2013-12-04 Mike RylanderLP#1257264: Use the built-in JSON-y test for bools
2013-12-04 Galen CharltonLP#1257264: make test cases for JSON::XS Boolean-ness...
2013-09-13 Galen CharltonLP#1224647: remove two invalid tests
2013-09-05 Bill Ericksonosrf_control --start/stop/restart-services
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1204123 repair warning
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1204123 osrf_control warn and exit on bad host
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1204123 osrf_control --diagnostic improvements
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1204123 osrf_control --diagnostic
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 improvement
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 osrf_control doc updates
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonC SIGHUP handling and config reloading
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 more osrf_ctl/control script cleanup
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 more osrf_ctl/control script cleanup
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 osrf_control improved sample usage
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 install as osrf_control
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 improve logging
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 expansion continued
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 expansion / replace osrf_ctl
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 Remove osrf_ctl debug echos
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 Improved per-service control (C/Perl)
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 supports sending signals
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 Don't treat interrupts as errors
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 SIGUSR2 causes router re-register (Perl/C)
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 opensrf.settings reload file option
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 SIGTERM graceful shutdown (C)
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 SIGUSR1 causes router unregister (Perl/C)
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 SIGTERM causes graceful shutdown (Perl)
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 Set SIGCHLD handler to DEFAULT for children...
2013-09-03 Jason Etheridgesilence some uninitialized warnings
2013-08-06 Galen CharltonLP#1188195: add tests for setting default client locale
2013-08-06 Bill EricksonLP#1188195: Default per-process client locale (Perl)
2013-08-06 Pasi KallinenLP#1208860: fix sprintf without format string.
2013-07-11 Bill EricksonLP1198983 disable multipart/mixed for Firefox
2013-04-19 Galen CharltonLP#1162907: don't require installing RPC::XML
2013-03-17 Bill EricksonMultisession blocking repair
2013-03-17 Lebbeous Fogle... When running methods for clients, send plain warnings...
2013-03-17 Bill EricksonMinor whitespace repairs in
2013-03-17 Bill EricksonPerl SIGHUP handling and config reloading
2013-03-15 Galen CharltonLP#1101254: remove memory leak in HTTP translator
2013-03-15 Bill EricksonDebian wheezy Makefile.install target
2013-03-13 Bill EricksonBlock on recv instead of loop/polling in MultiSession
2013-02-28 Dan ScottStop using a non-standard default PREFIX for installs
2013-02-27 Galen CharltonLP#1132247: fix compilation warnings in C test cases
2013-02-06 Bill whitespace cleanup
2013-02-06 Bill EricksonEnable client logtrace with environment vars
2013-01-28 Dan ScottTest for Apache executable in sbin dirs
2013-01-19 Dan ScottSupport Apache 2.4 client IP address lookups
2013-01-18 Bill EricksonPrevent "uninitialized value" warnings in parameter...
2012-12-14 Jason StephensonChange OSRF_JAVA_DEPSDIR so building Java just works.
2012-12-14 Bill EricksonSafer casting in java config parsing
2012-11-19 Dan ScottTypo in 'framweork'
2012-11-18 Dan ScottAdd 2.1.2 ChangeLog entries
2012-11-18 Dan ScottBump version numbers for 2.1.2
2012-11-18 Dan ScottWhitespace in OpenSRF/
2012-11-18 Jason StephensonMove setting of OpenSRF::Application::shared_conf to...
2012-11-18 Dan ScottBump release numbers, create 2.1.1 change log
2012-11-15 Bill EricksonChopChop is dead, long live ChopChop.
2012-11-11 Dan ScottBump libopensrf version-info revision and age
2012-11-11 Dan ScottPurge the wildly out-of-date Roadmap document
2012-11-08 Dan WellsProtect against empty/invalid log_protect sections
2012-11-08 Bill EricksonConsolidate duplicate osrfMethodVerifyContext handler
2012-11-08 Dan WellsLog redaction for sensitive input values, Perl side
2012-11-08 Dan WellsLog redaction for sensitive input values, C side
2012-11-06 Jason StephensonFix installation on Ubuntu Precise.
2012-10-22 Dan ScottUse apt-get instead of aptitude on Debian / Ubuntu
2012-10-22 Dan ScottRemove the reference to Evergreen in the README
2012-05-31 Dan ScottNo, Ubuntu Hardy is not well-tested for 2.1.0
2012-05-31 Dan ScottBump version numbers to help with library compatibility
2012-05-31 Dan ScottAdd "tar" to base prereqs to appease autotools
2012-05-31 Dan ScottUpdate OS support in README / Makefile.install
2012-05-26 Thomas BerezanskyNagios Example Plugin for monitoring services
2012-05-26 Bill EricksonDetect and repair multipart/mixed message delivery...
2012-05-23 Dan ScottRemove Evergreen 2.0 from automated builds
2012-05-22 Galen Charltonfix up index/position type for calls of various osrfLis...
2012-05-22 Dan ScottRemove comparisons that can never evaluate to true
2012-05-22 Dan ScottLP954059: Silence uninitialized var warning
2012-05-21 Galen CharltonLP# 953299 - defend against null and zero-length cache...
2012-05-21 Dan ScottLP# 953299 - Prevent get/set of invalid cache keys
2012-05-21 Dan Scott.gitignore - ignore more built stuff in fewer lines
2012-05-21 Dan ScottRevert inadvertently introduced debugging code
2012-05-02 Dan ScottMinor cleanups to Java dependency build process
2012-05-02 Dan ScottClean up root directory: INSTALL, .gitignore, autoreconf
2012-05-02 Dan ScottChange Java to include . in CLASSPATH
2012-04-29 Bill EricksonJava Gateway interface improved exception handling
2012-04-29 Bill EricksonJava gateway interface test class
2012-04-29 Bill EricksonJava HTTP gateway interface
2012-04-23 Dan ScottRemove GNU default INSTALL file
2012-04-23 Dan Scottautotools - do not explicitly include m4 directory
2012-04-23 Dan ScottName the bootstrapping steps in buildbot
2012-04-23 Dan ScottFix buildbot configuration
2012-04-23 Dan ScottSwitch to autoreconf instead of
2012-04-08 Dan ScottUpdated buildbot.cfg for current build environments
2012-03-23 Dan ScottAdd trailing period, "localhost" to ejabberd.cfg example
2012-03-16 Bill EricksonPrevent undef warnings on perl socket read nbytes test
2012-03-12 Bill EricksonDetect remote disconnect in Perl XMPP reader
2012-03-10 Dan WellsProtect gateway from format-string crashes in data
2012-03-07 Thomas BerezanskyStop warning about missing parentheses...
2012-03-07 Bill EricksonRefresh child file handles on status read
2012-03-07 Bill EricksonPython libs for OpenSRF ingress tracking
2012-03-07 Bill EricksonSet OpenSRF ingress value for srfsh/gateways