Some bugfixes from Bill
[OpenSRF.git] / src /
2005-03-18 phasefxSome bugfixes from Bill
2005-03-18 ericksonchanged buf size, not sure how it got shrunk
2005-03-17 ericksonlib dir is added now
2005-03-17 ericksonadded check to make sure log line didn't kill things
2005-03-17 ericksonremoved sig-int handler for now, annoying.
2005-03-17 ericksonadded some sanity checks to make sure we're not sending
2005-03-16 ericksonincluded stack dependency in makefile
2005-03-16 ericksonadded login functionality to the shell
2005-03-16 ericksonadded an 'introspect' command
2005-03-16 ericksonmoved back to non-method_lookup method to test 'origina...
2005-03-16 mikerbootstrap_client now registers a dummy client server_class
2005-03-16 mikerfix for embeded $
2005-03-15 ericksonadded some cleaner code handling to reduce valgrind...
2005-03-15 ericksonfound the (i believe) the remaining leaks in the transp...
2005-03-15 ericksonadded a warn line for debugging purposes
2005-03-15 ericksonadded help line
2005-03-15 phasefxNeed to revisit this stuff
2005-03-15 ericksonfully bypassing persist if persist isn't true
2005-03-15 ericksonmemory leak cleaning, more to come.
2005-03-15 mikerdisconnect on magic subrequest, and record message...
2005-03-14 mikereet leevs
2005-03-14 ericksonadded ctrl-c handler to exit the currently running...
2005-03-14 ericksonfixed makefile to remove the .so file
2005-03-14 mikernot escaping "/" characters
2005-03-13 ericksonincorporated math bench into srfsh. see help for details
2005-03-13 ericksonadded escaping for internal " characters
2005-03-12 ericksonadded == to number
2005-03-12 ericksonfound leaked xml string
2005-03-12 mikerworking regex!
2005-03-11 mikerfixing xml quoting issues
2005-03-11 ericksonadded some sanity checks
2005-03-11 mikerfat fingers make for silly bugs...
2005-03-11 ericksonfixed request timing issue since we're using 'less...
2005-03-11 ericksonturned on pretty print by default
2005-03-11 ericksonadded newlines after commas in pretty_print
2005-03-11 ericksonpiping to 'less' for long data
2005-03-11 ericksonfound likely candidate for router crash. on remove_ser...
2005-03-11 mikerautomatic generation of most "Publish" methods
2005-03-10 mikermagically handle any class in JSON. no need to registe...
2005-03-10 mikertransactions are working now ... some cleanup is needed
2005-03-09 ericksonadded some debug lines
2005-03-08 mikeroops... left a "warn" in there.
2005-03-08 mikerremoving C++ comments, cause they hate me
2005-03-08 ericksonadded line to remove trailing ';'
2005-03-08 mikerYAY! Unicode works now!
2005-03-08 ericksonchanged 'slot' to 'key' for clarity, should have no...
2005-03-07 mikerremoving expire times
2005-03-07 mikerfixing double cast and format
2005-03-07 ericksonchecking for HASH ref explicitly
2005-03-07 ericksonadded some debugging output
2005-03-07 mikerremoving computed regexes and commenting out unused...
2005-03-07 mikerlots of debuging to find that the zombie loop was broken
2005-03-07 ericksonfixed (hopefully) the $0 * addition
2005-03-07 mikerusing old regex method + default class
2005-03-07 ericksonadded some more sleep time
2005-03-07 mikerregistering classes during load and introspection
2005-03-07 mikerfix for JSON regexes
2005-03-07 mikerfix for JSON::object_unknown
2005-03-07 ericksonadded sanity check on relay command
2005-03-07 ericksonfixed mispelling
2005-03-07 mikerfixing JSON bug with top level non-casted hashrefs
2005-03-07 mikerfixed minor bug in the class casting regex; added class...
2005-03-07 mikerusing an O(log n) [n=JSON elements] algo instead of...
2005-03-06 ericksonsaw and fixed memory leak.
2005-03-04 mikerlogging and error detection fixups
2005-03-04 ericksonhistory and config file checking are more granular...
2005-03-04 ericksonadded history file so history is saved across sessions
2005-03-04 ericksonmoved definitions to srfsh.h for maintainability
2005-03-04 ericksonwe don't add 'newlines' to history.
2005-03-04 ericksonadded _CACHEVAL_ to the slot names to make them a littl...
2005-03-04 ericksonadded 'relay' which allows you to use the last received...
2005-03-04 ericksonadded external command running by entering !<command...
2005-03-04 ericksonfixed some memory logic errors
2005-03-03 ericksonremoved some comments, added some sanity checking,...
2005-03-03 ericksonnow magically does both memcache and persist caching...
2005-03-03 ericksonpass up internal server errors as user exceptions
2005-03-03 mikeradded .slot.find for bill
2005-03-03 ericksonadded router 'unregister' loop to DESTROY
2005-03-03 mikerget_expire method
2005-03-03 mikeradding -fPIC for x86_64 support
2005-03-03 mikershould fix perist bug with expriable slot creation
2005-03-03 ericksonadded some basic exception handling and propogation
2005-03-03 ericksonfixed logic error in message building. we now dynamical...
2005-03-03 mikerfixed numeric opperators
2005-03-03 ericksonfixed logic error in using the config file
2005-03-02 ericksonwe now delete the tmp net::server config file
2005-03-02 mikerallow max_requests to be infinite on the server side
2005-03-02 ericksonwe now return undef if any level of the sought config...
2005-03-02 ericksonnow do an explicit kill me on the session after the...
2005-03-02 ericksonif no config file is specified on the command line...
2005-03-02 ericksonadded an 'install' target to these makefiles that just...
2005-03-02 ericksonfixed DISCONNECT message formatting
2005-03-02 ericksonnow requests are finished and sessions are destroyed
2005-03-02 ericksonadded opensrf.system.method.all in the list of returned...
2005-03-02 ericksoncan't forget the header file ;)
2005-03-02 ericksonadded the ability to 'stream' results
2005-03-02 ericksonadded srfsh to the top level makefile
2005-03-02 ericksonmoved to readline.
2005-03-01 ericksonremoved the command line login requirement and now...
2005-03-01 ericksonadded json pretty printer for formatting result content...