backend child is not able to connect to jabber...
2006-07-27 ericksonlogging all requests + params to activity log
2006-07-17 ericksonlogging the session id at client creation time for...
2006-07-17 ericksonFixed issue: when the router received two messages...
2006-07-08 mikerfixing typo in the bowels
2006-07-07 mikerexperimental port of the C parser (it is slower...)
2006-07-06 mikeradding client-side stream push method; working on the...
2006-06-29 ericksonremoved debug warning
2006-06-29 ericksonremoved runtime print statement .. interfering with...
2006-06-29 ericksoncleaning up startup logging
2006-06-29 mikerfixing old fieldmapper_lookup generator
2006-06-22 ericksonremoved old code
2006-06-22 mikeradding a tree filter for future common use
2006-06-20 ericksonremoved some unused non-apache2.2 friendly code
2006-06-15 ericksonencoding char=30 (record seperator) in ToJSON
2006-06-15 ericksonreturning error code on disconnect
2006-06-15 ericksonreturn error when client is disconnected
2006-06-07 ericksonadded \ escaping
2006-06-07 ericksonadded IP addresses to log line
2006-05-31 mikerattempting to fix the extra null in respondComplete
2006-05-25 mikerallow a null param element if argc is 0
2006-05-24 ericksonattempting to update the documentation
2006-05-24 ericksoncopying userData to the atomic method
2006-05-24 ericksonfixed logic error in disconnect
2006-05-24 ericksontypo
2006-05-23 ericksondies if user is not "opensrf"
2006-05-23 erickson free pointer
2006-05-23 ericksonadded a free function pointer for the user data
2006-05-22 ericksoninstalling osrf_ctl script
2006-05-22 ericksonlimiting message size to prevent syslog warnings piling up
2006-05-22 ericksonadded error message for cached data on a closed socket
2006-05-20 ericksoncleaned up, added some info
2006-05-19 ericksonchanged ps name for more accurate grepping
2006-05-19 ericksonbetter, more-flexible, easier to use, all in one contro...
2006-05-16 ericksonadded some error logging
2006-05-15 ericksonadded a userData pointer
2006-05-15 ericksonadded connection oriented statefull session handling...
2006-05-10 ericksonthe code in these examples is way too old. best to...
2006-05-09 ericksonadded request duration